The 9 Best Adult Dog Food Brands of 2020

Dog food comes in many shapes, varieties, brands, and distinct flavor/ingredient profiles. There are so many choices out there when it comes to the best dog food brands. Read on to learn about the best dog food brands and why they are a good fit for your dog. Buying a high quality dog food will keep your dog healthy and your vet bills down for a long time coming!

We will talk about the brands, ingredients, and byproducts or fillers to stay away from.

Why Choose the Best Dog Food Brands?

You can choose the cheap dog food, but what will this cost your dog? Their health, in short. Cheap foods, or those with hundreds of preservatives, fillers, and byproducts, simply aren’t healthy for your dog to consume. Rather, given the choice, you should always choose premium brand foods, with the highest quality ingredients. These brands are higher in price but only because they are full of some of the most healthy ingredients and designed for your dog. Many cheaper brands of dog food focus on packing their products full of inexpensive carbs and fillers. As a dog owner if you want your companion to live a long life, choose the best food! Feeding your dog right and getting your dog plenty of exercise will keep them living a long happy life.

Why do Premium Dog foods Make a difference?

Premium dog foods make a difference. Not only to your dog’s coat, fur, teeth, and nails, but to overall heart-health as well. So, as an owner, spring for the higher-priced premium dog foods, as it will make a world of difference in your pet’s overall health, well-being, and happiness.

Top Quality Dog Foods

Dog foods come in many varieties. You can choose from enriched foods which are higher in protein values. These foods provide more energy and a balanced diet to help your dog slim out. Regardless of the type of diet you want to put your dog on, there are hundreds of dog food brands you can choose from.

The best dog food brands are rated below. These are some of the best name-brand companies which sell natural, high-quality dog foods.

Best Dog Food Review

Orijen Dog Food (Original Dry)Check the Price on Amazon
Orijen Dog Food (Regional Red)Check the Price on Amazon
Acana Dog Food - (Grain Free Pacifica)Check the Price on Amazon
Acana Dog Food (Ranchlands)Check the Price on Amazon
Taste of Wild Dog Food (High Prairie, Grain Free)Check the Price on Amazon
Wellness Dog Food (CORE)Check the Price on Amazon
Royal Canin Dog FoodCheck the Price on Amazon
Hill’s Dog Food (Adult Science Diet)Check the Price on Amazon
Pure Balance Dog Food (Chicken & Brown Rice)Check the Price on Amazon

Orijen Dog Food (Original Dry)

Why is grain-free good for my dog?

Most dog food brands use wheat product and other grains for fillers. grain-free dog food brands use vegetable and fruit products in it’s place with higher nutrition content and easier digestion.

Why Does Limited Ingredient Matter?

Limited ingredient blends only contain simple ingredients and are limited to usually contain one protein or one carbohydrate for instance. Owners can control their dogs food consumption. If your dog is alergic to an ingredient there are many choices without it.

It helps with allergies

You can use limited ingredient foods to figure out what your dog is allergic to. For instance if your dog reacts badly to a limited ingredient food with only chicken, you can choose beef or turkey instead. Try different combinations of proteins and carbs and find out which food you dog reacts positively to. With the dog food brands listed in this article you are receiving the highest quality proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

Single Sourced

Grain-free and limited ingredient foods ensure a healthy dog with increased energy levels. Single-source proteins in the food also ensure your dog will benefit from a protein-rich diet. It helps fortify and strengthen their bones. A few of the quality proteins in this dog food are wild catfish, nest-laid eggs, and free-run chicken or turkey. All chicken, turkey, and fish are de-boned as well, prior to being used in production of the food so it’s safe to consume.

What makes Orijen Dog Food Fresh and Minimally Processed?

This dog food is made with fresh ingredients. No rendered meals/ingredients are blended into the food mix. Poultry and turkey are minimally processed and is also going to result in the best-tasting blends for your pet.

What is Orijen Dog Food – Original Dry Made Of?

Orijen Dog Food Fat Content Original Dry

This blend contains approximately 38% protein per serving, 41% fat, and 20% grain/potato/tapioca. The food is a rich source of amino acids, glucoasmine and chondrotin. These ingredients help improve damage and pain to the joints and bones as your dog ages.

