Do you have an active dog who also loves playing? Or perhaps you are just searching for a fun alternative to playing fetch and fostering an active lifestyle for your best friend. If so, you definitely need an automatic ball launcher. Apart from fitness, dog ball launchers also come in handy in enabling mind stimulation, training and independence in dogs. Oh, and let’s not forget the main selling point of these creative toys; they are incredibly fun!

The endless options to choose from make it harder to ascertain what product is safe and guarantees your dog a fun time. This article is a brief but nonetheless detailed and objective review of the iDogmate Mini Dog Fetch Machine. 3 Things make this dog ball launcher Unique when compared to other launchers, size, the rechargeable battery, and the price.

Who was This Product Designed For?

iDogmate is a new manufacturer of pet products. This is specifically manufactured for dogs not over 33 lbs or 15 Kgs. Interested in seeing how it stacks up to other automatic ball launchers such as the iFetch?

If your dog is larger than 11 lbs, you may be looking for a Dog Ball Launcher that is capable of throwing balls a fairly long distance with larger balls. The larger balls allow the dog to grip the balls and not choke on the smaller size this automatic dog ball launcher uses. iDogmate makes a larger dog ball launcher with a review found here. Also if you are interested in seeing reviews for dog ball launchers for larger dogs, you can check it out here!

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Is the Price Reasonable For What You Get?

At a relatively affordable price, this product comes in an iDogmate branded box instead of the same old traditional plain shipping box. Like all other iDogmate products the package is excellently designed and well concealed to ensure the product is well protected. Inside this box you should expect to find;

  • iDogmate ball launcher Remote control
  • 5 iDogmate tennis balls
  • AC power supply
  • 3 extra screws
  • A simple and easy to understand user manual

iDogmate Mini Dog Fetch Machine Items

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, the iDogmates design is also user friendly. The bright green and white color palette matched with the solid frame and sleek curves make this automatic ball launcher attractive to dogs. A little bit below the unit is a bright green ball chute that helps to funnel the ball into the machine in readiness for launch.

Additionally, the ball funnel area is wide (has a large surface area) which is extremely beneficial in playing automatic fetch. This is because when it comes to playing automatic fetch; the wider the surface area for a do to return the ball to, the easier it is for the dog to learn.

Two green handles are located on each side that are used to move the device. These come in handy in making the ball launcher portable making it easy to move outdoors and bring it back indoors for more play-time.

iDogmate Mini Dog Fetch Machine Controls

The power switch that helps to easily turn this device on and off is located on the back of the device together with the AC adapter port. Right next to the power switch is the on/off button in case you are using rechargeable lithium ion batteries. Although the 2 power buttons are confusing there is a simple way to distinguish them; the bottom switch will turn the power on from a wall outlet while the top switch turns the launcher on and off from the internal lithium batteries.

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How it works

The front launcher makes use of 2 spinning wheels which spin faster and faster until they reach the intended speed; this is when the ball is dropped in. Immediately the ball comes in contact with the rotating wheel, it is automatically launched.

The Coolest Feature!

This is one of the coolest and most fun parts of this device! The iDogmate Mini ball launcher comes with a mini remote control that helps adjust distance settings, helps reset the device and also helps turn the power on and off. Once you have trained your dog how to return the ball to the device, controlling this device using the remote is a convenient and easy way to change up the distance so that you can keep your dog’s mind alert and entertained.

Rechargeable batteries

This is amazingly an industry first! Most of the automatic ball launchers in the current market only use 6 C batteries which as you probably know are quite expensive especially when used frequently. The device uses fully rechargeable lithium ion batteries which according to the manufacturer can shoot a maximum of 1700 balls with just one single full charge!

A Small Package for Small Animals

This automatic ball launcher comes with a slew of exciting and creative features that will no doubt entertain your dog while also promoting physical fitness. Although the shipping weight is 3.4 pounds, it actually weighs 3.1 pounds or 1.4 kg and its dimensions are  7.5 x 7.5 x 7.1 in. or 19cm x 19cm x 18cm. Since this is a smaller version as compared to the iDogmate it only uses mini tennis balls (1.5″).

It would certainly not be an automatic ball launcher without the ability of controlling distances! This ball launcher is particularly beneficial if you are either playing fetch outside or outdoors on a small yard. The distance can easily be adjusted as follows; 10ft, 20ft and 30ft. The 1.5″ that come with these device are of extremely high quality hence durable no matter how regularly you play fetch with our best friend.

The Bottom Line

This user friendly automatic ball launcher is the perfect choice especially if your dog is a beginner and still learning how to play fetch. The well thought out design enables shooting balls to a high distance where your dog can actually catch if they are quick enough other than just running after a rolling ball which can be pretty boring.

The high quality of materials used to make this device also make it not only durable but also invulnerable to breaking; this means it can survive the occasional fall and still function optimally. When it comes to sound levels which many dog owners are concerned about, the iDog Mate ball launcher guarantees such users peace of mind. Essentially, it has a higher pitch whine as it winds up and prepare for launch. However, the sound level is manageable and causes very minimal disturbance even when playing automatic fetch indoors.

Other Users Reviews and User Videos

On Amazon, this product has fairly good reviews with most users deeming it great value for the price. Most customers praise for its durability and convenience even when used consistently. The color is bright enough to excite both kids and dogs, most only complain about the small size of the balls. On particular quality that users find impressive is that the rechargeable lithium batteries last for a long time. Here are some user videos that will come in handy;

Final Thoughts

Overall, most users are impressed by the high functionality, durability and user-friendliness of this automatic ball thrower. Aside from the design being 100% original with attractive and vibrant colors, the impressive features are plentiful. It is definitely worth trying out!