13 Best Dog Muzzles Review in 2019

In case you didn’t know, pets have different personalities and each personality responds differently to various training regimes. To begin with, one of the main responsibilities of a dog owner is to ensure that your pet does not cause any kind of physical injury or harm to others. Consequently, the best dog muzzles are often used for the safety of your dog, passersby, and other animals.

Different Uses

Generally, people think that muzzles are only meant for large and aggressive dogs. However, this isn’t always the case. For instance, if your pet has an injury and might harm people out of pain, temporary muzzling could be a great option. Besides that, these are also important for preventing your injured dog from licking or nibbling at wounds. It can also be used on any dog to prevent them from picking up inedible objects while walking.

Various Types

Typically, there are three types of muzzles. Specifically, these are soft muzzles, snout muzzles, and basket muzzles. In addition to this, all types are available with different strap configurations and are made from a variety of materials. It is also good to mention that muzzles differ in what they allow or what they prevent.

Because of the high number of products available on the market, choosing the perfect one for your dog can be quite a challenge. Thus, we have researched and prepared a list of the 13 best dog muzzles to help you choose the right product for your furry friend.

Best Dog Muzzles

1. Company of Animals

The Company of Animals Baskerville Muzzle 7 - Springer
  • This classic box-design muzzle is typically suitable for dogs with narrow noses.
  • The traditional design prevents food scavenging and harmful self-licking.

Our Top Pick is the box-design muzzle. Primarily because it is humane, safe, and comfortable for dogs to wear. For instance, the basket muzzle is made from soft plastic mesh that allows drinking and panting. Its design also makes it washable and will prevent your dog from scavenging for food or licking wounds.

In addition to this, the BASKERVILLE muzzle features a lightweight design and comes in 14 different sizes for a perfect fit. Due to its traditional design, it is ideal for the protection of wounds. As well as grooming and handling assertive dogs and prevention of food scavenging.

Company of Animals BASKERVILLE Key Features

  • Lightweight box-design
  • Available in 14 different sizes
  • Washable
  • Made of plastic mesh, and
  • Allows drinking and panting

2. CooZero

Dog Muzzles Suit, 7 PCS Anti-Biting Barking Pet Muzzles Adjustable Dog Muzzle Mouth Cover for Small Medium Large Extra Dog - Black
  • 7 In 1 Dog Muzzles Suit: This dog muzzles set includes 7 different sizes, which means that it can be suited for most dog sizes and dog ages. They are very easy to fit and use with a fully adjustable strap and buckle as well. It's great to meet your different needs with the multiple choices and solving your problem easily. Anyway, if you have no idea about your dog's mouth size, this product will help you.
  • Multi-Function Dog Muzzle: This dog muzzle is a prefect solution for a lot of problems. For example: Prevent the dog bitting, prevent the dog eatting around, prevent the dog licking wounds and the dog barking. Suitable for most dogs: Teddy, Chihuahua, Miniature pinscher, Schnauzer, Samo or other pets. It is a really nice helper for home, travel, pet training, pet store, pet hospital and vet.

Our Runner Up pick is the CooZero 7 Piece Anti-Barking Biting Dog Muzzle set. Chiefly because it is a multi-function product that offers a perfect solution to various problems. For instance, it can be used to prevent food scavenging, dog biting, barking and most importantly licking of wounds.

Suitable for Most Breeds

The CooZero is suitable for most dog breeds. Specifically, the Miniature pinscher, Teddy, Samo, Schnauzer, Chihuahua or other pets. It also features a great design that makes it easy to fit using a buckle and a fully adjustable strap. Because of this, it can be a nice product to have for home, training, travel, vet, and even the store.

CooZero 7 Piece Set Key Features

  • 7 Pieces in one set
  • Reusable and adjustable design
  • Multi-function
  • Easy to a clean, breathable, and eco-friendly material
  • Allows drinking and panting, and
  • Prevents biting, eating, barking and wound-licking

3. Four Paws Quick Fit

Four Paws Quick Fit Dog Muzzle 1-XS
  • Four Paws quick-fit muzzles help prevent biting, barking, and chewing
  • Made from completely washable nylon

For our Best Budget Pick, we chose this product due to its affordability. It also comes with user-friendly features. The Four Paws is made of fully washable nylon that is comfortable and allows drinking and panting. In addition to that, it features a design that helps prevent dog barking, biting, and chewing.

In addition, it is available in 9 different sizes and is fully adjustable with minimal buckles. However, it is good to mention that the price of this premium product varies depending on the size ordered.  

