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  • The Lancashire Heeler Dog Breed
    Did you know the Lancashire Heeler can actually smile at you!? If that doesn’t top it off they are compact, happy, and intelligent. Even though this is a compact dog apartment living may not be the best for this dog. It has a lot of energy and can be vocal. The Lancashire Heeler History Historians …

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  • The Spanish Mastiff Dog Breed
    The Spanish Mastiff lived a good life. It was cherished by it’s owners and loved by all during the herding seasons. They saunter along side the herd as they move over the terrain. At the next site of a wolf they bellow out and give chase. This dog’s breeding makes it a great guard dog …

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  • The Kromfohrländer Dog Breed
    As the tanks rolled along, this scruffy terrier was allowed to ride on top. Troops walked along side the tanks as they all moved along the terrain. On the side of one of these tanks rode this loved Mascot. Soldiers pet, fed, and loved this dog as they walked along. This dog gave soldiers a …

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