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  • The Best Pet Owner’s Guide to the Frenchton
    The Frenchton is a fairly new, cuddly designer breed that’s growing in popularity in the United States. This adorable breed is a perfect mix of the French Bulldog and the Boston Terrier. Frenchtons are great family pets. They can live a long life if kept healthy and their small size makes them easy to care …

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  • The Boston Terrier
    The Boston Terrier As the name suggests, the Boston Terrier originates from Boston, Massachusetts and they’re also fondly known as “The American Gentlemen.” Robert C. Hooper, from Boston, purchased a mixed dog from a bulldog breed and terrier breed. He bred this dog with a French Bulldog to create the Boston Terrier. They were a …

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  • The French Bulldog Dog Breed
    The French Bulldog is a descendant of the dogs of an old Greek tribe that was bred into the Mastiff and then eventually bred into a Bullenbeisser. Bullenbeissers were originally bred for bull baiting. Bull baiting was a horrendous blood sport in which bulls and dogs were thrown together in order to fight for English …

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