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Tug of War with Your Dog -

How to Teach a Dog to Fetch From

Have you ever wondered why your sweet, playful dog cannot fetch? Many dog owners struggle with this question. Ideally, many dogs chase almost anything naturally, from toys to the innocent birds trying to dig out worms in your back yard. But surprisingly, not all dogs get to fetch things inherently. To teach a dog to […]

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iFetch video collection: the coolest video clips of dogs playing fetch

For anyone who owns an iFetch (or is thinking of buying one), there’s nothing cooler than watching iFetch videos online, seeing pooches of all different types running around and chasing down those familiar blue balls. The iFetch video has become one of YouTube’s most popular pet video topics, so we’ve put together a collection of […]

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How the iFetch Was Created

If you’ve ever gotten worn out or bored tossing a tennis ball to your doggie and thought, ‘Why can’t there be a machine that does this?,’ you’re not alone! The iFetch was founded based on that very thought. What’s cool is that the idea came from a kid and his grandfather, not some big corporation. […]

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