Indestructible Dog Beds

indestructible dog bed

Every pet parent wants their beloved dog to be comfortable and that’s why we buy them big fluffy dog beds. A good dog bed can mean the difference between a lousy night’s sleep (or afternoon nap) and a good snore-fest. The problem is that your dog’s beautiful dog bed can turn into a pile of torn fabric and stuffing in no time at all. An indestructible dog bed might be something you should consider getting for your lovable pet.

Buy one Nice Bed or a bunch of Cheap Ones?

So, how many dog beds are you going to buy before you get one that lasts? Many dog owners who clearly love their dogs, but can’t really afford a new bed for them every week, have been asking that question.  What they all need is a genuine indestructible dog bed so that both dog and human pet parent can rest more easily.

Our Pup’s Personal Storyindestructible dog bed

When our Golden was just a pup, we bought him a beautiful dog bed with a soft velour cover and a little bolster for his head. He loved it and slept like a baby every time he laid his fuzzy little head down. And, being a baby, he had a pile of squeaky toys to keep him busy. He would drag them all out of his toy basket and pile them up in his bed and lay down and have the time of his life. He was so cute, licking and squeaking all of those toys until he fell asleep on top of the pile.

Outgrew His Toys

As our adorable pup grew, we kept buying him bigger beds so he’d continue to sleep comfortably and as would we, knowing that he was happily snoring on his dog bed every night. As he grew, however, instead of being satisfied to play with all of those dogs toys on his bed, he decided it would be more fun to “dig” in his bed. Yes, he acted like he was out in the backyard digging in the dirt, but he was actually tearing a hole in the middle of his beautiful, and rather expensive, dog bed. Once he realized that it would start coming apart when he dug, he started grabbing it in his mouth and shaking it until it completely came apart. After replacing several dog beds, we decided that it was time to start looking at indestructible dog beds.

Comparing Indestructible Dog Beds

indestructible dog bedWe personally researched and reviewed each product for the purpose of determining which one goes to the top as the very best in its field. We also compared each of them to other models currently on the market and compare all of their special features as well. Our in-depth analysis includes going through and analyzing as many of the online comments and reliable reviews about the products. That’s how we uncover the very best products before we recommend them to consumers like you.

Start Out With These Top of the Line Products

Now, mind you, a lot of brands say their beds are dog-proof but only a few of them really are. So, after a great deal of research and trying out a few of them, we came up with the top three indestructible dog beds for this review and they are :

  1. Big Barker Headrest Edition
  2. PetFusion Large Dog Bed w/ Solid 4-Inch Memory Foam
  3. Brutus-4-Inch-Petnapper

Extensive Testing

indestructible dog bedWe tested a number of top dog beds, including those that were advertised as “tough” or “indestructible” before coming to the conclusion that the Big Barker Headrest Edition is a superior product especially when it came to standing up to a destructive dog who loves chewing through dog beds. And you can believe us when we say that we really gave all three indestructible dog beds a thorough going over and then let our team’s dogs have a go at them.

They shook them, dug at them, chewed on them, and then they played tug-of-war with them. They were having so much fun that we couldn’t stop laughing but then we had to get down to the serious business of seeing if any had survived. That’s how we chose the three indestructible dog beds mentioned above.

Who This Product is Good For

This is the perfect indestructible dog bed for pet parents who want the best in comfort for their dog. It’s also for those who don’t want to have to be replacing their dog’s bed all the time because it’s not only expensive but inconvenient. This dog bed is sturdy, large, and especially comfortable, which is what it’s all about. Right? Dog beds that last but lack basic comfort are worthless because your dog won’t be happy. We all want our dogs to be happy and a good long-lasting dog bed can do just that. The Big Barker Headrest Edition is plenty roomy and the headrest or bolster keeps your dog’s head elevated and comfortable.


The Top Indestructible Dog Bed

The Big Barker Headrest Edition

Making a dog bed really indestructible means tougher fabric, stronger stitching, and a good understanding of dogs and their habits. Although the Brutus-4-Inch-Petnapper does have strong fabric and good construction, and the PetFusion Large Dog Bed does offer excellent solid four-inch memory foam, we could easily see why the Big Barker Headrest Edition was getting such excellent reviews in online stores and appears to be so popular.

Big and Comfortable

We love it and dogs clearly love it, too. The headrest is so comfortable and the indestructible dog bed is nice and big enough for all sized dogs. After all, a small dog can easily sleep comfortably on a large bed but a large dog will be extremely uncomfortable when his bed is too small. No problem here, as the Big Barker Headrest Edition is plenty roomy for even the biggest dog.

Item Construction

How an indestructible dog bed is made is a very important factor. It definitely can’t be indestructible if it’s made from thin inferior fabric without some super-strong stitching. That’s what the Big Barker offers and the proof is in the thousands of positive reviews that this dog bed has received from pet owners everywhere. 50,000 pet parents can’t be wrong!

