10 Dog Halloween Costume Ideas For 2020

As a dog owner, there are so many dog Halloween costume ideas floating around out there. For those who are after the perfect Halloween costumes to match with their pet, you will find many costume shops selling dog costumes, and matching owner/human costumes. When choosing which one is ideal for your dog, you have to consider several factors. From their size/weight, to their gender, and of course the type of look you are going for as an owner.

These are a few ideas to consider when looking for matching pup and owner costumes for Halloween which is only about one month away. Not only will you look the part, but you are surely going to stand out at any party you attend, or any street you go trick or treating down, with your crime-fighting pooch.

1. Batman dog costume

One of the most popular dog Halloween costume ideas is that of the superhero. And, which superhero is more popular than Batman? There aren’t many! Owners can find this superhero costume for nearly any pet size. From pet poodle, to a large or x-larger breed, there is a Batman costume which is sure to fit your dog.
These officially licensed products come with a headpiece as well, so you can cover up your dog’s face, to mask their identity, just like Batman’s. You get it all. The belt, chest-piece, the cape, and eye-cover, so your dog will look exactly like your favorite superhero this Halloween. In terms of cleaning up, the chest-piece is machine washable, making it easy to clean after use, and store for future Halloween or dress up parties to come.

2. Dog Dragon costume

Want to dress up even the largest pet dog you have this Halloween? If so, a dragon costume is a simple, yet creative costume which you can choose for your dog this year. This costume comes in sizes 3XL up to 7XL, for Great Dane and other large breeds you have at home. There is a front button closure, which fastens at the chest, so it is easy to take off and put onto your dog for the holiday party this year.
It features a hooded design, and the soft cotton material is machine washable for ease of clean up. It will also keep your dog warm in cooler weather if you take them trick or treating. The green back, with yellow contoured front, and yellow spikes, will make your pet dog stand out in a crowd. And, you can find the perfect matching costume to wear yourself, if you plan on going to a Halloween party with your pet.

3. Minion dog costume

 If you are the proud owner of a small pug, poodle, or toy-dog, this is the ideal costume for them this Halloween. The Minion has become one of the most popular costumes for humans, now you can dress your small dog up with the same matching costume this year.
A size medium can fit dogs with a chest size of up to 17”, and the printed headpiece has the cool Minion goggle look, for your dog to perfectly fit the part of the sidekick at any Halloween party you attend. Velcro fasteners make the costume easy to put on or remove, and the soft cotton material is machine washable, so the costume won’t get/stay dirty if you plan on using it for more than just this upcoming holiday.
Although intended for smaller breeds, there are sizing options up to XL, so you can also find this costume for your pooch to wear, if you have larger breeds (such as a Collie or similar breed).

4. Unicorn dog costume

For those who love fantasy, the unicorn is a classic option for a Halloween costume for your dog. You can dress up as the wizard, or you can dress up as a unicorn, and go to a matching Halloween party with your dog.
With sizes up to 3XL, even larger dogs are going to feel comfortable with this costume. You get the cape which features a flowing rainbow tail. An attached unicorn horn and flowing mane (head) is also included with this removable hood style costume for your dog. Even if you want a great costume for a photo shoot or a party you are going to attend, this one is sure to stand out anywhere you take your dog.
It is easy to clean as well. Simply brush off after use and store; there is no need to machine wash after use.

5. Cowboy dog costume

This one is both funny and Western at the same time. This velcro-closure dog costume is not only easy to put on and take off your dog, it is also bound to be the talk of the party, when you dress up as a matching cowboy at any Halloween festivities you are going to attend.
This costume includes a Cowboy hat, and it features a sheriff design, with the star badge on the front. With a large of 16.5” neck size, you can put this on smaller breed dogs. It is machine washable as well, so you can easily clean it up and store it for future uses. The costume will fit directly over your dog’s front paws/legs, and will close above the stomach line.
 With the riding cowboy atop, the costume is not only going to stand out, but your pooch is also going to be the leading vote getter in any costume party you sign them up for.

6. Superhero dog costume

How about the lead female superhero? With this great superwoman costume, your dog is not only going to look the part, but will be the talk of any Halloween party as well. The yellow headband with the S stands out in a crowd. The flowing red cape, and blue skirt are also going to shine through, regardless of where you go trick or treating with your dog.
You can dress up as Batman, or any other superhero, to stand right by your dog and fight crime. Designed with smaller breeds in mind, this medium will fit dogs with a chest of up to 17”. In terms of care, you can simply brush the costume off, and spray a fabric softener on it after use. The costume shines, so placing it in the washing machine might damage it. You can alternatively send it to a dry-cleaner if needed after use (to eliminate odor).

