5 Great Things That Make the Chorkie Dog Unique

One of the cutest dogs on the planet has to be the Chorkie. While not officially recognized as a dog breed by any of the major organizations, this beautiful little dog has lots to offer! First developed in the United States in the 1990s, the Chorkie has won the hearts of many dog lovers. This canine is the perfect blend of two different dog breeds that we will learn more about below.

What Is A Chorkie?

You might be asking yourself what is a Chorkie? If you have not had the pleasure of meeting one of these cute dogs, then now is your chance!

A Chorkie is a mixture of two different dog breeds. Breeders of the Chorkie have taken the Chihuahua, a popular small dog, and crossed it with a Yorkshire Terrier. As we mentioned above, the Chorkie is not a recognized dog breed, but it may be one day. As you will learn, these are fun loving dogs that simply love to play. They are highly loyal animals which can get them into trouble from time to time.


When it comes to temperament, the Chorkie can take on the personality traits of either parent. Most of these dogs are very loving and loyal to their owners. They can be bubbly and goofy at times, which makes them very fun to be around.

Being very loyal dogs, the Chorkie can be extremely protective of their owner. When strangers come around, they can often become very aggressive. Although they are not very big dogs, their bite can be rather nasty. This is why this breed is not recommended in homes with very small children.

Chorkies can be socialized but they tend to stick to just one person. They are very active dogs and get excited easily. This means they require a lot of attention from their owner. If you plan to own one of these dogs you will have to keep this in mind. They have a lot of energy and they need to burn it off during the day, or they may become restless at night.

The Chorkie is also very vocal and will bark at anything that is out of the ordinary. This makes them great little watchdogs. But if you have a neighbor that lives close by, you may want to rethink owning one of these dogs.


The Chorkie is a small dog breed that can easily be taken with you while traveling. Both males and females of the breed are normally the same size. A Chorkie is normally between 8 and 15 pounds, with a height of around 6 to 9 inches.

If you have ever seen Chorkie pictures before, you can tell that they are rather small in stature. However, what they lack in size they certainly make up for in personality! As you have already learned above, Chorkie personality is very large!

Being such a small dog, you should always keep an eye on your Chorkie around larger animals. If you own other pets, you should make sure that your Chorkie is properly socialized around them. You should socialize your Chorkie at an early age, and never leave them alone with other pets until this process is complete.


The Chorkie is fairly easy to maintain. They are light shedders but you will still need to brush them daily. This will keep their coats looking great and keep your furniture free from dog hair. You may also want to take your Chorkie to the groomers once a month, to have their coat trimmed.

When you take your Chorkie to the groomers, make sure they remove any excessive hair growth in the ears. If not taken care of this excessive hair growth can cause infection in the ear. This is a common health concern in the breed. In combination with a healthy diet, this will help keep your pet looking its best!

Health and Lifespan

When it comes to health, the Chorkie dog is a pretty sturdy breed. But like all dogs, they do have some health issues that you should know about. A Chorkie can develop allergies during life, which is listed as one of the major health concerns by those who already own one of these dogs. Also, they can have ear and eye problems especially when they get older. You should have your vet check your pet’s eyes and ears if you start to notice a problem. Infection in these areas is difficult to treat once it has taken hold.

The lifespan of a Chorkie is normally around 11 to 15 years. These dogs, if properly cared for, can actually live a bit longer than the breed standard. As we have already stated, they don’t normally have many health issues, but you should always take them to the vet for their annual checkup.

As they grow older, some issues may arise but most health issues can be treated if caught in time. If you notice your older Chorkie start to slow down or become less active, you should always take them to your vet. An ounce of prevention can go a long way with these very adorable and vibrant animals.

Feeding Information

The amount you feed your Chorkie will be determined by the age of the animal. Chorkie puppies, for example, will need more food than a full grown Chorkie because they are growing. Below you will find information that will help you determine when and how much to feed your pet. While this can help guide you in the right direction, you should always follow your vet’s advice, especially when it comes to feeding.

Chorkie Puppy

A Chorkie puppy that has just been weaned should be fed a diet that will help them grow into healthy adults. Good puppy food should be given to a young dog until it has reached an age of one year. When it comes to the amount of food you give your puppy, you should always follow the guidelines of your vet.

Chorkie Adult

Once your Chorkie has made it to adulthood, you should be thinking about changing their diet. At this time you will want to slowly start to transition your pet from puppy food to high-quality adult food. By slowly introducing them to a new diet, it will help prevent any digestive issues that may come up.

Again, you should always feed your adult Chorkie the recommended amount of food by your vet. Most of the time, this amount will be no more than one cup of food a day. The Chorkie has a small body and a very large appetite. They will often overeat, so you should never allow them to feed freely. A full-grown Chorkie should not weigh more than 15 pounds. Anything over that weight may cause your dog to have health issues.

Chorkie Senior

As your Chorkie grows older and becomes less active, you may have to reduce the amount of food you give them. Also, you will want to feed them a dog food that is recommended for senior pets. This will help them stay healthy and avoid becoming overweight. If you feed them the right diet your Chorkie will live for many years to come!


The Chorkie comes in one other variation, which is the Teacup Chorkie. This is a smaller version of the Chorkie and weighs around 6 pounds. These tiny little dogs can fit in the palm of your hand when they are puppies, making them super cute! They make great pets for those who live in smaller homes.

The Teacup Chorkie has much of the same traits of their larger cousin, and they can be very excitable. Even if they are small, they seem to not be afraid of anything. This can often get them in trouble with larger dogs and even cats. Since these dogs are so small, they are not recommended for those who have small children. They can be easily crushed if played in a rough manner. Also, since they are very small, they tend to have more health concerns compared to the full-size Chorkie. You should keep this in mind if you plan on owning the Teacup Chorkie.

In Conclusion

Now that you know more about the Chorkie, you might want to own one of these super cute canines. You should remember that they are very loyal to their owners and are normally a one-person dog. So if you have a family with small children, you may want to wait until they get a little older to get one of these dogs. The Chorkie makes a great watchdog, and they make great pets for the elderly as they are very good lap dogs, they can be kept in an apartment without issue. While they do often bark at strangers, they do not require long walks to make them happy. So if you are thinking of getting a new pet, you should check out the amazing Chorkie!

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  1. I Just got a Chorkie ,we moved to a condo ,he is not a Barker,love that ,he is enjoyable 13 weeks now ,he makes us Laugh and brings are so much joy, I cook for him he eats Everything and doesn’t over eat, And hes almost Poty trained.

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