5 Reviews for Best Puppy Toys For Dogs That Chew A Lot 2021

If you’ve just bought a puppy like a Golden retriever, German shepherd, a French bulldog, or pit bull and you are blessed with one that likes to chew a lot, never fear! Though there are lots of chew-able things out there like rawhide chews, hard rubber items, or other DIY dog toy, they tend not to last very long. Therefore, you need to find an indestructible dog toy.

Company’s like KONG toys and Nylabone have been making toys for years. Nowadays, however, there are plenty of options for plush toys, tug toys, and other items that provide your pup a way to chew to her heart’s content without ruining your furniture, the dog bed, or anything else they manage to get their teeth into.

You may be at your wits’ end with your pet’s chewing and ready to muzzle him or place him in a dog crate when you can’t be around to supervise him. However, puppy toys, tug toys, and other plush toys can offer a happier solution for everyone. Not only will they provide mental stimulation for your curious puppy, but chewers benefit from healthier teeth free of tartar and plaque and chewing can also help ease the stress of separation anxiety for your new puppy.

It’s important to point out that chewing a lot is different than teething and each requires a different kind of toy. If you have a puppy that is less than 6-9 months old, check with your vet to make sure the toys appropriate. If your puppy is older and just keeps chewing your shoes, here are five of the best puppy toys for dogs that like to chew a lot:

1. Jim Hodge’s Dog Training Elk Antler

JimHodges Dog TrainingWhile an elk antler is technically not a “toy,” it’s such a popular item for dogs that like to chew, we had to include it on our list. Why? Simply because it actually works really well.

These elk antlers are available for dogs of all sizes, ranging from extra small to double extra-large so if your puppy that loves to chew grows up into a dog that likes to chew, you’re all set.

Elk antlers last a lot longer than a lot of other chew products, including rawhide and pig’s ears. There’s no foul smell or greasy residue so they’re perfect for indoor use. They’re also great for your dog’s dental health and contain calcium, zinc, phosphorous, and manganese. The great thing about the Jim Hodge’s Dog Training brand is that they’re entirely cruelty-free.

No elks are harmed in the harvesting of the antlers—they’re shed naturally by the elk and then collected from the forest floor. These are an all-natural treat for your dog—no antibiotics, no preservatives, and no growth hormones involved. They even offer a money-back guarantee if you or your dog is not satisfied with your purchase. You really can’t go wrong.

Colemeter Dog Chew Toys Set2. Colemeter Dog Chew Toys Set

This set gives your pup a set of four high-quality toys that are not only great for when they’re little but will also entertain them as adults. They’re great for cleaning teeth, redirecting unwanted behaviors, helping with separation anxiety, and to help promote the right kind of chewing behavior.

With this set, you get a three-knot pull, a two-knot pull, a wrapped two-knot pull, and a rope ball. They’re all made with 100% cotton and are completely washable. Colemeter recommends swapping the toys out every few days to keep your puppy interested. For easy transport and storage, they come in a nice bag. These are great for puppies and smaller dogs but are not ideal for large dogs.

3. Interactive Dog Toys By FurryFido

Interactive Dog Toys by FurryFidoThis toy from FurryFido promises not only to help keep your puppy happy with something to chew on but also to help your puppy get smarter. You place a treat inside the treat and the dog has to figure out how to get it.

The toy is designed so that the treats will come out as your dog plays, encouraging him to keep chewing on the toy and trying to figure out what is making the treats come out.

Not only does the interesting shape keep your dog on his toes trying to get to the treat, it’s also specially designed to help keep your dog’s teeth and gums clean. This toy is made of thermoplastic non-toxic rubber and is guaranteed to last a lifetime. If you have a puppy that really likes to chew, this is a huge deal. If your dog ends up destroying it, you should be covered under the lifetime guarantee.


Benebone Rotisserie Chicken Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy4. Benebone Rotisserie Chicken Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy

As long as your puppy is more than 6 months of age and has a few teeth, a Benebone is a great option for a heavy chewer. These toys are shaped like curved wishbones and designed so that your pup can get a good grip with his paws to hold it down while he’s going to town chewing on it.

There are deep grooves along the surface that give your dog something to latch onto, making the biting experience a little more satisfying. That said, there’s another aspect to these toys that will make your dog even happier.

They’re flavored and scented in varieties that dog’s love: Rotisserie chicken, bacon, and peanut butter. The scents and flavors are made with real ingredients so your dog is sure to go crazy for this toy. Benebones are not meant for dogs heavier than 70 pounds. You should also keep an eye on your dog when he’s chewing on this or any other toy. Be sure to discard and replace it once there are any signs of wear.

5. West Paw Design Tough Treat Stuffable Dog Chew Toy

West Paw Design Zogoflex Tux Guaranteed Tough Treat Stuffable Dog Chew ToyStuffable chew toys add the extra element of positive reinforcement and might help in training your puppy to learn what is acceptable chewing. This Stuffable Dog Chew Toy from West Paw is a cool option that will make your pup work a little for his treats.

The brightly colored material makes this toy fashionable and easy to find. Fill the center with a treat and your dog will enjoy chewing to get her reward. This is also a great active toy—you can throw it, bounce it, and play fetch with it.

You can even use it as a water toy because it floats.It’s dishwasher safe and FDA-compliant which means that it’s made of a material that would be safe to eat off (before your dog gets a hold of it). West Paw is a small company from Montana that puts a lot of pride and care into developing their dog toys. They try to be as environmentally friendly as possible and even offer a closed loop recycling program for their toys.

Chew toys can be an awesome way to keep your pets from destroying those designer heels as well as keeping those little teeth off the legs of your table. They can also be great for teaching your puppy to be alone: Not only will it occupy them but studies have also shown that chewing can help relieve the symptoms of separation anxiety. Hopefully, the chew toys above will help keep your puppy occupied, your possessions safe and your mind at ease when it comes to leaving your precious pup unsupervised!

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