Four Paws Quick Fit Key Features

  • Fully adjustable strap
  • Machine washable, durable nylon material
  • Quick fit design
  • Allows drinking and panting, and
  • Prevents barking, biting, and chewing

4. Lepark

Nylon Dog Muzzle for Small,Medium,Large Dogs Prevent from Biting,Barking and Chewing,Adjustable Loop(L/Black)
  • Please check the 7th image in the left side of the product web page and product description part,which will teach you how to train dog to accecpt muzzle.Beacuse dogs are anxious about wearing muzzles at the beginning:try to take off muzzles or bite through muzzles.
  • NOTICE: Place your forefinger under the tape muasure to ensure enough space for your dog to be comfortable.Your dog must be able to pant and have free tongue movement. Notice: Not suitable for pitbull mix and all other dogs with a shorter snout.

If you are looking for the Best Combined Muzzle and Head Halter, this is an excellent option for you. This product is made of high-quality, durable nylon that is comfortable to wear and can withstand daily use. Also, it comes in different sizes, which makes it suitable for almost all dog ages and sizes. Additionally, it features a subtle design and discreet, attractive colors that will easily make it blend in with your dog’s fur color.


The Lepark offers great versatility as it doubles as a head halter. Therefore, you can use it to walk your canine friend safely, preventing fighting, pulling and aggressive barking that is common with assertive dogs. In addition to this, it gives you full control of your dog as it comes with a sturdy D-ring fit that allows you to clip-on your leash. With the leash, you can easily guide your dog while walking.

Lepark Key Features

  • Fully adjustable
  • Perfect for different face types
  • Prevents biting
  • Allows eating, panting, drinking, breathing and exercising
  • Thermal plastic rubber material, and
  • Available in different sizes


JYHY Short Snout Dog Muzzles- Adjustable Breathable Mesh Bulldog Muzzle for Biting Chewing Barking Training Dog Mask,Orange (Eyehole) S
  • Material:Muzzle is Made of breathable mesh and durable nylon construction,Make the dog's snout comfortable.
  • ADJUSTABLE STRAP:Adjustable nylon strap with a quick-release buckle,skin-friendly and easy to clean up.

The JYHY Short Snout Breathable Mesh Dog Muzzle is the Best Short Snout Muzzle on our list. Accordingly, as the name suggests, it is made of durable nylon construction and breathable mesh. And as a result, it will make your dog comfortable. On account of the adjustable design, it is perfect for hard to fit dogs that have short snouts. Additionally, the JYHY comes with an adjustable nylon strap that is skin-friendly. Finally, it is easy to clean and includes a quick-release buckle.

JYHY Key Features

  • Durable nylon and breathable construction
  • Ideal for dogs with short snouts
  • Available in different sizes
  • Adjustable strap, and
  • A quick-release buckle

6. Canine Friendly

Canine Friendly Short Snout Dog Muzzle, Medium, Orange
  • Made from breathable mesh and durable nylon construction
  • Adjustable slider and easy to use side release buckle

If you are looking for the Best Dog Muzzle for Short Faced Breeds, then the Canine Friendly Short Snout Muzzle could be a great choice. Accordingly, just like other top-rated products, it is made of durable nylon and breathable construction. Additionally, it is designed with soft bumpers that protect your dog’s eyes from rubbing against the mesh. Even more, the pet muzzle comes with a quick-release buckle and adjustable slider for convenient and quick muzzling.

Canine Friendly Short Snout Muzzle Key Features

  • Durable nylon construction and breathable mesh
  • Soft Bumpers on the edges
  • Quick and convenient muzzling
  • Easy to use buckle
  • Adjustable slider, and
  • Available in different sizes

7. Barkless 

Barkless Dog Muzzle Leather, Comfort Secure Anti-Barking Muzzles for Dog, Breathable and Adjustable, Allows Drinking and Eating, Used with Collars (M, Black)
  • LEATHER: Made of fine quality leather, Soft Lightweight and Durable, Skin-friendly to dogs.
  • ADJUSTABLE: It's adjustable on both the side strap and bottom straps underneath the mouth, so if your dog's measurements are on the higher end of one of the sizes, you are recommend to get the next size up.

This is the best dog muzzle for Long-Snouted Breeds. Therefore, if you have a long-snouted dog, we’ve got you covered in our review too. The dog muzzle features an attractive design that prevents biting but still allows your canine friend to pant and drink normally. Additionally, it is made of high-quality leather, which makes the muzzle soft, lightweight, and durable.

The Barkless Dog Muzzle is also fully adjustable to allow for a perfect fit. Because of its great design, the safety gear allows you to attach a loop through your pet’s collar to ensure that the muzzle stays in place.