Orijen Dog Food (Regional Red)

This is another all-natural choice for dog owners. It contains no added waters, and is a concentration of rich, natural proteins, veggies, fruits, and grasses, so your dog is getting the ingredients they would be eating in the wild. The premium focus in this blend is wholesome red meats.

What Ingredients are In Orijen Dog Food?

This food is packed with ingredients derived from meat sources, and isn’t tainted with hormones or antibiotics.

Wild Caught Fish

Wild caught fish and fatty acids have been incorporated into the blend. This helps your dog’s pelt shine and grow thick/rich as they age.

Veggies and Fruit

The antioxidants and blend of veggies and fruit are meant to help boost your dog’s immune system. Natural grasses are intended to help with the digestion of the foods they are consuming. Sea vegetables, juniper berries, and other rich ingredients not only help nourish, but also fill your dog up. This helps your dog stay slim.

Is my food this good?

The Regional Red blend contains bison meat, fresh fortified eggs, pork, mutton, beef liver, and other natural ingredients. This blend also has low-glycemic carbohydrate rather than whole wheat and grains. These provide your dog with more energy and ensure they are not going to feel sluggish or tired after eating. Only the best ingredients are incorporated, for healthier overall health and well-being.

What is Orijen Dog Food – Regional Red Made Of?

The blend of food incorporates a total of 38% protein, 42% fat, and 19% low-glycemic index carbohydrates per serving.

Acana Dog Food – (Grain Free Pacifica)

This Acana brand of dog food is grain free, and nearly 70% wild and sustainable caught saltwater fish make up the ingredient list. As a dog owner you know your pet is getting a high quality food composition with no filler or byproducts. The food contains whole fish and the other dried oils as healthy fats.

What Ingredients are In Acana Dog Food?

Pacific Hearing, Pilchard, Flounder, Hake, and Rockfish, are all caught from saltwater settings. They are fished in Canada’s north pacific waterways. These fish are free of harsh additives, resulting in only the richest, finest sources of protein. Essential nutrients, rich Omega-3 and 6 oils are in the blend. Your dog is going to experience improved joint, bone, and mobility.

Fresh and Regional Ingredients

Sunflower seeds, lentil flowers, kelp, pumpkin, and butternut squash, are a few of the all-natural ingredients in Acana Dog Food. Fresh and regional ingredients which are not outsourced guarantees you know your ingredients are fresh which means higher nutrients. Food products tend to lose nutrient value over time as the slowly break down. The longer a food product sits, the more nutrients are lost.

What is Acana Dog Food – Grain Free Pacifica Made Of?

The blend contains approximately 36% protein, 40% fat, and approximately 24% carbohydrates. The carbohydrates come from the fruit and vegetable sources, not whole or preserved grains.

Acana Dog Food (Ranchlands)

This food is produced for all dogs and breeds in all stages of life. It is rich in high protein sources, is grain free, and is made up of approximately 60% red meats.

There is also a blend of 40% vegetables and fruits. This means your dog is going to be consuming carbohydrates from rich, healthy sources. These carbohydrates are also nutrient rich and add to your dogs coat, energy, and overall health.

Acana Dog Food is Protein Rich

This food is designed with a protein-rich diet in mind. It’s meant to help your dog remain strong, mobile, and improve overall health and well-being as they age. It is grain free and low in carbohydrates. It’s perfect for dogs with allergies or with certain food sensitivities.

No Fillers

This Acana dog food does not contain fillers or byproducts which can adversely affect your dog’s health. If your dog is sensitive to blood sugars, this food doesn’t cause them to spike. It helps decrease fat storage which helps your dog maintain optimal health/shape.

What is Acana Dog Food – Ranchlands Made Of?

Pumpkin, butternut squash, seeds, blueberries, kelp, pea fiber, bison, beef, pea-fiber, salmon, and field beans, are among the ingredients which are found in the all-natural dog food blend.

In terms of the nutritional servings, your dog is going to get about 37% protein, 40% fat, and approximately 23% carbohydrates. Again, the carbs are coming from rich sources of fruits and vegetables, rather than processed wheat.

