11 Best Bow Tie Dog Collars [2020]

A Bow Tie Dog Collar is one of the most popular accessories for every fashion-loving dog owner. It is easy to use and  Most canine bow ties have collars included with them. Actually, some of the best bow tie collars even have detachable bow ties that can be attached to any dog collar. Other styles of bow tie collars allow pet owners to hook on a dog leash comfortably when taking their pooch for a walk.

How to Choose the Best Bow Tie Dog Collar

Dog Bow Tie

When choosing the right bow tie dog collar for your canine friend, it is advisable to buy a high-quality product. For example, the bow tie you choose should be one that is sturdy and cannot easily be torn to pieces.


Most of the bowties are made of cotton or polyester, while some selected bow ties made of genuine leather. In addition to that, having the best bow tie dog collar adds some style points. If anything, it will make you and your furbaby stand out as fashion enthusiasts.  

Since there are a high number of products in the market, choosing the right bow tie dog collar could be a daunting task. Because of this, we have researched and prepared a review of 11 of the best bow tie dog collars to help you get the ideal product.

1. Lionet Paws Dog Adjustable Collar

The Lionet bow tie is one of the best products that you can find in the market. It is soft, comfortable, and adjustable. The bow tie can easily be attached to any dog collar without the need for any alterations, for your convenience. Also, the included collar is easily adjustable for a perfect fit on any dog breed.

Product Description

The bow tie features 100% cotton fabric and is available in different styles. Moreover, the product comes with stainless steel buckles (D-rings) that are welded for extra strength and durability. If it gets dirty, the bow tie can be rinsed with mild soap and water. However, it is not machine-washable. Even more, an elastic strap is used to attach the bow tie to the collar. Because of this, dog owners can easily remove them for washing. 

Finally, the Lionet bow tie is available in a variety of sizes. When purchasing the bow tie, it is advisable to take time to measure the dog’s neck perimeter for width and size. This ensures that you get the right size that perfectly fits on your dog.

2. USP Pet Soft & Comfy Dog Collar 

If you are a fashion lover who is looking for a product to gift your dog, the USP Pet Bowtie dog collar is an excellent option for you. The bow tie is made with high-quality metal and 100% cotton fabric. Therefore, the dog collar is soft, comfortable, and durable, as the name clearly suggests.

Product Description

Puppy with Bow Tie Dog Collar

The bow tie includes D-rings that are welded for great strength and durability. In addition to this, each bow tie is hand-sewn and features heavy-duty hardware. Furthermore, an elastic strap is used to attach it to a dog collar. This means that the bow tie can be easily detached from the dog collar if it needs to be hand-washed with mild soap and water. Just like the bow ties, the dog collar is not machine washable. 

The USP Pet Soft & Comfy bow tie is available in different styles. This makes them suitable for family picnics, weddings, parties and a variety of other occasions. You can definitely choose the style that suits your needs. The company is also known to take orders for customized items.

3. Bond & Co. Navy Leather Collar

Bond & Co. Navy Leather Bow Tie offers a classic bow tie style.

Product Description

The Bond & Co. bow tie features strong metal hardware for secure attachment of identification leashes and tags. It is made out of genuine leather. As a result, that makes it hard for dogs to chew it into pieces.

Additionally, the Navy Leather Bow Tie Dog Collar comes with smartly designed buckle closure that offers a secure fit and allows for adjustment. Another feature is its silver-colored metal that further accents its look. This product is suitable for dogs that are allergic to standard collars. But take note that the bow tie is ideal for smaller dogs.

Finally, the dog tie is available in various wonderful colors that shows nicely on your dog. 

4. Segarty Dog Collar

The Segarty Bow Tie is another premium product that is made of a soft material. With its excellent design, the Segarty bow tie is ideal for a wide variety of uses. This bow tie is ideal for small dogs, other small pets, and even babies! 

Product Description

This product is made of a low hypoallergenic and non-toxic material that is extremely comfortable and fashionable. It also features a well-designed buckle that allows for easy adjustment and closure making convenient and easy to wear. Moreover, the bow tie comes in a variety of colors, so you can choose the perfect one for your pet. Additionally, it is suitable for various occasions, including weddings, Christmas parties, competitions, and outdoor walking.

Bang for Your Buck

One great thing about the Segarty Bow Tie is that it comes as a package that includes an easy-to-take-off and put-on bow tie that is made of a fine, strong, polyester material. And if you’re a real fashionista, take note that Segarty offers 30 different neckties in the package. So, this means your pets can sport a new look every day!

Finally, the dog ties are available in different neck sizes, ranging from 20-40 cm (7.9”-15.7”). However, it is advisable to ensure that you leave a 2 finger space between the dog’s neck and the collar since the dog tie is not stretchable.

5. Freewindo Adjustable Dog Bow Ties

Freewindo Adjustable bow tie is a light and comfortable wearable that every dog will enjoy wearing. It is made of soft, non-hypoallergenic fabric, making it feel comfortable for your pet. Actually, it might feel as if it’s not wearing anything at all.

Product Description

The bow tie comes with a firm buckle, which means that it does not fall off easily. With the push-pull buckle, the bow tie does not fall off once it is buckled. So, this is ideal for pet owners with very active pets.

The tie’s adjustable length makes it available for a variety of uses. Its adjustment range is between 9.8”-17.3”. This means that it is suitable for large, medium, and small dogs. It is advisable to measure the circumference of your pet’s neck to make sure that the bow tie fits perfectly. Most importantly, leave a 2 finger space between the tie and the dog’s neck to ensure that your pet does not bite the bow tie or feel too tight.

