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If you are looking for one of the original dog ball launchers, then look no further. The GoDogGo Dog Ball Thrower is the first automatic dog ball launcher to hit the market and proves to be one of the best on the market.

If you have an active dog that loves to play fetch then the G4 might be the product for you. This automatic launcher will keep your dog or dogs busy for hours of fun per play! Just set the distance, and launch at will or set it up for automatic launch at timed intervals.

About GoDogGo G4

GoDogGo Inc. made the first dog ball thrower? They have been making dog ball throwers since 1999! Their experience shows in the product they create.

One thing we love about the GoDogGo is they have continuously improve their product throughout the years. GoDogGo Inc

The Go Dog Go G4 dog ball launcher many features. The G4 has many safety features and settings that make this product work with many different types of dogs.

If this product is not available on Amazon you can purchase it from the manufacturers website directly at GoDogGoInc.com.


The GoDogGo has many different safety features to keep your beloved dog safe.

Launch Angle

The GoDogGo G4 launches balls at the optimal upward trajectory to avoid launching the ball at the dog. This is a great safety feature. Even with this feature though owners should train their dogs stand a few feet back from the launcher to avoid hitting the dog.

Sensors for Safety

Sensor on the G4

Sensors are built into the GoDogGo G4 unit that sense when a ball is ready to be launched. The motor in the unit does not continuously run. The motor turns on only when a ball is loaded or returned to the bucket. This keeps your dog from getting a ball launched soon after it’s returned to the bucket.

Remote Control can to select a time settings or to launch a ball at will for owner-controlled play. GoDogGo operates WITHOUT the remote when set for automatic play & is NOT NEEDED to operate the Fetch Machine.


The Godoggo G4 has many features that set it apart from other dog ball launchers. With many different safety features, acceptance of different ball types, and many other functional features make this a great product for your dog.

Ball Size

go dog go ball size

One great feature is this Dog Ball Thrower takes several different ball sizes and types which makes it very versatile. Because it takes standard tennis balls means you can buy replacement balls very easily without visiting the manufacturers website.

The Godoggo also take other ball types and sizes such as the Chuckit Ultra Ball 2″ and the Chuckit Ultra Ball 2.5″. As long as the ball is 1.75″ (4.5 cm) to 2.5″ (6.4 cm) the G4 will launch it including racquet balls!

Ergonomic Return Bucket

The GoDogGo offers a large ergonomic bucket for easy dog return which is another great unique feature of this dog ball thrower. Up to 25 balls can be loaded in the bucket depending on the ball type. This bucket also makes it easy for several dogs at the same time to play!

Distance Settings

GoDogGo has 3 distance settings of Low, Medium, and High.

According to the GoDogGoInc.com website the distance thrown depends on the ball type:

  • GoDogGo ProBall = 25′ to 38′
  • GoDogGo SuperFetch Sport = 30′ to 50′
  • GoDogGo SuperFetch Small = 30’ to 60′
  • GoDogGo SuperFetch Medium = 25’ to 35′
  • GoDogGo FetchBall MED or Standard dog tennis ball 2.5” = 25’ to 35′
  • GoDogGo FetchBall SMALL, Kong Air Squeaker, Tuff Tennis Ball, 1.75” dog tennis ball = 40 to 60’
  • Chuckit Ultra Ball 2″ = 42-45’
  • Chuckit Ultra Ball 2.5″ = 25-28′
  • Racquet Ball or Spaulding high bounce ball 2.25” = 30’ to 45′

Note: You can Purchase GoDogGo Ball from the Manufacturers website.

Timed Launch Settings


Also the shortest time between launches is left at 4 seconds to allow your dog time to get ready for the next launch!

The G4 GoDogGo fetch machine has 3 time interval settings:

  • 4 seconds between launches
  • 7 seconds between launches
  • 15 seconds between launches

Independent or Manual Play

The GoDogGo G4 offers a few different varieties of play. You can manually join in with launching the ball or you can set the launcher up to automatically launch balls as the dog returns them.

Manual Play

The G4 offers a way to manually launch the balls with the remote, or choose a time setting to let the dogs roll! With manual play launching a ball is as easy as the press of a button. You can wait until your dog is ready or simply join in the fun!

Independent Play

Dog Chasing a Ball

With independent play you can choose a time setting which sets the time between launches. With this setting the ball launcher will keep going as long as dogs keep bringing balls back!

To participate in this type of play your dog will need to be trained on how to return the ball or balls to the bucket.

Remote Control

A remote is also included with the GoDogGo G4 which is helpful when you don’t have the energy to get up and turn your automatic dog ball launcher on. 😉 Just kidding of course.

The remote can be used for all features and settings. The remote is not required for the Godoggo G4 functionality. All of these features and settings can be adjusted directly on the G4 itself as well.

AC Adapter and Battery Power

The GoDogGo can be plugged in or batteries can be loaded for power cord free play.

The GoDogGo takes 6 D size Batteries to power and runs for more than 20 hours with that set!

Control Panel

Main unit control panel with On / Off switch, time setting, & AC input.


  • 13 x 13 x 16.76 In (33 x 33 x 42.5cm)


  • 7 lbs (3.1 kg

Who is this Dog Ball Launcher Good for?

Is This Better for Indoor or Outdoor?

What Dog Type does the G4 Work Better For?

Dog Ready for the GoDogGo Dog Ball Thrower

Because this launcher shoots higher and longer than a typical room we feel this dog ball launcher is best for outdoor play.

This launcher is better for larger dogs or a mix of different sized dogs. The GoDogGo Jr. is a better fit for smaller dogs. This is a dog ball thrower made by the same company GoDogGo Inc that can be purchased at the manufacturers website.

Where is it Made?

American Flag

The GoDogGo G4 is manufactured in the USA and has been since 1999!

What Comes With the GoDogGo?

GoDogGo G4 Fetch Machine comes with

  • 3 x 2.5” standard low-pressure dog tennis balls.
  • AC Adapter
  • Remote Control
  • Owners Manual

NOTE: G4 Fetch Machine works with a variety of ball styles, brands & sizes 1.75 inch to 2.5 inch.

Warranties and Money Back Guarantee

  • 6-Month Warranty
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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