Taste of Wild Dog Food (High Prairie, Grain Free)

The venison and bison blend of the food is grain free, meaning your dog won’t have a hard time processing or digesting this food after consumption. Roasted bison is the first ingredient on the list, so you know exactly what you are feeding your dog. The protein rich food is intended to help develop lean and rich muscles and minimize fat buildup as your dog ages. The natural food has added vitamins and minerals and has rich vegetables and fruits blended into the mix. Taste of Wild Dog Food contains rich omega acids which will help mobility and joint health. It also helps improve the appearance of your dog’s coat and pelt.

Why is Taste of the Wild Dog Food Nutrient Rich?

The food is nutrient rich and highly digestible. It has proprietary probiotics and enzymes which help process foods through the GI tract. The ingredients in the mix are from sustainable and trusted sources. There is no grain, corn, wheat, or other fillers. No artificial ingredients or coloring has been added to the blend either. The food is made in the USA, and is family-owned, so you know it undergoes stringent criteria, prior to being produced.

What is Taste of the Wild Dog Food – High Prairie Made Of?

  The food contains approximately 32% crude and rich proteins and 18% fat. The blend also contains approximately 26.5% carbohydrates from rich sources. It’s grain free, so you know there is no wheat or other artificially enhanced, colored, or flavored ingredients.

Wellness Dog Food (CORE)

Wellness Dog Food CORE is intended to provide only the essentials to your dog’s diet, minus all of the fillers, byproducts, and harsh ingredients. There are specific options for small and larger dog breeds. The food is grain free as well. You don’t have to worry about complex sugar build up after their meals.

Wellness Dog Food is Wheat Free!

The food is protein rich, made with chicken and turkey. It does not contain wheat, wheat byproducts, corn, grains, soy, meat byproducts, artificial colors, or preservatives. You always know exactly what goes into the mix. It’s made in the US, and the food is backed by a wellness guarantee.

Why does Wellness Dog Food Help Digestion?

Probiotics, prebiotics, and a high-fiber content, helps with the digestive process and enzymes in the GI tract. The proper essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and high-quality proteins and carbs, are the only ingredients you are going to find on the label with this food.

What is Wellness Dog Food – CORE Made Of?

Wellness Dog Food Brand Protein Content CoreWellness Dog Food Brand Fat Content Core Wellness Dog Food Brand Carb Content Core

Each blend contains no fewer than 34% crude proteins in the blend, so you know your dog’s diet is rich in protein and all-natural protein sources. It also contains approximately 16% crude fat, and the food also contains approximately 29.5% carbohydrates in the blend. These are from rich sources, and are not coming in from grains, or other refined and processed foods, which your dog shouldn’t be eating.

Royal Canin Dog Food

This food is unique in the fact that it is specifically developed for individual breeds of dogs. Whether you have a big or small dog, pure-breed or a mixed mut, you can find the right food for them with this brand. The formulas for each are specifically designed for what your dog’s breed requires, to grow, thrive, and to live a healthy life.

Dog Specific Foods!

Foods are developed accounting for the dog’s size, facial features, their body weight, and the natural resources, proteins, fats, and vitamins and minerals they need in their diet. The food is also produced with the dog’s coat/fur in mind, to ensure healthy and rich growth, as your dog ages. Exclusive kibble shape and sizes are intended for each breed, and their eating patterns. The foods come in different flavors and blends.

Grain Free

All of the foods are rich in natural protein sources, like chicken and turkey. They are also grain free, corn free, and do not contain any of the harsh fillers and byproducts your dog should not consume. The foods include a blend of fruits and vegetables, to increase the carbohydrate amount your dog requires, in order to have the energy they need to get through the day. Essential vitamins and minerals, as well as a blend of antioxidants, and omega fatty acids, are blended into the food, to ensure your dog’s fur is not only shiny, but grows in as it should as well.

What is Royal Canin Dog Food Made Of?

Royal Canin Dog Food Brand Protein ContentRoyal Canin Dog Food Brand Fat Content Royal Canin Dog Food Brand Carb Content

Most of the foods in this category/brand contain approximately 28% protein in the mix per serving. These foods also contain approximately 19% of the healthy fats your dog requires, and 44% of carbohydrates, which are coming from rich, all-natural sources, not grains which are going to weigh your dog down, or slow them down. The foods are also intended to help with healthy weight management, and you can buy foods based on your dog’s age and breed.

