All About the Go Dog Go Automatic Ball Thrower for Dogs

godoggo fetch machineWhile the iFetch is the most popular automatic ball thrower or dog fetch machine on the market today, it does have one primary competitor: The godoggo fetch machine or GDG. The GDG differs from other ball launchers in that it’s designed for outdoor use and it accepts larger-sized balls.

One Item to Note is this product has been out of stock on Amazon and does not appear to be sold anymore through amazon. You may want to consider the iFetch Too or the PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher dog ball launchers instead!

The company’s latest model, the G4, runs on AC adapter power or batteries. You’ll need six D size batteries for 25 hours of use.

In terms of actual use, how does the GoDogGo ball launcher measure up? Read on to find out!

Advantages of the Go Dog Go

One big advantage of the GDG is that it fits various sizes and types of balls, including standard tennis balls. Other dog fetch toys require smaller balls, so at least with the GDG you can use the good old tennis balls you probably have lying around the house. You can use any ball between 1.75 and 2.5 inches, which also includes ChuckIt balls.

go dog go ball size

It should be noted that as of December 2015, iFetch now has a new, larger automatic dog ball thrower called the iFetch Too available that fits standard tennis balls and is appropriate for big dogs.

Another advantage is that the GoDogGo is visually striking with its green bucket and black body. Compare that to the iFetch, which is a little bland with its mostly-white design. Fashion always counts for something, and the GDG wins on this count 🙂

Unlike the iFetch, which can be used indoors or outdoors, the GoDogGo is recommended for outdoor use. The machine can shoot balls as high as 12 feet in the air, so unless you’ve got a massive crib with huge ceilings, this product is one you’ll want to have fun with while enjoying the outdoor sunshine.

Drawbacks of the Go Dog Go

Sadly, go dog go g3 launcherGoDogGo appears to have difficulty keeping up with demand, as the product is often on backorder and is sometimes not available for purchase on Amazon in the United States, which is unfortunate for folks who collect Amazon gift certificates to help save money.

The price of the GoDogGo is more than the iFetch. The GoDogGo site says their product has been available since 1999 and calls it “the world’s only remote fetch machine.” It may have been at one time, but not anymore.

Quite frankly, the GoDogGo looks like a nice product that was created years ago but not marketed to its full potential, and now it’s been surpassed by the more buyer-friendly iFetch. But hopefully they can get back in the game and increase production to match demand. Do your research – if you need a ball machine for big dogs, this one may still be the best purchase for you.

Our Opinion: Go Dog Go Reviews

go dog go machineDog owners generally have praise for the GoDogGo. Intelligent dogs can learn to drop the balls in the bucket by themselves, which means you won’t have to do anything at all! Once your pets learn how to fetch and return the balls, they can entertain themselves while you sit back and watch.

For some pet owners, this device has lasted a few years, which is obviously important for any product that requires a substantial initial investment. The moderate amount of noise made by the GDG motor can be off-putting to some dogs, but for most pets the noise is not a big issue.

Here’s a nice YouTube video that shows everything about the GoDogGo, from the unboxing of the package to its actual use with an excited, energetic dog that fetches and returns the balls. The item shown in the video is the previous model, the Go Dog Go G3 launcher toy.

There are plenty of other user-submitted “Go Dog Go YouTube videos” – click the link to see a whole page of doggies playing with them!

Go Dog Go Ball Launcher Summary

Bottom line: The GoDogGo does have some admirable qualities in terms of versatility and appearance. In our opinion, it might not be worth the extra cost and the hassle of purchasing through the company’s website, but if you’re adamant about wanting an outdoor dog ball launcher or one that accepts standard size tennis balls, the GoDogGo might be for you.

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Note: This is a basic informational article that highlights one writer’s opinion about a particular product. It is not intended to be an ultimate authority. Always do your own research and draw your own conclusions when deciding which products to buy.

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