Dog Sizes

Breaks each of the dog sizes down into size categories.

The Mountain Cur Dog Breed

Mountain Cur Laying

Grab your Oxen, pack up the wagon and lets hit the road! With the Mountain Cur by your side you are set! At least if it were the 1800s in the United States that is… The Mountain Cur is an early American pioneer dog and helped many a pioneer in the old days. Early pioneers …

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Brussels Griffon Dog Breed

Brussel Griffon Dog Breed

If you’re looking for a toy breed that’s full of personality and self-importance, it’s time to get to know the Brussels Griffon. Owners know these little pups for taking over the household and exerting influence well beyond their size. Let’s take a deeper look at this friendly looking toy breed. The Brussels Griffon at a …

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The Slovenský Kopov Dog Breed

Slovenský Kopov judging

The Slovenský Kopov scenthound uses it’s short and slime stature to track it’s prey through brush and forest alike. As it picks up the scent of deer it belows out to it’s fellow Slovakian hunter following close behind. It’s only a matter of time before they find the prey and the hunt is over! Despite …

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The Swedish Lapphund Dog Breed

Swedish Lapphund Snow

During ancient times the Swedish Lapphund roamed the frigid arctic circle helping their families herd reindeer. It’s a super hardy breed that forms strong bonds with their owners! They were treated as a part of the family. They provided a great service as herding and protection dogs. The Swedish Lapphund History The swedish Lapphund is …

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The Yakutian Laika Dog Breed

Yakutian Laika Side Posing

At night the Yakutian Laika buries itself under a blanket or snow in it’s bed as temperatures drop. The ancient musher sits by their fire as these dogs yip and settle in for the night. Thanks to it’s thick coat it can handle the harsh environment. These dogs are not only capable of working together …

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The Spanish Mastiff Dog Breed

Spanish Mastiff Tan

The Spanish Mastiff lived a good life. It was cherished by it’s owners and loved by all during the herding seasons. They saunter along side the herd as they move over the terrain. At the next site of a wolf they bellow out and give chase. This dog’s breeding makes it a great guard dog …

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