Hill’s Dog Food (Adult Science Diet)

Like all dog foods, the better the quality of the ingredients in the mix, the costlier the food is going to be. The same goes with this branded-dog food. For those owners who want to feed their dog the very best ingredients to help them grow, develop, and live a healthier life as they age.

The advanced mix is developed and tested by scientists, to ensure your dog is only consuming the ingredients they need, and isn’t consuming the harsh fillers or byproducts they don’t need in their diet. The foods have an exclusive blend of omega-6 and 3 fatty acids; both which not only help with joint mobility issues, but also help your dog’s fur and pelt shine, and grow in thick/rich as well. Vitamin E is also in the blend, which is intended to help with skin health for your dogs.

Clinically Proven

This food was clinically proven to improve your dogs health. This food has a rich blend of vitamins C and E which are beneficial to your dog’s health and well-being. It is intended to help develop a lean and slender body, and it should help with your dog’s weight management as they get older, and are not as active. The food is easy to digest, and it does not contain artificial ingredients, flavors, colors, or dyes which are added to the blend. Only rich sources of protein including red meats, chicken, turkey, and eggs, are in the blend. Harsh grains and corn are also excluded from the diet.

What is Hills Dog Food – Adult Science Diet Made Of?

Hills Dog Food Brand Protein ContentHills Dog Food Brand Fat Content Hills Dog Food Brand Carb Content

The blend contains approximately 35% proteins in the mix, 18% fat, and it also has approximately 42% carbohydrates. Like the other foods on the list, owners will appreciate the fact that there aren’t fillers or byproducts. Also, the exclusion of corn and harsh grains, is not going to hinder your dog’s ability to digest the foods they are consuming daily.

Pure Balance Dog Food (Chicken & Brown Rice)

A final option for dog owners to consider in choosing health, quality foods for their dog is the Pure Balance name. As the name implies, this food has chicken, and is made with fortified brown rice. It does not contain fillers, other grains, or other harsh additives, which are not healthy for your dog to consume. The food has few ingredients, so you know exactly what your dog is consuming, and you know how much of the proteins and carbs, as well as fat, your dog is consuming, each time you feed them.

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The carbs in this food come from the rich blend of vegetables, and healthy brown rice, rather than harsh grains and wheat, which is often difficult for your dog to process, especially if they have sugar sensitivities, or other digestive issues. The food also contains natural and rich fiber, so it is easier for them to digest and process the foods which they are consuming each day. With fortified and enriched ingredients, you know you are always feeding your dog the very best foods possible, and aren’t including the harsh additives which you wish to eliminate from their diet altogether.

This mix has a proper balance of vitamins, minerals, healthy oils, and fats. So, you know that your dog is getting all of the essential elements and minerals into their diet. Pure Balance dog food is not lacking in protein. It also has fatty acids to help with joint health. Your dogs fur is going to grow in rich and thick because of the healthy vitamins, minerals, and oils, which are included in the ingredients.

What is Pure Balance Dog Food – Chicken and Brown Rice Made Of?

Pure Balance Dog Food Brand Protein Content ChickPure Balance Dog Food Brand Fat Content Chick Pure Balance Dog Food Brand Carb Content Chick

The food has approximately 27% crude protein and 15% crude fat in the mix. It is high in fiber, at nearly 46%, however this comes from the brown rice, and the vegetables. There is no added corn, wheat, or other glutens to the food, which are difficult for your dog to process and digest when they eat. Only the richest, all natural ingredients have been included in this healthy dog food option.

Best Dog Food Brand Buyer’s Guide

So, now that you are aware of the top brands and what to look for, you should know how to go about choosing a food for your dog. It is of course, important, to rely on unbiased reviews, and know what other owners have to say about a specific food, to help guide you in the decision making process. Prior to deciding on one of these brands, or a specific blend for that matter, simply based on the prices alone, there are a few other factors owners should account for, to ensure they choose the best foods.

Consider the reviews

It might not seem that important, but knowing what other owners have to say about a certain food/blend, is truly important. Especially if you are buying a breed-specific’ food, it is imperative you learn what other owners have to say, how the food helped their dog, if their dog had issues consuming or processing the foods, and other important factors. All of these things will help guide you in choosing the right foods, and those which are going to ensure optimal health for your dog, when they are consuming these foods daily.


