Dog Treat Launchers for Fun with Your Dog

best dog treat launchers
Dog treat launchers are some of the newest gadgets to make life easier for you and your pet. These awesome devices can shoot a doggie treat 10 feet or more just by pressing a button or squeezing a trigger. These specialized fetch toys allow you to turn treat time into game time. It’s a lot of fun watching your pooch can learn to catch the treats in his or her mouth.

What’s the best dog treat launcher on the market? That depends on your perspective. Right now, there are a handful of launchers available, and all are relatively new, so they don’t have extensive track records. For that reason, you’ll have to read through the reviews and decide which criteria (color, price, consistency) are most important to you.

How to Choose a Dog Treat Launcher

Most of the pet snack launchers that are currently available have mixed reviews. Often, users say they can’t get the devices to launch the treats as they should. The problem, typically, is the size of the treat. Most launchers are designed for a very specific size of treat, and if you try to use treats that do not match that size, it won’t work.

So the bottom line when purchasing and using a pet treat launcher is to be patient and try a few different sized treats until you come up with one that works well with the device you purchased.

The Best Dog Treat Launchers

The Unique Petz spring action launcher comes with a wrist strap and can potentially launch treats up to 20 feet. The strap cord is great for walks, so that you can keep the device wrapped around your wrist and launch treats as you walk down the sidewalk.

If you like bright colors, Unique Petz launcher is the one for you. The company makes treat launchers in several different colors. The one linked above is turquoise, but they also make fuschia, green, orange, and black models.

CYNJO Pet Boutique, a Florida company founded in 2014, created this Snack and Dash launcher for pets. Insert the kibble in the top, click and shoot from 8 to 10 feet. This launcher is quite affordable on Amazon as of this writing.

The Snack and Dash is the most stylish of the pet treat launchers. It comes in two color schemes: a black toy with blue trim, and a white toy with orange trim.

FinePet is a familiar name to many pet owners. The company manufactures leashes, dog bowls, and many other pet products. This 7-inch tall plastic launcher consistently shoots out small treats at a reliable angle.

There’s a little cone-like bubble at the top that serves as a snack storage area. Like most other pet treat launchers, the FinePet does not require batteries since it operates using a spring action system.

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