Bissell Spotbot Pet Review 2019

Like most dog or cat owners you are familiar with cleaning up animal messes. Lets face it, pets make messes. Even some of the best trained dogs get sick from time to time. Sometimes your life gets in the way and you can’t get home in time to let your dog out.

Some of the most common situations were your best friend creates messes can be one of the following:

Dog Made a Mess

  • Puppy Training
  • Aged Dog with weak Bladder
  • Sick Pet
  • Sensitive Stomach

When your pet makes a mess you have one of a few options:

Clean up by hand

You can get a spray carpet cleaner and a role of paper towels to clean it up by hand. Don’t forget the gloves! Getting pet accidents on your hands is no fun and certainly not sanitary.

Use a Large Bulky Carpet Shampooer

You can dig out the big, bulky, and expensive carpet shampooer, load it up with a ton of water and carpet shampoo and lug it over to the mess. After you use it there will probably be a lot of water left so you can hunt around your house looking for other spots to treat or you can empty it out, dump all of the wasted water and carpet shampoo down the drain and put it away again.

Dog Wondering about Bissell SpotbotWhy I tried the Bissell Spotbot Pet

I received this product as a gift and at first I was skeptical. It was easy to unpack. We had a sick dog that would sneak down to the basement and throw up on the carpet. At times our dog would get sick several times in a day and if we didn’t go down to the basement often it might go noticed! Luckily we had the spot bot. I was able to load it up, set it on the spot, press one of the cleaning options and walk away until the alarm notified me it was done. I have since used this many, many times for messes created by pets and even kids!

Who This Product is Good For

This product works best for people who have a carpet. If your looking for a hands free solution that does a great job of thoroughly cleaning your carpet stain this is a great product for you! It has a vacuum attachment hose attachment which can be handy when cleaning messes. This product is also compact in comparison to other larger carpet cleaners such as the Bissell Pet Pro or the Hoover

Dog TrustingWhy You Should Trust Us

This website specializes in reviewing fun and helpful products for dogs and has been doing so for years. This website gets over 300,000 views a year.

In addition to the above credentials we test all of our recommended products and only recommend the products we feel truly solve this problem for dog owners. With real videos of the product and real life experience and stories we provide an honest review of this item.

How We Tested

The Bissel Spotbot is a product I have used many times. This was tested by dumping wine on a test carpet for the spotbot use. In addition you can see the use of the hand wand attachment to clean up spilled red wine! This is a product that stands out on it’s own. See the videos to see this product in action.

Bissell SpotBot Instructions

Using the Bissell SpotBot is very easy to do. The following sections outline how to use the Bissell Spotbot. Also check out the video below for a filmed demostation!

Filling up the reservoir

Emptying the Spotbot Dirty Water

The first step in using your Spotbot will be to fill the reservoir with water up to the fill line. The manual instructs for this to be warm water to have a better effect.



Add the solutions

Dumping the Cleaning Solution in the Bissell Spotbot

Add 1oz of the pet oxy solution, then fill the rest of the way up to the fill line with the pet stain and odor solution. Some bottles are included with your SpotBot to start out. Then screw the bottom cap on to the clean water reservoir and place it on the spot bot.



Place the Spotbot over the stain

Place the spot bot directly over the stain. Cover as much of the stain as possible. It may be necessary to run it a few times or as many as needed of the stain is larger than the base.

Choose the Settings

Once the spot bot is in place, select the appropriate settings for cleaning. There are 2 different settings, one for deeper stains and one for surface stains. The Spot bot has 5 buttons overall:

  • Pause/Resume – Pauses and resumes the spotbot during selected cycle.
  • Stop – Stops and resets the spot bot from it’s current selection.
  • Set In Stain – Provides a more deeper clean and scrubs the area for longer. This also uses more water and sprays the cleaning solution on the spot sevaral times during the cycle.
  • Surface Stain – This provides a quicker cleaning cycle and uses less solution per clean.
  • Hose – Select this setting to use the hose attachment.

SpotBot in Use

Once the setting is chosen the spotbot will start cleaning the spot by scrubbing with the rotating brushes, spraying with the solution and sucking the solution up when done. At this point you can either STOP it or Pause and Resume as needed. Your main job at this point is to DO NOTHING! That’s right, sit down and relax until the alarm goes off.

Emptying the Dirty Water ReservoirEmptying the Spotbot Dirty Water

Emptying the Spotbot Dirty WaterAfter your spotbot has cleaned the stain, what I do is use the remaining solution on other stains or empty out the reservoir. To do that, pull the clean water reservoir off, unscrew the cap and dump the water out. To empty the dirty water reservoir un-clip the dirty water reservoir tab and dump it out. A rinse is always good. Place the reservoir back on the spotbot and your done!

Using the Bissell Spotbot Handwand

See the video below for a demonstration of the Bissell Spotbot handwand in use!

Different Spotbot Models

SpotBot Pet handsfree Spot and Stain Cleaner with Deep Reach Technology 33N8

This is the latest Spot Bot Pet Model by Bissell. This and the other spotbot are similiar to the model reviewed with the exception they have one more selection on the model. The grey and blue models are identical with the exception of the color.

Bissell SpotBot Pet handsfree Spot and Stain Portable Deep Cleaner, Blue, 2117A

Bissell SpotBot Deep Cleaning System, Model #1711

This model has some additional features. This model was not reviewed but some people online do indicate it cleans better. It also has an easy fill bottle connection on the top of the unit to add Bissell cleaning solution without having to deal with filling the water reservoir! In addition it does have different scrubbing technology on the model to add a little more scrubbing power.

Available Features

The Bissell Spot bot has many different features.

What people are saying

We have listed some of our Pros and Cons learned from using the product:

Pro IconPros


  • Designed for smaller pet sized messes
  • Easy to set up
  • Hands Free
  • Alarm notifies you when it’s done

Con IconCons


  • Leaves a ring pattern in the carpet after use. The hand wand can be used to remove the ring or the next vacuum takes care of the ring.
  • Dirty water reservoir is hard to clean if you are in to that!

Runner Ups

There really are not that many competitors in this space. Bissell is the first one to create a machine that you place and walk away while it does the work. But the following machines are the runners up as far as spot cleaners:

Handheld Spot Cleaner

The Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner is a highly rated and capable handheld spot cleaner. This unit is rollable and like many carpet cleaners you hold the vacuum handle and pull a trigger to spray the cleaning solution. It has a clean water and dirty water reservoir that are both very easy to clean.

Portable Upright Cleaner

Another option for pet owners is to buy an upright cleaner. These are bigger and bulkier but there is one model that works well and it not quite as bulky.

Bissell SpotBot Resources

You can find the manual download from the Bissell website: Bissell Spot Bot Manual.

Looking for Bissell SpotBot Parts?

Another good point about this product is there are a lot of these around and Bissell makes spare parts pretty readily. You can buy any of these spare parts easily through Amazon.

There are several different Spotbot models so when ordering parts make sure to select the correct part for your model!

Spare Hoses

Bissell Portable Stain Remover Formula

Other Miscellaneous Bissell Spotbot parts


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