As detailed above, these foods have rich ingredient blends. Owners should choose foods which are grain free, are corn free, and do not have fillers or byproducts. If at all possible, it is best to go with the foods that do not contain harsh additives like colors, or other flavoring agents either. The more natural it is, the better the food. Think of it this way, if you can’t pronounce an ingredient on the list, you should not be feeding it to your dog. So, look for all natural, and go with the ingredients list which are shorter, rather than longer, when you are deciding the foods you are going to feed to your dog.

Brand reputation

This article lists dog foods that are manufactured by a trusted industry leader. As an owner, when you are choosing a quality dog food, you want to do your research. You can learn where your dog food is manufactured, how it is processed, and the ingredients. The more you can learn about the foods you are going to feed your pets, the easier it is going to be for you to choose those which are healthiest, and the foods which are going to most benefit their health.

Choose Breed Specific

Some dog food brands make foods for specific breads. They have ingredients your dog needs to thrive and removes those ingredients your dog should not be consuming. These dog foods have been especially designed for your dogs needs. These foods are formulated based on the bread to contain the best blend of protein, fat and carbs. They also contain nutrients that have shown to be best for your particular breed. Because breeds vary based on size, energy, health issues and other factors, it makes sense food can be tailored to your dog.

Fortified & Enriched

These words actually do have a meaning, and they are important. The enrichment of foods adds nutrients that are beneficial to your dog. Additional nutrients provide your dog with a stronger immune system, healthier bones, and better teeth as some of the advantages of Enriched foods.

You should choose foods with vitamins, minerals, and those which are enriched and fortified. Promote heart-health, healthy skin, fur and nails with foods which are going to help your dog develop as they age. Enriched foods promote optimal health, joint mobility, and the foods that will help keep your dog active.

Proper Blend

You should choose foods that are well-balanced for your dog. They should contain all healthy fat, proteins, and carbohydrates. It is also important to choose foods which carbohydrates come from fruits and veggies, rather than those harsh grains or wheat, which are very hard for your dog to process. The higher protein and fat content foods will be healthier for your dog in general. The Carbohydrates should be fortified with many nutrients for your dog. Wolves in the wild eat relatively low amounts of carbohydrates and do not have problems domesticated dogs have.

Food allergies

Dogs can exhibit allergies with the following symptoms:

  • Itchy, red, moist or scabbed skin
  • Increased scratching
  • Runny, itchy eyes
  • Itchy back or base of tail (most commonly flea allergy)
  • Ear infections or irritated ears
  • Sneezing
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Snoring caused by an inflamed throat
  • Paw chewing/swollen paws
  • Constant licking

If your dog suffers from allergies some foods are going to be better for them than others. These high quality dog food brands have limited ingredients and can allow dog owners to try different foods. These dog foods allow you to seethe protein or carbohydrates used. These foods use only limited types. This helps owners specifically target ingredients to try.

Look for “Real” or “Whole” in the Ingredients

Stay away from foods with ingredients like corn or wheat listed first thing on the label. Look for dog food brands with “real” fish, “real” chicken, and other “real” ingredients. Also the ingredients listed as “whole” will be less processed and will be easier for you dog to digest. Go with natural, try to avoid fillers, try to avoid words you can’t pronounce, and look for those foods which contain the “real” ingredients you want to feed your dogs.

Try Out the Different Brands

Different dogs respond differently to different brands. If your dog is not responding well to the new food you feed it, then try another brand. It also doesn’t hurt to introduce some variety. You want to go with all-natural, rich, enriched, and fortified foods. Take your time to get to know what is out there.


As a dog owner you have many options when deciding what to feed to your dog. It’s important that you take your time to compare these options. Learn of their benefits and find out how they are going to promote your dog’s overall health and well-being.

It is important to understand what the top brands are and what they have to offer to your dog. Reading reviews and labels is the best way to promote the highest levels of health for your dog. Before you decide on a food based  on the cheapest price try one of the high quality brands. These are a few of the many factors you can use to help you narrow down the options.

Where to Buy

When choosing where to purchase your natural, high quality dog foods, there are several places owners can shop. For those who want the best ingredients, affordability, and convenience, is the place to shop.

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