The 5 Best Dog Breeds for Apartment Living

bichon frise best dog breeds for apartment living

Hello, city dweller! Whether you’ve got bustling hallways in an urban high-rise tower, or a sweet and cozy studio in a quiet part of town, you can find the ideal dog that fits your lifestyle perfectly. We’ve taken into account the most important factors related to size, temperament, social needs, and exercise to create these suggestions of the best dog breeds for apartment living. Maybe one of them will be the perfect fit for you!

English Bulldog

An affectionate, friendly companion, the English Bulldog has an even-keel temperament and a laid-back approach to exercise, making this wildly popular breed perfect for small spaces, and lots of social encounters. Bulldogs tend to shed, but with regular brushing and use of a dog hair vaccuum, their fur is easy to control in small spaces. If you don’t mind massive drool, snorty dog noises, or the occasional stubborn response to commands, give them a cozy bed and food, and they’re yours for life.

Boston Terrier

This favorite breed among apartment-dwellers is great for anyone who wants a lively, trainable housemate, with minimal grooming required. Naturally outgoing, Boston Terriers will politely greet your neighbors when you pass in the hallway and behave gently around children and strangers. They don’t require intense daily exercise, but definitely love to run and play. They’re on the quieter side, so when you’re gone, there’s no need to worry about their bark.


Small and sweet, these beautiful silky-soft urban types stick right by their people, but are flexible enough to be satisfied with minding the castle while you’re away. Intelligent, very easy-to-train, and both dog and people-friendly, a Havenese is a breeze to take along through crowded, noisy streets or to the local dog park. Because they are so energetic, they appreciate a brisk walk or a green space to run and play. You’ll probably want to invest in an indoor fetch toy such as the iFetch to burn away some of your Havanese’s excess energy.

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is another of the best dog breeds for apartment living because they rarely grow more than a foot high. The breed is ideal for small studios. They are playful types, smart, easily trainable, and love to be with their people, making them a well-loved breed. Because they don’t like spending lots of time alone, these dogs are a great match for people who spend a lot of time at home, or who plan to take their companions wherever they go.

French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is among the rarer breeds you’ll find, but is definitely worth the wait. This ideal apartment-sized companion is easy-to-train, and perfectly happy to sit home alone and guard your couch all day while you’re at work. With very little bark, a low-shed, and grooming factor, and a tolerant, neighbor-friendly disposition, the Frenchie is a win-win-win all around. Your neighbors will thank you for choosing such a quiet pet!

Summarizing the Best Dog Breeds for Apartment Living

Apartment living with man’s best friend can be a dynamic, exciting and meaningful endeavor when you carefully consider the most important factors that can make or break your pet ownership experience. When it comes to size, temperament, personality and exercise needs, make sure to choose the dog breed that meets your criteria.

Being in a small space may offer some challenges, but as this list proves, you can still be a great puppy parent if you do your homework. When it comes to selecting an apartment pet, you should feel confident you’ve made a decision that will feel right for you and your new dog too.

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