Dog Toy Gift Guide: The Best Ball Launchers

dog gift ideas christmas

It’s gift giving time again, and that means you have to take a minute to remember your pooch as well. If your dog enjoys fetch toys, read on to discover some of the top dog gifts for Christmas 2016 and beyond! All links lead to the relevant products on Amazon.

Kong Air Dog Fetch Stick

Kong is a popular brand among dog launcher toys. The fetch stick is unique because it looks like a stick but it has soft felt like a tennis ball, and it has a rope attached to the end. Essentially, you grab the device by the rope and heave it as far as you can, then your dog fetches it, either by grabbing the felt part or the rope part. The nice thing about this Kong dog gift idea is that it floats in water, so you can use it at the dog beach or on dry land in your backyard. And the cost is super cheap!

Pro Ball Go-Frrr Slingshot Fetch Toy

Don’t let the odd brand name dissuade you. Go-Frrr by Pro Ball is a clever slingshot toy that allows you to launch small balls for fetching fun. The balls are attached to a rubberband, which is what you pull back to build up the tension necessary to launch them way off in the distance. Like the Kong toy, the Go-Frrr balls float and can be used in water or on land, and the balls are very durable. This one has satisfied many pet owners.

Dog Tennis Balls 12-pack

Is there a difference between dog tennis balls and regular tennis balls? Yes, there is! You may think that a company that calls itself “The Dog’s Balls” might simply slap a logo on some standard tennis balls and call them dog balls, but that’s not the case. The balls in this 12-pack were specifically manufactured with strong rubber and durable felt to endure the hardcore chewing that some dogs can provide. These are long-lasting and affordable, making them a great dog gift idea for pups who love to fetch balls.

The iFetch

Every article we write about dog gift ideas is going to include our favorite automatic dog ball launcher, the iFetch. The machine runs on battery or wall plug and shoots small blue mini tennis balls for your dog to fetch. The best part about the iFetch is that you can train your dog to drop the balls into the machine, so they can fetch and play entirely on their own! The iFetch may be a bit pricey, but if you have a dog who loves to fetch, it’s absolutely worth the investment.

ChuckIt! Dog Toy Launcher Bundle

Some of our favorite dog ball launchers are ChuckIt! brand. Here’s a special dog gift item, a 9-piece bundle with a medium toy launcher and 9 balls of various colors and styles. You’ll get a couple of standard balls, plus a Whistler ball that squeaks, a Max Glow ball that lights up in the dark, and an “Erratic” ball which has some flat edges to make it bounce crazy, like a 12-sided die.

Pooch Perks Dog Gift Box

pooch perks gift boxMonthly boxes are hugely popular right now because they’re convenient and fun. Who doesn’t love getting a new package of goodies each month? Pooch Perks boxes range from $20-50 (shipping included) and contain assorted toys and treats, all of which are free of preservatives and artificial coloring. Best of all, gift subscriptions are available so you can surprise the dog lover in your life!

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