This virtually indestructible dog bed contains only products made in the USA, including high-quality therapeutic foam with a cover made of soft-to-the-touch 100 percent microfiber.

Available Features

This indestructible dog bed is made in the USA and designed especially for big dogs. That’s why it’s available in Large, XL, and Giant XXL sizes. The foam retains 90 percent of its original loft and shape. It won’t ever get all flattened out and all of these dog beds are handmade by craftsmen/craftswomen in the Big Barker California workshop where they’ve been manufacturing beautiful artisan furniture for more than 30 years. Apart from its giant size offerings and soft microfiber cover, other amazing pup-friendly features include:

  • A ten-year money back guarantee,
  • A 100 percent machine washable cover,
  • A 100 percent machine washable bolster,
  • More comfort per square inch than other orthopedic dog beds.

What People are Saying

One pet parent gave the Big Barker Headrest Edition 5 out of 5 stars because he says that it is a great bed for large dogs. He bought the large (38×26″) size in slate gray and stated that he has an 80 pound Lab mix and he absolutely loves his new bed. He further stated that, as soon as he put the foam cushion in the bed and put it on the floor, his dog trotted right over to it and laid down. Another pet parent said that his dog’s previous bed was an indoor-outdoor hammock bed that was supposed to be good for older dogs but his dog wouldn’t go anywhere near it.

Pro Icon Pros:

  • Both soft and sturdy at the same time.
  • Great memory foam
  • Dogs feel confident when walking on it.
  • The memory foam is nice and thick.
  • It’s washable and, with an old slobbering pup, the bed needs frequent washing.

Con IconCons:

  • No small dog versions

Using the Big Barker Headrest Edition

Using your Big Barker dog bed is pretty simple. There are no moving parts or anything to assemble. All you have to do is take it out of the box and give it a good shake. Be sure to shake or brush off any packing materials that could be remaining on the soft plush microfiber cover. Then, don’t forget to plump up the filling just like you would a throw pillow before putting it on your couch or bed.

Once you’ve gotten his bed plumped up, pick a spot in your home where he’ll really be comfortable. Perhaps it’s in front of the fireplace or right in front of the big screen TV.  On the other hand, maybe you have a really large kitchen and he likes to sleep right in the middle of it or under the kitchen table. Wherever it is, make sure that there’s plenty of room for his extra large indestructible Big Barker bed so he can lounge around and sleep in comfort.  

Replacement Parts for the Big Barker Dog Bed with Headrest

You can purchase extra parts for your Big Barker Dog Bed, such as a Waterproof Liner:

and a Replacement Cover:

Please note that even the replacement parts for this indestructible dog bed got very high ratings and great reviews. That’s how popular and sturdy this bed is!

Top 2 Competitors

Item 1: Super Comfort Bolster Dog Bed

Item 1: Super Comfort Bolster Dog Bed

This is a waterproof memory foam dog bed that has a durable canvas cover plus foam bolsters and extra plush fleece. It’s five inches thick and washable and manufactured by Better World Pets. The entire mattress is made up of solid memory foam and the bolsters are filled with shredded memory foam to provide extra-cushiony comfort and support. The tough canvas cover, as well as the thick fleece pad, are ultra-durable and the inner lining offers good protection for both the mattress and the bolsters so that urine and water won’t seep through. This is a dog bed that’s built to last. Besides being waterproof, it also carries a one-year warranty but the Big Barker has a ten-year warranty.

Item 2: Aolvo Indestructible Dog Bed

This was the one bed that we found that actually used the word “indestructible”. It’s also described as an indestructible dog bed for crate and as being warm, washable. It has a bolster, too. This pet bed/mat is manufactured using fleece and high-quality PP cotton.  It’s both thick and comfortable and capable of keeping your dog warm for a long period of time. It also won’t let dust or pet hair stick to it, won’t fade, and is considered to be soft, cozy, and warm. It’s well-suited for dogs even in autumn and winter. This dog bed is easy-to-clean and can be hand or machine washed. The raised edge on this dog bed gives your dog good support for his head and neck and the soft pad provides muscle and joint pain relief. It’s affordable and ideal for homes, carriers, crates, kennels, and vehicles. It comes in three sizes:

  • Small: 45 x 35cm/17.71 x 13.77 inch
  • Medium: 54 x 43cm/21.25 x 16.92 inch
  • Large: 70 x 52cm/27.55 x 20.47 inch

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it large enough for a 70-pound Golden Retriever?

A: Yes, I have a Basset Hound who’s pushing 70-pounds and it’s fine. Pretty large bed!


Q: Are the “arms” machine washable? In the past, I’ve had dog beds that everything was washable except that and that was a pain.

A: Yes, the cushion can be taken out and you can wash the cover. It’s also not hard to put back together.


Q: I have a 70-pound Goldendoodle who likes to stretch out. What are the inside measurements? I’m not sure it would be big enough.

A: My 65-pound girl can stretch out comfortably, however her head’ s on the bolster and one foot is usually hanging over the side.