As pet owners, we all treat our dogs like they are members of the family. Some of us even let our canine friends sleep right next to us in bed. This bond between owner and pet is real and it has a lasting effect on our lives. Sadly, dogs don’t live as long as humans and when something happens to our furry friends it can really have a huge impact. Cuddle Clone products can help fill this gap!

Remembering our pets is very important but pictures really can’t do their memory justice. But what if there was a better way to memorialize your best friend? Well, now there is!

My Dog Max

When my dog Max passed away last year, my entire family was heartbroken. He had been with us for 15 years and he was like one of my kids. I was very upset that my Max had gone to doggy heaven but there was nothing I could do about it. My children cried daily after he died. A friend of mine at work was listening to my story about my dog and he suggested that I memorialize Max by getting a Cuddle Clone. At first, I was confused until he showed me their website.

Commemorating Max With Cuddle Clones

After viewing the Cuddle Clones Toy Company website, I decided to get one for my family. This amazing company will use a picture of your pet that you send in to make a plush toy that looks just like your dog! I sent in a picture I had of Max and told them a bit about his features and in a few weeks, they sent me my very own Cuddle Clone. When the box arrived and my kids saw what was inside they got very happy and now they can keep Max in their room for as long as they want!

Cuddle Clones Example

Who Are Cuddle Clones Good For?

If you are a dog owner that truly loves your pet then Cuddle Clones is perfect for you. Even if your dog is still with you, getting one of these look-a-like plush toys will help you always remember your best friend. Many pet owners, just like you, miss their dogs a lot while they are at work. These are great for taking with you on trips or when you simply can’t carry your dog with you.

Take Your Dog With You Wherever you go!

Instead of missing your pet all day long, why not carry a Cuddle Clone with you? This will help you feel better and you will always be able to look and smile at these very cute toys! As long as you have a picture of them, you can get a Cuddle Clone made. This is perfect for those who have lost their pets and it will help them cope with the loss. Cuddle Clones help to memorialize pets which is something that every dog owner wants to do.

Leaving Home? Take Your Pet With You

Young people also love Cuddle Clones. When they go away for college they are often forced to leave their dogs behind. This can make college life hard and to be away from their pet is not something anybody wants to do. But if they have a Cuddle Clone to carry along with them, chances are things will be much easier for them. No matter what your reason is for missing your pet, Cuddle Clones can help make that distance feel a little closer!

Item Construction

Cuddle Clones are made from only the best materials. Each one of these plush toys is carefully handmade by artists who have spent years honing their craft. All of the Cuddle Clones made are highly unique and designed around your pet’s features. These high-quality plush toys will make a great addition to anyone’s home.

Cuddle Clone Hand Selected Fibers

Each Cuddle Clone is made from hand-selected plush fibers that match perfectly to your pet. They have thousands of different fibers on hand and they carefully match the right ones for your very own unique Cuddle Clone.

Materials Used

The most popular plush materials that they use are acrylic and polyester. These fibers are high-quality and will last for many years if properly kept. In addition to fibers, they use a water-based airbrushing technique which helps the artists match your pet’s fur. Each and every material is checked for safety. they have a very strict safety policy that ensures that every product produced is completely safe.

Available Features

The Cuddle Clones Toy Company has put in a lot of work into producing amazing lifelike plush products. As we have already learned, each Cuddle Clone is different and no two are alike. This is just one feature that pet owners simply love.

Many people are raving about the quality of the material these plush toys are made out of and just how soft they are. This may be due to the fact that these toys are handmade and the demand for them is very high. Several people are also talking about the huge discount they got when buying their Cuddle Clone.

The Cuddle Clones Design Process

Dog Cuddle Clone Picture to Dog

Not only will you get to have a realistic looking pet plush that looks just like your canine you will also get to choose its position. During the design process, which you will be a part of, you will get to decide if you want your new plush to stand, sit, or lay down. Having this feature will give pet owners more options.

Other Cuddle Clones Products

In addition to their very popular Cuddle Clones, they have several different products for you to choose from.

Plush Slippers

Cuddle Clone Slippers

If you are a true dog lover you might want to get yourself a pair of plush slippers that will look just like your best friend. It’s definitely a cute way to memorialize your pup!

Plush Purses

Cuddle Clone Dog Purse

Cuddle Clone Purse From a Picture

Polaroid Purse Dog 2 Comparison

Cuddle Clone Purse Made From a Polaroid


They also make plush purses that have the same features as your pet. This will allow you to carry a plush that looks just like your pooch around with you, wherever you go!

Golf Accessories

Cuddle Clone Golf Club Cover

Cuddle Clone Golf Club Cover

If you love the game of golf, you will be happy to know that they also make custom golf club head-covers. Artists will design your Club Head-covers to look just like your favorite canine!

Printed Products



Not into plush products?

If plush is not your thing, you can have figurines made instead. They also have pet prints that can be transferred onto t-shirts, coffee cups, blankets, pillows, and much more! This company has customized urns and wood memorials as well.

This could be a great way to commemorate your dog or provide a great gift to pet lovers.










What People Are Saying About Cuddle Clones

When you look online at different review posts by actual customers, there is a lot of praise for this product. Many pet owners are saying that their Cuddle Clone looks just like their pet. Also, many of them are stating that these plush toys have made their families feel better about the passing of their pet. They feel a sense of comfort knowing that they will be able to keep their Cuddle Clones with them forever! 

Pro IconPros

  • Very realistic looking.
  • Helps pet owners and their families feel better after a pet has passed
  • Great for carrying with you to work or while traveling.
  • Great gifts for college-age students who have to leave their pet behind.
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Designed and handcrafted by artists.

Con IconCons

  • Can take a while to ship and you might have to wait several weeks to get yours.

Top Competitor

Cuddle Clones is a very unique product and the company does not have very much competition. Petsies is the biggest competitor. This company offers similar products that are custom made. Petsies, however, does not have a big selection of plush products to choose from. While they offer accessories that you can put on your plush, they do not offer slippers, holiday stockings, or plush purses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the ordering process work?

A: When you order a Cuddle Clone, you will need to send in a picture of your pet. Also, you will need to give some details about your pet and tell the company which position you want the plush to be made in.


Q: How long does it take to get my Cuddle Clone?

A: After ordering, it can take several weeks to receive the plush in the mail.


Q: Where are Cuddle Clones made?

A: They are handmade by the artists in a small factory in China.


Q: How do I care for my Cuddle Clone?

A: The best way to care for your Cuddle Clone is by keeping them dry and free from dirt. These clones are not meant to be played with daily.


Q: Can I store my pet’s ashes inside the Cuddle Clone?

A: Yes this can be arranged as a special option. The cost to include your pet’s ashes is $25.