The Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier Dog, Mother with Pup sitting against white Background

The Boston Terrier As the name suggests, the Boston Terrier originates from Boston, Massachusetts and they’re also fondly known as “The American Gentlemen.” Robert C. Hooper, from Boston, purchased a mixed dog from a bulldog breed and terrier breed. He bred this dog with a French Bulldog to create the Boston Terrier. They were a …

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The French Bulldog Dog Breed

The French Bulldog is a descendant of the dogs of an old Greek tribe that was bred into the Mastiff and then eventually bred into a Bullenbeisser. Bullenbeissers were originally bred for bull baiting. Bull baiting was a horrendous blood sport in which bulls and dogs were thrown together in order to fight for English …

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Top 5 Dog News Posts of the Day

pet, corgi, puppy

Can your dog catch the corona virus? This Recent Post on CNN.com will help you find out! Dog Joins Kid in Timeout! Check out the photos of this kid and his best freind! Read this heartwarming article about a dog and puppy rescues from app.com Find out which disease early exposure to dogs helps prevent …

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Why Dogs Protect Their Owner

Girl With Protective Dog

Have you ever wondered why dogs protect their owners? Maybe you have observed your dog playing with your children as they tug and pull on it’s ears? Dogs and humans have had a very close relationship for a very long time. According to the BBC, humans and dogs have been living together for 20,000 years! …

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