Finally, the bow tie comes as a set of 9 pieces that includes selected popular colors. This makes the dog tie ideal for different occasions and moods such as holiday parties, weddings, social gatherings, outdoor activities, and home life.

6. StrawberryEC Collar Bow Tie

If you are looking for a convenient pet accessory, this bow tie is a great option for you. The StrawberryEC wearable provides comfort, flexibility, and mobility to your pet wherever you go. It comes with an adjustable length, which makes it suitable for all kinds of small dog breeds. The bow tie lets you add a leash so you can take a stroll on the beach, neighborhood, or park, for instance.

Product Description

Moreover, the dog tie is made of a premium quality durable fabric that is hypoallergenic, comfortable, and most importantly, safe for your dog. With the soft and hypoallergenic fabric, the bow tie is comfortable to wear throughout the day.

Versatile and Durable

The Strawberry bow tie is designed with great versatility and comfort as its size range between 8.66” to 11.02”. It also offers a 5-hole adjustment and an adjustable collar buckle. Besides that, the dog collar is flexible and features a sturdy construction for durability. In addition, it includes a metal ring, which can easily be hooked to any dog collar to provide optimal control to the pet owner.

Finally, the dog tie is a nice product to buy as a gift to any dog owner or even for yourself. It is a suitable gift for thanksgiving, Christmas, holidays, as well as other special occasions.

7. Vaburs Bow Tie Dog Collar

The Vaburs Bow Tie Dog Collar is a soft, adjustable, and comfortable pet wearable that you should consider if you are in the market for one. It comes with a great design that makes it easy to put on and remove from the dog collar. The bow tie is handmade and made of cotton, making it safe for your dog’s skin. With the cute design, each bow tie is attached to a dog collar with an elastic strap.

Product Description

Moreover, the Vaburs bow tie comes with sturdy buckles made of eco-friendly plastic for durability. It is also designed with stainless steel D-rings that are welded for durability and extra strength.

The pet bow tie is ideal for various occasions and pets, including cats, puppies, bunnies, and much more. Also, it is suitable for family picnics, parties, weddings, and other occasions.

8. Masue Pets Leather Dog Collar

If you are looking for a premium quality bow tie that is suitable for large dogs, then Masue Pets is an excellent option for you. This pet bow tie is made of soft, environmentally friendly material and a leather collar.

Product Description

The bow tie is available in 8 different colors, and each order comes mixed with all colors. Also, it comes with adjustable length that ranges from 11.8” to 23.5” (30 to 60 cm) making it suitable for medium and large dogs. With the cute design and wide variety of colors, the Masue Pets dog tie is suitable for various occasions such as holidays, parties, and weddings.

9. Milliepet Soft Comfy Adjustable Bow Tie Dog Collar

This top pet product comes with a stylish pattern design, which represents a symbol of health, vitality, and enthusiasm. The Milliepet bow tie comes with heavy metal buckles and D-ring for durability. The buckles are rust-free and are of excellent quality.

Product Description

The pet dog bow tie is made of super-fiber fabric that feels soft, flexible, and offers good abrasion resistance and resistance to impact. It has an adjustable length that ranges from 9.1 to 14.2 inch. Therefore, the bow tie can easily be adjusted to ensure that your pet feels comfortable wearing it. It is also available in different sizes, making it suitable for different pets.

10. Blueberry Pet Bandana Detachable, Handmade Bow Tie Dog Collar

The bow tie is one of the most popular products among pet owners, especially for those who love fashion and classy style.

Product Description

The Blueberry Pet Bandana bow tie is designed with durable D-rings and navy blue buckles, which are made of eco-friendly plastic. Other parts of it are made of silver hardware and high-density polyester webbing.

The Blueberry Pet Bandana Detachable Bow Tie is available in two sizes. Fortunately, it comes in a small size, which is ideal for small dogs and puppies. By the way, since the collar does not stretch, it is advisable to leave a two-finger space between the dog’s neck and the collar. In addition to that, you should avoid leaving your dog unattended when it is wearing the bow tie collar.

Handmade and Stylish

The carefully handmade bow tie is attached to a stylish dog collar for easier dress up. And as the name suggests, it can be detached and taken off for hand washing or when you want your dog to just relax. With its great style, colors, and design, Blueberry Detachable Bow Tie is a great gift for special dog owners. This is a great product to use especially during weddings, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, Mother’s Day as well as other holidays.

11. PUPTECK Adjustable Bow Tie 2-Pack Small Dog Collar

PUPTECK Adjustable Bowtie is made of polyester material inside and high-quality PU leather outside. Also, the inner fabric layer is purposely designed to offer comfort for your dog and protection to pets with sensitive skin.

Product Description

The adjustable bow tie comes as a 2-pack set of cute dog plaid prints. Moreover, it is designed for both male and female pets. The bow tie is adjustable to 3/8-inch from 8-10 inch. So, this makes it also suitable for cats, puppies, small dogs, and even bunnies. Additionally, it is equipped with an adjustable alloy collar buckle with five adjustable holes to allow for perfect fitting on small dogs and puppies.

Final Verdict 

In summary, choosing a classy and well-designed bow tie for your dog can be a daunting task, especially with the high number of products in the market. However, the best bow tie dog collars should be adjustable and feature a strong hardware construction. It should also be made of high-quality material that can withstand bits and still maintain a great and stylish look. 


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