Glow in the Dark Dog Fetch Toys: Buyers Guide

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Is there anything better than a fetch toy for your doggie? How about a fetch toy that glows in the dark?! Yes, you can enjoy outdoor night time fun with some of the latest glow products on the market.

They include a bouncy fabric kick ball, a couple of small rubber fetch balls, and a sweet flying disc that lights up the night sky. Keep reading to learn about the best glow in the dark dog toys available today!

ChuckIt! Max Glow Kick Fetch Dog Toy, Large 

Made from 3D print fabric, the ChuckIt Kick Fetch Max Glow is like a small, soft soccer ball that dogs can chase around the yard. Its ridges, or “inverted variable welts,” make it easy for pets to grab and hold it with their teeth. The Kick Fetch Max Glow is cool because it comes in both small and large sizes, so your pooch can enjoy it regardless of their size.

ChuckIt actually makes a bunch of different pet products, many of which glow in the dark and many of which are basic, quality fetch toys and balls.

Spunky Pup Flash & Glow Ball Assorted Colors, 2.75 inches 

If you’re looking for a smaller-sized ball, the 2.75-inch diameter Flash & Glow Dog Ball might be just what you need. This ball not only glows in the dark after being exposed to light, but it actually flashes on and off for 25 seconds. So after you toss it, your dog will go nuts as it tries to chase it down.

It’s also very affordably priced, so there’s no risk to your budget with this one. And if you want to play in the rain or in your backyard pool, don’t worry – the ball is waterproof and it floats.

Nite Ize MTLP-08-07 MeteorLight K-9 Led dog ball, Disc-O 

The Nite Ize MeteorLight is an LED dog ball made from hard rubber built to withstand wear and tear. It’s tennis ball sized, which means it will perfectly fit any ball launchers you have, like the popular ChuckIt hand thrower.

Unlike many of the other glow in the dark products on the market, which are made from material that is temporarily illuminated, this Nite Ize ball actually uses batteries. That means you won’t have to worry about the ball losing its glow after 20 minutes. Its battery actually has 20 to 30 hours of run time.

Wham-O Pets Glow in The Dark Hyper Ring Dog Frisbee, 10.25", White 

frisbee hyper ring whamo glow darkA glowing flying disc? How cool! Wham-O has jumped into this market with an awesome soft dog Frisbee. There are no batteries involved – just shine a bright light on the disc for 60 seconds, and then it will be “charged” for nighttime use.

Wham-O uses words like “K9-Flex,” “Bone Tec,” and “Dyn-O-Glo” to describe the material it’s made from. While the company may have been a little too enthusiastic in dreaming up fancy marketing terms, the bottom line is that the Frisbee is made from non-toxic materials that make the product durable enough to hold up to your puppy’s repeated chewing and biting. This is a great product.

The Best Glow in the Dark Fetch Toys: Buyers Guide

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to glow in the dark dog balls and ball launching products. Everyday, new companies are recognizing the power of this market. They are coming out with new products to allow busy pet owners to play outside in the dark at night with their canine friends. If you’ve got a favorite glow in the dark product we missed, shoot us a message on the Contact page!

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