The Best Dog Breeds for Rural Living

dog breeds for rural living

From sprawling, hilly fields filled with birds and butterflies to acres of plants and trees to explore and smell, the country might seem like every dog’s paradise. However, just like people, a few select breeds are more suited for rural living than others.

To discover the type of dog among them that will fit your unique country lifestyle the best, browse our favorites from the list below.

Border Collie

Energetic and wildly playful, the Border Collie was made for wide-open spaces. Because this breed was originally designed to keep sheep within the hilly borders of the English and Scottish countrysides, it should come as no surprise that running is its favorite pastime.

These dogs are not only fast and energetic, they’re intelligent too. Their hard-working nature and above-average intelligence make them an easily trainable breed, and their fun and friendly nature with people and other dogs make them a great addition to any rural family.

German Shorthaired Pointer

The sporty, fun-loving hunting dog is the perfect country companion for any family. This breed will do well with a family that spends lots of time at home, since they don’t like to be away from their human companions.

Originally bred as gun dogs trained to hunt just about anything, German Shorthaired Pointers are great for hunting families, but for those that don’t hunt, this breed will be just as happy to join you on a run or long walk.

Australian Shepherd

Great for active families, Australian Shepherds were originally bred in the US for herding livestock. Because of that, these dogs have boundless energy and do best when they have a job to do, whether it’s rounding up sheep or helping with trainable tasks around the house. Or just dutifully retrieving balls while playing fetch.

Because they are easily trainable, love to play and exercise, and are friendly with families and kids, Australian Shepherds make wonderful country family dogs.

Irish Setter

A bright, enthusiastic family friend, the Irish Setter loves being around people. They enjoy the exciting sports adventures that country living can accommodate.

Very affectionate, highly social, very excitable, playful, and great with children and other animals, this breed will make an excellent companion wherever the family goes. Just be sure to include them wherever you go. If left alone for too long, these social breeds are likely to take it personally and become mischievous or destructive.

Labrador Retriever

The most popular breed in the US, Labrador Retrievers love to play, love people, and love to please. They love pretty much everything, and that’s why they’re well-loved too! Their sweet temperament makes them wonderful dogs for homes for children and other pets. Their trainability and versatility make them excellent family dogs, and outdoor-loving country dogs.

These are hardly the only great dog breeds for rural living, but they’re a good starting point if you’re new to the country and have been thinking about bringing a canine friend into your life.

Image credit: Creative Commons user taip5 (no changes made).

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