The Bissell Barkbath: User Review and Buyer’s Guide 2019

The Bissell Barkbath will help make bathing your dog easier.

Having a Hard Time Giving Your Dog a Bath?

Are you tired of struggling with your dog during bath time? Do you feel like you are wasting money sending your dog to the groomers?

Using the hose leaves your dog feeling cold. Sometimes with no access to a bathtub or having a hard time getting you dog in it can leave you frustrated and tired.

There are many different dog bathing tools available on the market which can make finding the best one difficult. When choosing a dog bath appliance, it is very important that you choose a product that is going to get the job done right. Obviously, you need to search for a product that can make bathing easier and less messy. When choosing a dog bathing appliance or solution consider all the alternatives.

  • Do you have a bathtub you can wash your dog in?
  • Does your dog mind being washed with the hose?
  • Do you have access to a hose?
  • Are you looking for a more hand held solution?
  • Are you looking for a solution that will help you save on water?

Look for the products that are made from only the highest quality materials. With a name brand like Bissell you will have the best quality. On the other hand, if you choose to purchase products with sub-par materials, it will likely fail on you at some point early on. This is why it is important to seek out the best products. While you may end up paying a little more for quality, the product will last for a much longer time. This will help protect your investment and you will have a product that you can trust to help keep your canine clean.

The Bissell Barkbath

Bissell BARKBATH QT – QuietTone Portable Dog Bath and Grooming System, 2nd Gen, 2290A
  • This portable all-in-one system can be used in any room of the house, anytime, with a minimal mess — eliminating the inevitable clean-up that comes along with washing a four-legged family member.
  • Sound/noise emitted is similar to a vacuum. For best results, your dog should not be afraid of the sound of a vacuum. Training steps are provided in the user guide materials to acclimate noise-sensitive and anxious dogs.

The Bissell Barkbath portable dog bath system is an all-in-one appliance designed for ease of use. The Bissell BARKBATH QT – QuietTone Portable Dog Bath and Grooming System, 2nd Gen, 2290A  comes with a standard “no-mess wand” that delivers shampoo and water onto your pet’s coat. Then, a powerful vacuum removes the dirty water leaving your pet with a shiny coat. Simply dry off your dog with a towel and you are done!

Bissell Barkbath Buyer’s Guide

The Bissell Barkbath is truly an amazing dog bathing appliance. There really isn’t anything else like it on the market today. This amazing machine will take the guesswork out of washing your pet. The best part is you can use this model anywhere you choose. Please read more to learn more about the Barkbath and how it can help you make your pet’s bath time a more enjoyable experience for everyone involved. So, if you have a pet that simply hates bathing, you should really pay attention to the information in this helpful buyer’s guide.

Item Construction

When it comes to construction, the Bissell Barkbath portable dog bath system is a well put together appliance. Built from durable high-grade plastic, the Barkbath will last for many years to come. This unit also has well-constructed internal parts that will hold up to the pressures of everyday use. So if you are getting the Bissell BARKBATH QT – QuietTone Portable Dog Bath and Grooming System, 2nd Gen, 2290A for use in a commercial dog grooming environment, you can rest assured that it will keep working hard for you. It is also perfect for home use and most people purchase this model for their own personal needs.

  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 17 x 12 inches ; 9 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 17 pounds with all of the attachements.

The Bissell Barkbath is basically a BISSELL BARKBATH Dog Bath Tool for use with BISSELL Portable Deep Cleaners, 1842A  and your ready to go! Don’t forget to the shampoo as well.

Available Features

The Barkbath comes with a lot of features that can make bath time less of a chore. The system includes the portable bath unit, bath tool complete with storage bag, a 13-foot hose, a microfiber sound damping mat, a microfiber cleaning cloth for the paws and face, and a 16-ounce bottle of no-rinse shampoo.

For best results, you can place the portable bath unit on the microfiber sound damping mat and move it up to 13 feet away from your pet. If you need a visual guide to understand how the Bissell Barkbath is operated, a training video is also included with the purchase of a unit.

The system can clean a dog up to 80 pounds with just 48 ounces of water. Compared to a traditional bath that uses up to 19 gallons of water. You will be saving the environment and money on your water bill at the same time.

What People Are Saying

The internet is full of positive Bissell BARKBATH QT – QuietTone Portable Dog Bath and Grooming System, 2nd Gen, 2290A  reviews. Many pet owners are expressing how easy it is to use the Barkbath and how much it has changed their lives. Everyone seems to love their purchase and a lot of them have shared their reviews and testaments online. One review, in particular, was from a former police officer who became partially paralyzed on the job. He was given a service dog and the cost of taking his pet to the groomers was really cutting into his finances. After purchasing the Barkbath, he was able to groom his service animal at home, saving him tons of money.

Unpacking the Bissell Barkbath

The Bissell Barkbath was very easy to unpack. We unpacked the Bissell BARKBATH QT – QuietTone Portable Dog Bath and Grooming System, 2nd Gen, 2290A . The system includes the BARKBATH bathing tool, Sound Dampening Mat, Microfiber Towel (for cleaning faces and paws), one 16oz. bottle of BISSELL Clean & Fresh No-Rinse Dog Shampoo and a Storage Bag.


Assembling the Bissell Barkbath

Assembly was also very easy and quick. Only a screwdriver is needed!

Using the Bissell Barkbath

Timber was our helper and he did a great job! We washed timber using the scented shampoo that came with the Barkbath and it was not oily and did leave a nice smell.

