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Dog Toy

5 Best Toys For Dogs Around $10 In 2017

If you have a young dog like a pit bull or even a Yorkshire terrier, the chance are it will destroy every toy he’s ever got his hands on. In fact, puppies of all ages and breeds are likely to get through an infinite amount of dog chews and other pet toys. Tennis balls are […]

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Puppy Toys For Dogs

5 Reviews for Best Puppy Toys For Dogs That Chew A Lot 2017

If you’ve just bought a puppy like a Golden retriever, German shepherd, a French bulldog, or pit bull and you are blessed with one that likes to chew a lot, never fear! Though there are lots of chew-able things out there like rawhide chews, hard rubber items, or other DIY dog toy, they tend not […]

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Puppy Toy

5 Must-Have Puppy Teething Toys For Growing Puppies 2017

If you’ve decided to get a puppy, one thing you might not be prepared for is teething. Puppies get baby teeth just like human babies and it makes them equally as uncomfortable. If you have a very young puppy because your dog had a litter, you’ll soon notice their little baby teeth coming in. They […]

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Dog Catching a Frisbee

How to Teach Your Dog to Play Frisbee

Playing with your dog is fun, right? Playing is also a part of exercising them as it keeps them fit, muscular and lean. One of the many fun games is throwing and fetching. If you have a high energy dog, it’s time you introduced them to dog Frisbee. Frisbee for dogs is made in such […]

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