Great Dog Breeds

Looking for more information on dog breeds like temperament and health information? How about if a breed is good for kids? Check out some of our articles on the different dog breeds!

The Spanish Mastiff Dog Breed

Spanish Mastiff Tan

The Spanish Mastiff lived a good life. It was cherished by it’s owners and loved by all during the herding seasons. They saunter along side the herd as they move over the terrain. At the next site of a wolf they bellow out and give chase. This dog’s breeding makes it a great guard dog …

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The Kromfohrländer Dog Breed

kromfohrländer laying front view

As the tanks rolled along, this scruffy terrier was allowed to ride on top. Troops walked along side the tanks as they all moved along the terrain. On the side of one of these tanks rode this loved Mascot. Soldiers pet, fed, and loved this dog as they walked along. This dog gave soldiers a …

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The Jagdterrier Dog Breed

Jagdterrier Pointing

Dog enthusiasts and hunters created many terriers for companionship in addition to hunting. But it’s difficult to find a terrier that is best for hunting dangerous prey! If your terrier runs into a badger would they be able to fend themselves off? What about a bobcat!? Breeders created the Jagdterrier with only hunting in mind. …

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The German Spitz Dog Breed

German Spitz White Front

German Spitz originated in Germany. People also sometimes mistaken these dogs as a Pomeranian but they are not the same breed. If you are looking for a companion dog this is it! Breeders created this dog specifically to be a companion back in the 1400s! There dogs are attentive and and loyal to it’s owner. …

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The Eurasier Dog Breed

Blue Eurasier and Puppy

The Eurasier is a medium-sized Spitz. This dog was developed over the last 50 years in Germany. This dog is a happy, gentle dog that is very loyal to it’s family. It loves getting attention and fits well into families! These dogs are very intelligent and attentive. Owners describe this dog as being able to …

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The Drentse Patrijshond Dog Breed

drentse patrijshond Dog

Drentse Patrijshond, are loving and gentle dogs. These dogs are one of the most human-dependent hunting dogs around. A medium-sized Spaniel-type dog, they have thick brown and white fur, and long, densely-coated ears and tails. They love to play and hunt outdoors. This Holland pointer is the type of dog who loves to be around …

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