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Dog and Puppy Vaccinations

DHPP Vaccine for Dogs

Your dog depends on you to keep it happy and healthy. Whether you have a puppy or an adult dog, one of the best ways to keep them healthy, is to keep up with the recommended vaccine schedule with dhpp vaccinations because recommended vaccinations protect your dog from the Following: The Distemper/Parvovirus combination vaccine Rabies …

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Cushing’s Disease in Dogs: History, Symptoms, and Treatments

Have you been worrying about your dog’s health and well-being lately? Has he or she been exhibiting symptoms such as an increase in appetite or thirst, urinating more frequently, hair loss, thin hair, weight gain, or low energy levels? These are some of the symptoms that can indicate Cushing’s disease in dogs. It is important to …

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Can Dogs Eat Pomegranate Fruits?

Pomegranate fruits are popular because of their health benefits and are very nutritious when consumed by humans. They are filled with healthy antioxidants. But, are pomegranates recommended for dogs or they are only healthy and nutritious to humans? Can dogs eat pomegranates? What happens when dogs eat a pomegranate? Fresh, jewel-colored pomegranates are stunning fruits …

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Addison’s Disease in Dogs

Addison’s Disease in Dogs What is Addison’s Disease? Addison’s disease is a serious but treatable disorder that can occur in dogs, humans, cats, and other mammals. Also known as adrenal insufficiency, it occurs when the adrenal glands (which are located near the kidneys) are unable to function as well as they should. Adrenal glands are …

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