How to Deal With Excessive Dog Hair

excessive dog hair tips

It’s an inescapable reality for dog owners. Big, frustrating, floating tumbleweeds of fur burrow themselves into the most unreachable corners, and sneak under couches, chair legs, and furniture throughout the house. It infiltrates the car upholstery and weaves into every inch and crevice of carpet, couches and coats.

Spring and fall can be the times when excessive dog hair is at its worst. If you have a dog that sheds, creating a regular fur maintenance schedule will help keep stray fur and your cleaning time to a minimum.

Vacuum on a Schedule

Regular weekly vacuuming is your strongest ally against shedding. If your place has more than one floor, start at the top of the house and work your way down. This helps chase the floating hairs you miss down to the lower floors. Many newer vacuums offer air-powered pet hair attachments that work better than a standard wand, especially on fabric couches, chairs, and throw pillows.

During the heavy shedding months, vacuuming twice weekly will help keep the extra coat loss under control. This especially holds true on furniture, where fur can work its way into the fabric if you let it go too long.

Brush Off Excessive Dog Hair

Animals shed to cast off extra fur and to eliminate fur that is old and damaged. If your dog has a thick coat, you can help keep in-house shedding under control with regular weekly brushing timed with your vacuum schedule. It will help to more quickly eliminate the fur that wants to fall.

During the warmer months, brushing is easier to do outside. If you need to brush your dog indoors, do it an hour or so before you vacuum. This gives the extra stray hairs a chance to fall, settle and get sucked up by the vacuum once you’re done.

Invest in Tools

Invest in high-quality dog brushes, rubber gloves, dry sponges, used dryer sheets, and lint rollers. They all work in specialized ways for on-the-spot fur issues, especially when it comes to furniture and clothes. Keep lint rollers and dry sponges handy to pull away pet fur from your clothes before you head out the door. Use rubber gloves in those places the vacuum can’t reach when you’re cleaning the house.

Keep dog hair removal tools placed strategically around the house to tackle the fur where you see it. Have brushes by the door outside to give your dog a quick brush each day before heading in for the night. Place lint rollers and sponges by mirrors where you get ready in the morning. Save used dryer sheets to quickly sweep under tables and chairs for spot cleaning before you throw them out.

Keep Fabric Covered

In places where the fur gets out of control, put a cover on it. Does your dog love to sit in a certain place on the couch all day to look out the window? Put down an old blanket or sheet you can throw in the wash. You can do this for pet beds, couches, chairs, and especially in your car, to keep cloth upholstery fur-free during road trips!

If you know you have guest coming over, give furniture and fabric surfaces a good vacuuming, then place down old sheets and blankets to control the fur. Just before they arrive, pull up the sheets and throw them in the wash. Hassle-free, last-minute, quick fur maintenance, done!

We love our furry dogs but don’t always enjoy the frustration in taming built-up fur gone wild. Set up a consistent weekly routine to get rid of the excessive dog hair early on, before the shedding gets to you!

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