The iFetch for Big Dogs: Meet the ‘iFetch Too’ 2018

Meet the ‘iFetch Too,’ an automatic ball launcher from iFetch that is specifically designed for big dogs and uses regulation sized tennis balls.

ifetch too prototype

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Pet owners loved the iFetch, the ball thrower for dogs that tosses mini balls across the room for your pooch to chase down. But many folks have been wondering if there is an iFetch for big dogs, since the original device is more suited for small and medium-sized pets.

So is there an iFetch for big dogs? Yes there is, and it’s called the iFetch Too! In May 2015, iFetch responded to consumer demand and set up a Kickstarter to raise $50,000 for production of the bigger model. Fans came through by pledging over $112k, more than double the amount requested.

In the months leading up to its release, iFetch tested out prototypes with Border Collies, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, and Italian Mastiffs, with great success.

iFetch Too: Price, dimensions, and specifications

What’s different about the iFetch Too? A lot, starting with the dimensions. It’s 12.4 inches tall instead of 7.7, and it can shoot balls up to 40 feet, compares to the 30-foot max of the old model. As previously mentioned, it also fits bigger balls, up to 2.6 inches in diameter instead of 1.5.

The new dimensions mean that the iFetch Too can be reliably used as an outdoor toy or an indoor toy.

ifetch for big dogs

Another difference is that the iFetch Too uses a rechargeable battery rather than operating on battery or AC adapter power, as most automatic ball launchers do. It’s super-energy-efficient, because it shuts off except when a ball is dropped inside, allowing its battery to last a really long time.

That brings us to the issue of cost. The iFetch Too’s price tag is greater than the original iFetch, but that’s to be expected, of course. With a bigger model comes higher cost in terms of materials and design, not to mention research and promotion.

iFetch Too: YouTube videos and user reviews

If you want to see how it works, check out this YouTube video created for the Kickstarter campaign. The clip features comments from iFetch founders Denny and Grant, and engineers of the new product.

One engineer explains that because many big dogs slobber a lot, the product was designed with “ruggedized treads” on the launch wheels to allow the motor to grip the balls solidly no matter how much saliva from the mouths of excited dogs may be on the balls.

The video also features footage of big dogs playing with test models of the iFetch Too. It’s entertaining stuff. Check it out!

iFetch for big dogs: Summary

To summarize, the iFetch for big dogs is the iFetch Too, and it hit retailers in fall 2015. By all accounts, the iFetch Too was a great addition to the market that allows dogs of all sizes to enjoy the popular dog fetch toy.

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