Hand-Held Dog Ball Throwers and Launchers

An active dog is a happy dog. Just like with people, exercise improves your dog’s mental and physical well being. A hand-held dog ball thrower or launcher can help get your dog active and moving! If you and your dog love playing fetch together, then a hand-held ball launcher is perfect for you and your dog!

These toys will help you have endless fun with your dog. These are some of the best toys on the market for your dog to get exercise. The best part about these is you get to join in on the fun. Your dog will love this time with you and can enjoy a longer, healthier life all thanks to you!

One caveat we have to mention about fetching products is some dogs are not naturally fetching dogs. If your dog does not like to play fetch, then this is probably not the best product for your dog. Also, if you are looking for a more automatic Dog Ball Thrower or Launcher so your dog can play fetch with themselves for hours, then these might be a better fit for you. For everyone else, read on!

ChuckIt Hand Held Ball Thrower

Chuckit! Classic Ball Launcher, Medium (25 Inch)
  • Tennis Ball Launcher: The Classic Launcher enhances fetch by upgrading throwing speed & distance to challenge dogs to run farther & faster.
  • Durable Ball Thrower: Launch muddy & slimy balls while keeping your hands clean.

ChuckIt makes several different dog fetch toys, from basic hand launchers to the more sophisticated fetch wheel. The ball launchers are simple and easy to use. Instead of tossing a ball with your hand, you grip the ball with the launcher, then fling it forward. It’s a little like having a cyborg arm, but not in a scary way! ChuckIt balls can travel up to 140 feet with this technique, which is a lot farther than the other throwers on this list. It’s a guaranteed way to wear out your pup in just minutes.

ChuckIt products are affordable, but actually, their biggest strength is that they are durable. ChuckIt has a reputation for producing quality products that stand up to a ton of wear and abuse from excited dogs. The launchers come in several different sizes, from mini versions to the biggest “Pro 26” model. Read our ChuckIt ball launcher review if you want to know more.

Hyper Pet K-9 Kannon Hand Held Ball Launcher

Hyper Pet K9 Kannon K2 Ball Launcher Dog Toys
  • Innovative ball launcher that allows for hands free ball pick up
  • High quality construction and extra ball storage so you take this to the dog park

The Hyper Pet K-9 Kannon Ball Launcher is a plastic gun that shoots tennis balls around 30 feet or so. Some users have complained that the range isn’t big enough and that it’s almost the same distance as heaving balls by hand, So, we recommend the Hyper Pet for folks who want to avoid tiring out their arms and prefer to simply squeeze a trigger instead.

As you might expect from a product that is sort of a compromise hybrid of the other types of ball throwers, the Hyper Pet Kannon Ball Launcher is priced between the iFetch and ChuckIt brands, which gives the Hyper Pet a nice value, in our estimation.

Hyper Pet Ball Launcher Interactive Dog Toy, 4 Tennis Balls

Hyper Pet Ball Launcher Interactive Dog Toy, 4 Tennis Balls
  • HIGH QUALITY: Built with high quality steel construction that is rust and chip resistant
  • HANDS FREE: Allows for hands free ball pick up making a game of fetch even easier

This dog ball launcher can shoot up to 200 ft (60.96 m). Dang, that’s far. It uses a slingshot style mechanism to launch the balls. This launcher can use standard size tennis balls which is a bonus. This dog ball launcher also boasts a mechanism that lets you can pick up the balls without touching the ball and your dog’s slobber! Um, yes please!

Sportime Stomp-N-Launch Ball Launcher

Sportime Stomp-N-Launch Ball Launchers - 5 x 9-1/2 inches
  • Air-activated launcher for propelling balls long distances
  • Requires no electricity or batteries for ease of use

This one is not an “automatic” ball launcher nor is it hand-held, but we’re including this in the list anyway. You have to do the work yourself, by inserting a ball into the slot, then stomping on the base with your foot, the ball then shoots out 15 feet or so.

While the Sportime is not specifically designed for dogs, pet owners report that it works just fine as a fetch toy. It’s also priced well below the other launchers, so if you need a budget launcher and you’re willing to pretend you’re in the Blue Man Group, this one might make sense for you.

Chew King Fetch Balls Dog Toy Launcher

Ball Launcher - 2.5" Balls, Ball Launcher - 3" Balls, Medley 3pk/2.75", Medley 3pk/3.25", Small Float and Glow Flyer, Large Float and Glow Flyer
  • Easy-to-use, adjustable launcher fits balls and toys up to 3" Diameter
  • Comfortable grip and variable throw settings - great for men, women, plus kids through grandparents!

This is an innovative dog toy that gives you the option to adjust it for a hard throw or a soft throw. It’s easy to use and will require less effort compared to throwing balls by hand. You can also use it to pick up balls from the ground, so you won’t have to touch slobbery balls. This set includes 5 durable 2.5” rubber balls, 1 glowing in the dark 2.5” fetch ball, 1 ball launcher.

Chuckit! Max Glow Pro Launchers

ChuckIt! Pro Max Glow Ball Launcher, Medium (25 Inch)
  • TENNIS BALL LAUNCHER: The Pro Launcher enhances fetch by upgrading throwing speed & distance to challenge dogs to run farther & faster.
  • DURABLE BALL THROWER: Launch muddy & slimy balls while keeping your hands clean.

The great Chuckit! ball launcher is similar to the other hand-held throwers but this one is what we recommend for those who like to play fetch when it gets dark. It includes one Chuckit! Max Glow Ball that also glows in the dark. And if you decide to play when the sun’s out, this ball launcher will work with standard size tennis balls.


We think the Chuck-It Launcher is the best product on this list. Chuck-It was the first to come up with this creative design, and they also have a long history making dog toys or all sorts. There is a reason why their toys are some of the hottest on the market. Hand-held dog ball throwers are very easy to use and after some practice, you can really throw the ball far!

Automatic Dog Ball Launchers

If you are looking for an automatic dog ball launcher that will let your dog play fetch by himself all day long, then you should check out our post on automatic dog ball launchers. There are automatic launchers for small to large dogs that work well outdoors and even indoors!

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