Dog Food Containers

Buying dog food in bulk is an excellent way to save money. It must be stored properly to prevent losing some nutritional value or spoiling. Dry dog foods that are not packaged and appropriately stored can lose as much as 50 percent of some vitamins in six months’ time. Dog food, exposed to cold or heat, can lose even more.

Dog Food Containers

Partial cans of dog food must be stored properly, even if they will be used the same day. Dog treats should also be stored properly. Depending on the treats, some go bad in a few days when not stored correctly.

Storing dog food should not be taken lightly. It is a waste of money and can potentially make a dog sick if not done properly. Even the best quality dog food is not immune. Dog treats are usually made to last for several weeks.

The type of treat dictates whether or not improperly stored treats go bad. Improperly stored dog food can

  • Become infested with insects or rodents
  • Develop mold
  • Go rancid
  • Develop bacteria

Protect dog food from extreme temperatures, moisture, and air. This article lists types of dog food containers. The best storage containers for dogs depend on the type of food purchased. Purchasing affordable dog food saves no money unless you have a pet food container to store excess kibble dry food or canned dog food.

Dog Food Container Recommendations

Pink Airtight Pet Food Container Combo 3 Piece IRIS Pack of 2 

IRIS Airtight Pet Food Container Combo Kit

An excellent product for dry kibble is the Pink Airtight Pet Food Container Combo 3 Piece IRIS Pack of 2 . It is easy to use. This dog food storage container kit is made of FDA-compliant materials that are BPA-free, durable, and, as indicated by the name, has an airtight seal.

It has a large container mounted on four free-wheeling castors to make movement easy. The container will hold over 25 pounds of dog food.

A smaller container fits on top that will hold upwards of ten pounds. The kit also comes with a measuring scoop marked with half-cup, one-cup, one-and-a-half cup and two-cup increments. Around the lid of the larger container, there is a groove that provides a space for the base of the small container to rest.

The smaller container can be removed from and kit and is useful when traveling. It can also be used to store doggy treats. The increments on the measuring scoop are handy if the dog is on a diet and food needs to be measured.

The correct fill line can be marked for children who help take care of the dog. Food can be stored in the containers of the kit for a long time without the worry of harmful chemicals leaching into the dog’s food.

Not having to lift a 25- to 35-pound bag of dog food is one of the benefits. If the container needs to be moved, the wheels make doing so easy. The wheels provide the option of storing the dog food in a pantry or closet to be taken out at feeding time.

The clear feature of the containers allows you to see when the dog food or treats are running low. The flip-up lids are simply-designed to make access to food simple and fast. This is a product made in the USA.

The containers are so convenient and handy that owners have purchased additional kits to store bird seeds or laundry detergent. The kits are available in white, red, orange, gray, various shades of blue, green, brown, and pink. You can select a color that matches the decor of your home.

Spot Can Cover Dog Cat Food Pet Food Can Covers, 3-pack 

SPOT Pet Food Can Covers

Dry kibble diets do not suit every dog. Your veterinarian can recommend the best food for your dog. Many dogs eat canned dog food or wet dog food that is mixed with dry kibble. Extra care is needed to ensure leftover canned food is correctly stored.

Each can has a ‘best by’ date printed somewhere on the can. If the entire can is not used, cover it properly and store in the refrigerator. The opened can of dog food should be used within two or three days. Spoiled dog food can make a dog sick.

Spot Can Cover Dog Cat Food Pet Food Can Covers, 3-pack  are better than aluminum foil or cellophane. They form a seal around the top, tight enough to prevent air from spoiling the dog food and they lock in freshness. The lids have both an interior and large lip to accommodate cans with 2-7/18-inch or 3-5/16-inch openings.

The lids are ideal for dog food, but can also be used to cover pasta sauce or evaporated milk cans. Ethical Cat is the manufacturer. The covers protect the food from bacteria and prevent odor abortion to retain fresh tasting food.

Vittles Vault Stackable Containers

Households with more than one pet often require multiple pet food containers. A senior dog and a puppy have different diets. You need a dog food container for each food type. Consider purchasing dog food containers that can be stacked.

Stacking the containers saves space and provides the convenience of having food for all pets in the same area. Gamma2 manufacturers  which are ideal.

The number and sizes of the dogs determine how much dog food is purchased at one time. These dog food storage containers are available in 25, 40, 50, and 60-pound sizes and the containers are airtight. Twist lids keep the dog food pest-free, fresh, and dry.

The efficient storage shape and lockdown double gaskets make the containers ideal for kibble storage in small spaces such as cupboards, closets, and pantries. They have molded handles that make them easy to move or lift.

The containers are made of heavy-duty plastic that lasts for years. The FDA-approved food grade plastic is made from high-density polyethylene. It is BPA-free. The bottoms and tops are designed for nesting together. It is recommended to only stack the containers at a level two high. The heaviest container should be on the bottom for safety concerns.

Yummy Paws Airtight Pet Treats and Food Canister

It is equally as important to store dog treats properly as correctly storing dog food. is an excellent option.

The product can be used to store dry kibble for dogs such as toy breeds that don’t eat large amounts of dog food.

The canister holds a little less than four and a half cups of treats or food. It is easy to open. The twist lid locks. It will keep the contents pest free and fresh. The container is BPA-free. It is odor-, stain-, and shatter-resistant.

The paw print design adds a little fun to the decor. The canister is ideal for keeping treats in a convenient cupboard, end table, or counter. It is perfect for storing dog training treats also. Fill it with training treats and leave it in a convenient spot or take the treats outside or wherever training takes place.

There is a lifetime warranty provided by the manufacturer. The canister has received rave reviews from consumers. Features mentioned in the reviews include a secure seal, keeping treats fresh for weeks, the lid is easy to screw off and on, and the wide opening. The canister is available in black and red.

Gamma2 Pet Travel-Tainer Bowl

When you travel, it is necessary to bring dog supplies and food. The is an excellent tool that makes packing dog kibble easier.

The no-spill container has an easy carry handle. Pet owners can remove the handle so the water and food dishes can be pulled off. The interior has a six-cup container that can be used for kibble.

Fill the bowls with water and food and let the dog snack while you are on the road, in a motel, or visiting family members.

The set is a convenient and fast means of bringing dog food along for your pet. It comes in pink or blue. The bowls are dishwasher safe. Users must hand wash the plastic container. Both the water and food bowls hold three cups.

The compact design makes storing in the car, purse, or backpack efficient. The condensed system measures 7.3 X 6.4 X 4.5 inches. The feature that impressed many consumers is the size of the handle. People with large hands can carry the container easily. That feature is unusual for a compact design. The handles are typically compact also.

Anytime you buy more than a single serving of dog food, you should consider buying products that help in the storage of excess food to keep it from spoiling. Clipping or crumpling the top of dry dog food bags leaves the food exposed to moisture and air. Food can spoil in a short time.

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