3 videos and a Review of the iDogmate Midi Rechargeable Dog Fetch Machine

Every dog owner’s dream is to raise a happy, safe, healthy and physically active dog. This is close to impossible without the right dog-tools at your disposal. Fetch being one of the most popular dog games, there is no doubt that the dog ball launcher can come in handy. It is an uphill task finding the right one. To help you out, here is a detailed and objective review of one of the most popular automatic ball launchers in the current market, the iDogmate Midi Dog Ball Launcher

Product background

This is one of the 2 impressive products by iDogmate who creates state-of-the-art dog equipment. The iDogmate Midi rechargeable dog ball launcher automatic ball thrower is another impressive one that promises to ensure your dog has fun learning and playing automatic fetch both indoors and outdoors. This article looks at every aspect of this efficient ball launcher.

This dog fetch machine is versitile however there is a dog fetch machine that is designed specifically for small dogs. If you have a smaller dog at least under 33 lbs or 15 kgs, you might want to check out a dog ball launcher made specifically for small dogs by iDogmate. This machine is known as the iDogmate Mini. You can Read the iDogmate Mini product review here.

iDogMate Midi Dog Fetch Machine

Price and Product Details

You can get this device at around $199; it comes with an attractive branded box and like other iDogmate products. The packaging is not only aesthetically pleasing but also tough enough to protect all the contents against wear and tear. The components of this box include;

  • Midi Ball Launcher: (34cm*34cm*25cm)
  • Remote Controller
  • Easy to read and understand user Manual
  • Power Adapter & Cable
  • 3 Safe Balls: (Dimension: 2.5″)

Just like the iDogmate Mini Ball Launcher, the design is also extremely user friendly and convenient for both you and your dog. It is features bright green and white colors which are attractive and also has a large funnel of around 240mm which makes it easier for a dog to play fetch without the owner’s intervention. The two green handles at each side of this device make it easy and convenient to move around meaning you can easily play fetch both indoors and outside.

The power switch that helps to easily turn this device on and off is located on the back of the device together with the AC adapter port. Right next to the power switch is the on/off button in case you are using rechargeable lithium ion batteries. Although the 2 power buttons are confusing there is a simple way to distinguish them; the bottom switch will turn the power on from a wall outlet while the top switch turns the launcher on and off from the internal lithium batteries.

You can check out the price below:

How does it work?

Just like other iDogmate products the mode of operation is extremely simple to ensure the user does not have a hard time. Since it is automatic the process pretty much begins when you turn it on. The front launcher makes use two spinning wheels which begin slowly and gradually accelerate until they reach the intended speed; this is when the ball is dropped in. Once the ball comes into contact with the rotating wheels, the ball are thrown automatically.


Remote control

iDogmate automatic ball launchers are among the rare devices of this type that have this incredibly effective functionality. This remote not only helps to reset the device but also come in handy in adjusting distance settings and helping to turn the launcher on and off. This makes it more fun especially when your dog finally masters playing without your intervention. All you have to do is adjust the distance frequently to keep the dog’s mind alert.

Rechargeable lithium ion batteries

This is arguably the most impressive quality about this one-of-a-kind ball launcher. Unlike the relatively expensive C batteries that are inconvenient for consistent use, the rechargeable batteries can shoot up to 100 balls when fully charged. Enhanced with a battery protection management system that helps keep the battery in check you are guaranteed that you and your dog will have a fun time without any interruptions

Dimensions and Specifications

The wide variety of creative features in this automatic ball launcher makes it extremely convenient and fun for both you and your dog. While the dimensions are 34cmX34cmX25cm, the weight is an extremely portable 4.25 Kg. It is slightly larger than the iDogmate mini version and therefore uses relatively bigger tennis balls (2.5’’).

It can launch balls to a variety of distances thanks to its automatic nature. This means you have the freedom to play indoors and in large outside spaces such as the yard. The distance specifications include; 10ft, 20ft, 33ft and 50 ft complete with indicators.

It would certainly not be an automatic ball launcher without the ability to controlling distances! This ball launcher is particularly beneficial if you are either playing fetch outside or outdoors on a small yard. The distance can easily be adjusted as follows; 10ft, 20ft and 30ft. The 1.5″ that come with this device are of extremely high quality hence durable no matter how regularly you play fetch with our best friend’. Another amazing feature is the optional canvas bag that helps you carry the whole set (adapter, balls, the actual device); this will protect against dust and breakage due to falling on hard surface unprotected.

Play Time

Carry Bag


  • The iDogmate Midi automatic ball launcher is generally a reliable product that will last long thanks to the high quality of materials used to make it. Thanks to the distance variations given, you and your dog are not restricted; you can go from playing in the living to the yard without fearing that your house or property will be susceptible to damage. The large surface area of the funnel also makes it easy to teach your dog how to play funnel on its won without any interference from you; this way your dog learns being independent.
  • Thanks to the simple mode of operation, the system does not just claim to be automatic; it is indeed automatic and rarely breaks down. Once the ball is in position you will you only choose the speed and distance and the launching starts. This means the performance is efficient and reliable for a long period of time. Sound levels are on the low side causing minimum disturbance if you decide to use it indoors.


  • Some interesting notes about this product are it does not appear to be sturdy and gives a feel of appearing to be hollow and flimsy, however despite this it holds up well to abuse.
  • This is a relatively new dog fetch machine and has not yet built up a history of use in the long run.
  • The battery does not quite last as long as advertised and the power is less when using the battery as opposed to when it’s plugged into a power outlet.

Other Users Review and User Videos

It is well like on amazing with an outstandingly high rate of 5 out of 5 stars. This means most if not all the customers are impressed with this product. Customers report that they have an easy time using the product and that the dogs also love it and respond positively to it and this they quickly master playing fetch without any outside intervention. User videos that will help you become more acquainted with this device include;

Final Thoughts

iDogmate definitely hit the nail on the head when it comes to the iDogmate Midi automatic ball launcher. It is portable, has a simple and high functioning operating system and is also durable. The only complaint is that the size makes it harder for kids to move it around. It is definitely worth your money!

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