iFetch releases the Frenzy, a new interactive pet toy

frenzy dog ball toy

. As its name implies, the Frenzy is designed to create a fun, chaotic fetch environment.

iFetch Frenzy Features and Details

The Frenzy is unique among fetch machines because it doesn’t require batteries or electric power of any kind. How in the world does the Frenzy work? The company website describes the device as “a gravity-driven twist on fetching fun!”

That means that you drop in the ball, and it falls into one of three interior slots, then slides out the bottom. There are three holes around the base of the machine, and it is basically random luck as to which slot the ball will come rolling out of.

The balls used for the Frenzy are smaller 1.5” diameter balls. They are not standard-size tennis balls, so be aware of that. A really cool feature with the Frenzy is that the three balls can be stored right underneath the machine, in the built-in ball slots. Convenient!

ifetch frenzy bottom balls

As with the basic iFetches, you can train your dog to drop the balls into the slot themselves, meaning that you will not have to constantly be engaged. They will be able to entertain themselves.

iFetch Frenzy User Reviews

How does the Frenzy compare to the original iFetch and the iFetch Too? It definitely does not shoot the balls as far as those machines. Since the Frenzy uses gravity, its balls do not have the power to propel 30 feet away like the bigger automatic dog ball launchers.

frenzy ball launcher

Users report that the Frenzy is best used indoors with smaller pets who like to chase balls for long periods of time. Hardwood floors provide more distance than carpeted floors. The best thing about the machine is that your pup will never know which hole the ball will come out of, keeping them guessing the whole time.

Our take, not having tested the product yet ourselves, is that we’re always happy to see a company like iFetch branching out and anticipating consumer demand with a new product. However, dog owners who want a ball thrower with more substantial shooting power may want to stick with the established iFetch Too (or the standard iFetch if the dog is small.)

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