7. Girl dog costumes

If you want something that will truly stand out, this Hula girl outfit is it! With the coconut bra, which fits right above your dog’s chest, the matching grass Hula skirt, and floral lei, your dog is going to look the part. For the male dog owner, you can dress as a dancing Hula (male) counterpart; or, for the female owner, why not try out the matching Hula dress in your size, for a look which is sure to turn heads anywhere you go?
The bikini top and floral lei should be washed by hand. Because they are individual pieces, you can spray a fabric softener on them after use. It isn’t advised to wash these pieces in the washing machine. In terms of pet sizes, these are intended for smaller breeds. Chihuahua, Terrier, or Toy-Poodle breeds, will all look great in these costumes. A size medium can fit dogs with a chest size of up to 14”. You can easily fasten the skirt with the Velcro enclosure for a comfortable fit.
You are going to look great, your dog is going to look like a top dancer, and your costume choice is surely going to stand out this Halloween with this fun idea for female breed dogs. For the creative dog owners, this is a perfect addition to your costume collection if you are shopping for new clothing for your dogs.

8. Dog bear costume

With this head-piece, your Collie or Lab is not only going to look super cute, but they are also going to stand out in a crowd when you take them trick or treating, or to a local costume party this year. This great costume by Zoo Snoods is going to stand apart and above any other costume you see at a Halloween party this year.
As an owner, you can dress up with a matching headpiece, or you can dress up as mama (or daddy) cub, to take your pet to a party or trick or treating. So, this costume includes a black bear snood headpiece, which is made of acrylic yarn. You can buy it in small, medium, or large sizes, with a medium fitting dogs with a head size of up to 15” around. It comfortably slides over their head for a secure and comfortable fit. You don’t have to worry about velcro or pulls tugging on their fur, or feeling tight all night long.
Clean up is also extremely easy with this piece. Simply place it in the dryer for a few minutes with a dryer sheet/bar. It will come out feeling soft, fresh, and smelling great. No need to wash on high heats after use.

9. Pikachu dog costume

If you loved the series, or simply want the “costume of the season,” then you have it here with this Pikachu outfit. You can dress up as Ashe, or you can dress up as one of the other main characters and bring your pet along for the Halloween party fun.
This double, thick flannel robe is not only easily going to slip on and off your dog after use, but it is also going to remain in place even if they are moving/walking around all night with you. The soft, coral, velvet material isn’t going to cause them to itch or feel uncomfortable, as is the case with other materials which are often used in pet Halloween costumes.
The hood can be placed over their head or folded over, to showcase the illusive Pikachu ears. Cleaning the costume is also very simple. You can simply throw it in the washing machine with your clothing, or wash it with your dog’s toys and other clothing the next time you do the laundry. With a large fitting a chest size of up to 18.1”, this is intended for the smaller breed dog.

10. Superman dog costume

Look, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, nope, it’s just your pet pooch winning the best costume at the Halloween party you attend this year. This costume is perfect for the Superman fan in you. Whether you choose to dress as Lois Lane, or Superman himself (for male pet owners), this is the perfect matching costume idea for you to choose this year.
With a flowing red cape, the popular S on their chest, and the comfortable fit (directly around your dog’s collar), this costume is not only going to stand out, but is one which your dog will feel comfortable in as well. You also receive the signature belt which matches the cape and body piece. With sizes up to XL, you can comfortably place this on larger dog breeds, or the Small will fit your Poodle, or other tiny dog breed.
The costume is made of a cotton blend material, so care and upkeep are quite easy as well. Simply place in the washer after use, or you can simply throw it in the dryer with a couple of fabric softener sheets, if it is smelly after your dog wears the cape/costume set.
As a pet owner, you want to choose those costumes which not only look good and stand out, but also those which are going to fit your dog comfortably. With any of these options, you are going to find small sizes, up to 7XL (with a couple different costumes), so even the largest dog breeds are going to feel comfortable when you put on the costume for that Halloween party you plan on attending. Regardless of who your favorite characters are, Halloween is a great time to dress up alongside your pooch, and showcase those characters. These are a few great costume ideas you can find this year, which will not only stand apart and stand out in a crowd, but will help you win any costume party you plan on attending with your dog this year.
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