Dogs with a Prey Drive Score from 1-4.

The Norwegian Lundehund Dog Breed

A breed which traces its origin in Norway, the Norwegian Lundehund derives its name from the Norwegian word “lunde” which means “puffin” due to the fact that it was primarily used for hunting puffins and “hund” which means dog. The Norwegian Lundehund is a breed of spitz. Breeders created Spitz for hunting. They are characterized …

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The Toy Poodle Dog Breed

The Toy Poodle is the smallest version of the Poodle breed, stand no more than 10 inches. They have the same general temperament and physical characteristics as its Standard and Miniature counterparts. Despite it’s diminutive size, the Toy Poodle stands proudly among dogdom’s true aristocrats. Beneath the curly, low-allergen coat is an elegant athlete and …

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