Barkless Key Features

  • Soft, High-quality leather
  • Firm and secure comfort
  • Allows drinking, breathing and eating
  • Suitable for long-snouted breeds, and
  • Fully adjustable straps

8. CollarDirect

CollarDirect Pitbull Dog Muzzle Leather Amstaff Muzzles Staffordshire Terrier Secure Basket (Black)
  • This handmade Dog Muzzle is intended for PitBull, AmStaff, Staffordshire terrier and other breeds with similar snout.
  • Made out of genuine leather. This secure comfortable training muzzle has 2 adjustable straps.

The CollarDirect Leather Dog Muzzle is the best muzzle for Complete Bite Protection on our list. Primarily because it features a unique design that makes it effective and comfortable. However, this product is ideal for particular breeds, including Staffordshire Terriers and Pitbulls, Rottweilers and Bullmastiffs, German Shepherds and much more.

CollarDirect Pitbull Key Features

  • Genuine leather
  • Secure, comfortable training design
  • Ideal for specific breeds, and
  • Complete bite protection

9. BronzeDog Pitbull

BRONZEDOG Pitbull Dog Muzzle Wire Basket Amstaff Pit Bull Metal Mask Adjustable Leather Straps (M)
  • Size M. Girth of dog's snout is 12 inches, length of dog's snout is 3 1/2 inches.
  • Pitbull dog muzzle is made out of durable light-weight steel and has a soft padding. Genuine Leather.

If you are in the market for the Best Wire Basket Muzzle, you can consider BronzeDog muzzle. The muzzle features a design that offers complete protection and is also comfortable enough to allow for all-day wear. With this excellent design, the safety dog gear is good even for hot weather conditions due to its great ventilation.

BronzeDog Key Features

  • Great comfort
  • Sturdy leather and metal construction
  • Allows panting, breathing, eating treats, and drinking
  • Heavily Padded snout, and
  • Complete bite protection


Gentle Muzzle Guard for Dogs - Prevents Biting and Unwanted Chewing Safely – New Secure Comfort Fit - Soft Neoprene Padding – No More Chafing – Training Guide Helps Build Bonds with Pet (M, Blue)
  • Humane way to prevent biting and unwanted chewing – This muzzle is great for restraining your dog's ability to bite, chew and bark while still allowing your dog to breathe, pant, and drink water. Because of that, this muzzle is a humane choice for preventing unwanted biting or chewing. See our images for examples.
  • Right size for the right dog – Choosing the correct size online can be hard, so to make it easy for you we have provided a chart and measuring instructions (see Picture 3). Your dog's muzzle can also be adjusted using the straps and hook and loop fastener for the best fit. If you have any trouble with finding the right size, we offer great customer support and will work hard to fix your problem.

This product comes with a great design. Specifically, it offers a humane way to prevent your dog from unwanted chewing and biting. It also allows your canine friend to breath, drink, and pant comfortably. Additionally, it has several more features that make it a great product.

GOODBOY Key Features

  • Perfect fit design
  • Prevents unwanted chewing and biting
  • Fully adjustable straps
  • Quick-release buckle, and
  • Comfortable neoprene padding

11. Niteangel

Niteangel Quick Fit Nylon Dog Muzzle, Adjustable Loop (L & XL, Black)
  • High-Quality Materials - Made of quality nylon material, flexible and breathable through extra soft padding, make your dog safe and comfortable.
  • Adjustable Design - Fully adjustable neck strap with snap fit. Fully adjustable snout circumference. Easy to put on and take off.

The Niteangel Adjustable Loop Quick Fit Dog Muzzle is made of high-quality nylon material. Not only does it have soft, breathable padding, but it also features a sturdy head collar that allows you to prevent biting, jumping, pulling, and lunging.

Niteangel Key Features

  • Fully adjustable design
  • High-quality materials, and
  • Multi-function muzzle

12. Mayerzon Basket

Mayerzon Dog Muzzle, Basket Breathable Silicone Dog Muzzle for Anti-Barking and Anti-Chewing (Size3-10.2/3.4in, Black)
  • Tough yet Soft: The Basket Muzzle is extremely tough and durable, yet flexible and soft to touch. The muzzles are made of a pliable rubber that can be widened or narrowed if needed.
  • Secure and Adjustable Fit: The muzzle strap has a loop at the bottom so that you can thread your dog’s regular collar though it and an over-the-head safety strap which ensures that even a canine Houdini cannot remove it! The muzzle's neck strap has a durable metal buckle with pre-holed webbing than ensures muzzle is quick and easy to fit.

