How to Teach a Dog to Fetch From

Have you ever wondered why your sweet, playful dog cannot fetch? Many dog owners struggle with this question. Ideally, many dogs chase almost anything naturally, from toys to the innocent birds trying to dig out worms in your back yard. But surprisingly, not all dogs get to fetch things inherently. To teach a dog to fetch, you have to shower it with a lot of motivation, encouragement, and love. Its actually, very simple! Some dogs have natural fetching instincts and will automatically run after and retrieve the item on your first attempt. Some will not move an inch and instead look at you wondering why you decided to throw the object while others may run after the object but not bring it back. Surprised? Have no fear! This article will help you teach your dog to fetch.

How To Teach a Dog To Fetch

When your dog learns to fetch, you get to spend quality time together as you both keep your bodies fit. Dog owners love playing with their pets. This article will take you through the process on how to teach your dog to fetch.

Step One

A tennis ball gets more recommendations as the best toy to use to teach fetch but there are many choices to choose from. Let the dog know every time it picks up the ball and brings it to you, they will get a favorite treat. Do the following:

  • Cut a small slit into the tennis ball or toy.
  • Insert the dog’s favorite treat in the ball’s hole.
  • Show it the ball and allow it to sniff it, and then reward it with a treat.
  • Grab it’s attention and proceed to step two.


Here are a few dog toy ideas to help you out:

Otis and Claude Bettie Fetch Toy Feisty Fuchsia (Pink) - Large 

Step Two

Drop and persuade your dog to pick the ball. Show it the ball many times as you get it to sniff it if necessary. Reward it with a treat and move to step three if he manages to pick it up.

Step Three

Toss the ball a few meters away. Go with it to pick the ball. Praise and reward it as many times as possible until he drops in for the ball. Smear peanut butter to the ball to get his attention. Then continue to step four.

Step Four

1. If he or she has the ball in his mouth and does not bring it back, toss it and shout “Fetch!”
2. If your dog doesn’t respond, repeat. Go with your dog to the ball, hand it over to it and praise it with a treat when they grab the ball.
3. Repeat this few more times until the dog can now go and fetch the ball. Call it back to you and give it a treat.

4. Each time after this, toss the ball further and jump giving it a treat every time it brings the ball back.
5. Continue praising your dog but avoid giving gifts.
The dog can now fetch! Proceed to step five.

Step Five

Move to other open avenues and enjoy playing fetch with your favorite pet. Introduce your dog to fetch different kinds of objects that differ in weight and size. Make the process as much fun as possible. Let your dog see your joy and appreciation as you play.

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Your dog will soon forget about the treats after realizing that nothing outshines playing fetch with his master. A dog that knows how to fetch hardly gets into trouble as the game makes them active and busy. Treats shouldn’t bother you if can’t afford, make your simple rewards from veggies and fruits.

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