iFetch Too: A Review of the New Tennis Ball Launcher for Dogs

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For many months, the iFetch delighted owners of small- to medium-sized dogs. The iFetch established itself as the top automatic dog ball launcher for dogs, and numerous pet owners posted iFetch videos online to demonstrate how much fun they were having.

In 2015, the iFetch Too hit the market, offering owners of medium- to large-sized dogs an opportunity to join in the fun as well. While the standard iFetch uses smaller balls, the iFetch Too is an actual tennis ball launcher. That makes it perfect for bigger dogs!

The iFetch Too immediately established itself as the best dog ball launcher on the market, and that remains the case two years later. It earns our highest recommendation.

This iFetch Too review is going to focus on what we saw while testing the device in a park with an excited tennis ball-chasing pooch. For information about the technical specifications and other basic information, see our earlier post on the iFetch Too.

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iFetch Too: Tennis Ball Launcher Motor and Ball Performance

My jackrat terrier loves the original iFetch, but for the larger iFetch Too model, I wanted to test it out with a bigger dog who likes fetching standard-sized tennis balls. Enter Carl, a 50-pound vizsla beagle mix who loves playing fetch in the park.

The iFetch Too comes with three blue balls that are the same size as regular tennis balls, but a little more heavy and dense. We also tested the device with regular tennis balls from a sporting goods store. Both worked just fine, and I didn’t notice a difference in terms of launching distance with either type of ball.

There are three distance settings on the iFetch Too. The shortest setting is appropriate for a small backyard or indoor use, while the two longer settings make more sense when you have more space available for fetching.

tennis ball launcher park

One thing that’s interesting is that the iFetch Too actually makes less noise than the smaller iFetch. The motor for the iFetch Too only kicks in when you’re using the most long-distance setting. For the two intermediate distance settings, the machine makes very little noise, which is a nice surprise.

The iFetch Too doesn’t require store batteries of any sort; instead, you charge the internal battery by plugging it into a wall outlet, and then you’ll have a fully charged machine ready to take out to the park.

tennis ball launcher return

iFetch Too Review: Playing in the Park

As soon as we popped the balls in the machine, Carl had a blast chasing them down. He quickly learned to drop the balls in the slot himself, so that he could play fetch on his own without any assistance from us. Most dogs may not learn how to do that so quickly, but that should be your ultimate goal as an iFetch Too owner. Once you teach your puppy how to retrieve and launch on his own, you can sit back and relax!

ifetch too ball drop

Carl is full of energy, so he continued to chase down balls for close to half an hour without tiring.

too ball shooter action chase

According to the specifications, the three distance settings launch the tennis balls 10, 25, and 40 feet. While we couldn’t quite get the balls to launch 40 feet in the park, that may be because the ground and the balls were slightly damp after a rain the previous day. We achieved ball launch distances of roughly 30 feet in these conditions.

dog tennis ball fetch

iFetch Too Review: Summary

Overall, we were very pleased with the performance of the iFetch Too and can definitely recommend it as a great tennis ball launcher for medium and big dogs. Larger pets need lots of exercise, so a device like this that shoots long distances is ideal. The iFetch Too is not cheap, but it’s durable and well-made and will pay for itself after many rounds of fetch.

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