Are you looking for a tough and durable yet soft and flexible muzzle? Then, the Mayerzon dog muzzle can meet your needs. Undoubtedly, this muzzle offers a secure, comfortable, and customizable fit.

Mayerzon Key Features

  • Secure and adjustable fit
  • Soft, durable construction
  • Neoprene straps padding, and
  • Allows drinking panting, and eating of treats


ewinever 5Pcs/Set Adjustable Breathable Safety Small Medium Large Extra Dog Muzzles for Anti-Biting Anti-Barking Anti-Chewing Safety Protection(Black)
  • 5 IN 1 Dog Muzzles--5 pieces dog muzzles in each set. Perfect for different size or age dogs. Good value and No trouble for choosing .
  • Multi-Function--Prevent Dog biting, Barkingand,Chewing licking wounds and other problem.

The EWINEVER dog muzzle comes as 5 pieces-in-one set muzzle. As a result, it is ideal for dogs of various ages and sizes. Thus, with excellent design, the multi-function muzzle helps prevent dog barking, chewing, biting and licking of a wound.

EWINEVER Key Features

  • Adjustable design
  • Comfortable and breathable construction
  • Multi-function, and
  • 5 in 1 muzzle set

Muzzle Buyer’s Guide

Why Should I Buy a Dog Muzzle?

Dog muzzles are a perfect training tool for newly adopted pups with behavioral issues or puppies. Most require one only when interacting with new animals like other dogs or new people. Therefore, not all dogs need to wear it for the long-term and not all the time. If you have a dog with unwanted behaviors like barking, biting and licking, it offers a perfect solution to help fight these instincts.

Moreover, a dog muzzle is also important if your family members or friends are nervous about new dogs or you have a dog that nips when you try to groom him or her.

Things to Consider

Choosing the best dog muzzle for your pup requires you to make a few considerations. We look at the things that you need to look out for when picking the right product. Here are the factors that you need to consider:


The most important factor to consider when looking for the right muzzle for your dog is the material. Dog muzzles are made of different materials, which means you need to choose one that will withstand what you intend to use it for. For instance, you need to pick one made of tough material like leather, metal, or plastic if you have an aggressive dog. If you are looking for muzzles that will serve a lighter purpose rather than durable products, you can opt for products that are made of nylon, fabric or mesh.


The other important thing to look out for is the type of purpose since different muzzles are designed to serve different purposes. Are you looking for a simple muzzle to keep your dog’s mouth shut or one that will help curb dog’s aggression? There are dogs that allow your pup enough space for drinking water, panting or eating treats.

Shape and Size

Dog muzzles come in different shapes and sizes, just like the dog’s snouts. Therefore, if you have a dog with long-nosed breeds like Retrievers and German Shepherds, you should choose one that has the same shape. Besides, it is also advisable to choose a perfect size to ensure that it fits your dog perfectly.


There are many types in the market today. Two examples are the basket muzzles and the occlusion muzzle. Basket muzzles are mainly made of hard materials like metal or plastic, and feature design that allows your dog to open their mouths easily. Occlusion muzzles are made of fabric or nylon and usually wrap around your pup’s mouth.


The right muzzle should offer great comfort since your dog will be required to wear it for a long period of time. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the muzzle fits perfectly and does not cause irritation. It should also feature soft padding on all the contact points. Besides, the best dog muzzle should allow for free air circulation and also your dog to breathe comfortably.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a dog muzzle?

A dog muzzle basically is a mask that purposely designed to fit onto your pup’s snout to stop him or her from biting. Muzzles are available in different styles, but most of them wrap around the dog’s snout and get attached to the collar. A muzzle is designed to limit your pooch’s ability to open its mouth, which helps stop him or her from barking and biting.

How long should a dog wear a muzzle?

The duration that a dog can wear a muzzle depends on the dog and also on each given specific situation because most are worn during when the dog is likely to show bad behavior.  Besides, the type of muzzle that dogs wear also determines how long they can wear the gear since some are more comfortable than others. Some muzzles allow dogs to eat and pant while muzzles made of nylon or mesh do not allow dogs to drink or pant.

Can a dog drink and eat while wearing a muzzle?

Most dog muzzles feature a style that allows them to drink and eat dry foods while wearing it. Usually, grooming muzzles are more limiting than other styles as they fully stop your dog from opening its mouth.


Final Verdict

To sum up, various muzzles serve different purposes. Thus, it is advisable to identify the needs that you would like them to meet in order for you to get the best dog muzzle. Lastly, we hope that you will find the right product for your dog from the top-rated products listed above.

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