Where To Buy

There are several different places that you can purchase the Barkbath. Bissell BARKBATH QT – QuietTone Portable Dog Bath and Grooming System, 2nd Gen, 2290A  normally has them in stock at a very reasonable price. They offer fast shipping and you can order it from the comfort of your own home, without the need to stand in line at the store.


Pro Icon



  • Can be used in any room in the house
  • Great if you don’t have access to a hose (outside of course)
  • A good alternative to bathtubs if you dog has a hard time sitting still.
  • Does not leave your dog as wet after bath-time and you don’t get splashed!
  • Very Easy to Unpack and Assemble
  • The Bissell Shampoo was not oily and left a nice scent

Con IconCons


  • Quieter than previous models but still can bother some dogs sensitive to noise.
  • If you overflow the dirty water reservoir the dirty water can leak onto the floor.
  • Some owners with really short haired dogs complain the device does not suck up all of the water and it drips on the floor.
  • For very large dogs the reservoir is not large enough.

If you live in an apartment or flat with no access to a hose or shower or are not able to effectively clean your dog in the bathtub, this appliance is for you! This appliance is great for dogs under 80 lbs or 36 kg. It really is pretty clean and hassle free and one of the great features of this appliance is it works with other Bissell attachments. The barkbath can be used to clean up messes with the right attachments as well.

There are several choices out there when it comes to giving your pet a bath at home. But the Bissell BARKBATH QT – QuietTone Portable Dog Bath and Grooming System, 2nd Gen, 2290A  stands out from the rest. With its unique features, its portability, and its ability to clean your pet without making a mess, this appliance is the best from the lot, hands down. It is also attractively priced and is made from durable materials that will stand the test of time. So, if you are tired of spending your hard earned money at the groomers, get your own Barkbath now. You will be glad if you do!

Other Top Picks

Now, we will take a look at two of the top competing brands of the Bissell Barkbath. Pet owners can safely give their dogs a bath in the comfort of their own home through these two products as well. Let’s learn more about the features of these compatible products. See for yourself how they are different from the Bissell Barkbath portable dog bath system.

Waterpik PPR-252 Pet Wand Pro

Waterpik PPR-252 Pet Wand Pro Shower Sprayer Attachment, 2.5 GPM, for Fast and Easy at Home Dog Cleaning, Blue/Grey
  • EASY & EFFECTIVE: The Waterpik Pet Wand Pro professional grade dog shower unique wand shape provides full coverage to wash dogs of all sizes and types, plus convenient one-handed operation make bath time faster and easier for you and your dog
  • WATERCOMB & NARROW SPRAYS: Contoured water combing spray provides maximum coverage and the power you need for shampoo removal, penetration of thick fur and double coats, and effective rinsing; targeted narrow spray - provides gentle cleaning and stress-free washing of sensitive areas

This high-quality dog shower attachment allows you to wash your pet inside the bathroom or outside in the yard. Simply attach the wand to your existing shower nozzle or onto a normal garden hose. You can use this the Waterpik PPR-252 Pet Wand Pro Shower Sprayer Attachment, 2.5 GPM, for Fast and Easy at Home Dog Cleaning, Blue/Grey on all dog sizes.

Having this versatile wand in your hands will make cleaning your pet much easier. This wand provides ample coverage through the use of the uniquely designed water comb that penetrates even the thickest coats. The wand comes with a targeted spray option for those sensitive areas. Also, this wand is very gentle and will safely clean your pet with ease. It also comes with a flexible 8-foot hose, which is shorter than the Bissell Barkbath’s 13-foot hose. The wand has a variable water flow switch that gives you control over the amount of water that is coming from the comb. The option for one-handed operation also adds to the comfort of use.

The Waterpik PPR-252 comes with a limited lifetime warranty which means that the company stands by the product they make. You can use the included suction cup hook to dock the wand while you are in the lathering process. The Waterpik PPR-232 wand pro is easy to install and it will only take you a few minutes to put this product to use. When not in use, you can easily store the wand so that it will be ready the next time you need it.

SmarterFresh Pet Faucet Sprayer Set

SmarterFresh Pet Faucet Sprayer Set, Pet Bath Spray Dog Shower for Home Dog Washing Station - Hand Shower Spray Faucet Attachment with Hose (for Sink Faucets Only)
  • CLEAN YOUR PUP IN RECORD TIME - Bath time can be a chore for you and your pet. With strong water pressure and easy one-handed use, this dog shower attachment will get you both in and out of the tub faster than you ever could with a cup or a bucket!
  • EASY SELF INSTALL - Everything is included so even the "building challenged" can install this pet shower sprayer with ease. No extra plumbing required!

The SmarterFresh pet faucet sprayer is ideal for those pet owners looking to bathe their pets within the comfort of their own home. Those with smaller dogs will like this sprayer because it is designed for use in the kitchen sink. This sprayer comes standard with a diverter adapter that connects to your bathroom sink faucet which provides the water source.

The sprayer comes with a selector switch that will give you total control over your water pressure. A gentle low-pressure option is perfect for washing those sensitive areas and a powerful jet option will blast away dirt. The jet option is great for penetrating thick coats or removing dirt.

This sprayer set comes with a long 86-inch hose that will be useful for even the largest of bathrooms. You will not have trouble reaching around your bathtub with this model. Setting up the SmarterFresh Pet Faucet Sprayer Set, Pet Bath Spray Dog Shower for Home Dog Washing Station - Hand Shower Spray Faucet Attachment with Hose (for Sink Faucets Only)  set is a breeze and it will only take you around 10 minutes to install it in your bathroom. It is also easy to store while not in use.


Bissell Barkbath Info-graphic

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