7 Large Dog Halloween Costumes For 2021

As the owner of a large dog, you’ve probably already seen how many toy-poodle and small dog costumes are available for purchase. If you are searching for large dog Halloween costumes, you’ll be surprised at the variety available for your L, XL, and even XXL dogs. Large dog costumes come in a variety of forms, shapes, and the variety of dog costumes for large dogs available today, truly competes with the selection available for smaller breeds.

Ideas For Large Dog Halloween Costumes

Whether searching for funny large dog costumes to go as a matching pair with your pooch, a themed outfit, or anything in between there are dozens of great pet costumes for large dogs available online. When it comes to Halloween, you want to find the perfect costume for your four-legged, furry friend. These are some of the best available options you can find online, for a reasonable price, for even the largest breed dog you own. Consider a few of these fun options with the Halloween festivities.

Large Dog Dragon Costume

For owners thinking of Halloween costumes for large black dogs, why not counter the color of their fur with a fun, dragon-themed outfit this Halloween? Online you can find a variety of x large dog Halloween costumes, for your Great Dane, Lab, Rotweiller, or other large mixed-breeds you have at home. With sizing up to 7-XL, even the largest breed dog will stand out with these fun costume ideas for large dogs.


The button-closure design allows for easy access to put on and take off your dog after use. It features buttons down the chest area, so it won’t rub or irritate your dog if the costume is worn for extended periods. The sweatshirt design features a hood, so your dog will look ferocious with their dragon-spikes running down their back. The soft cotton-based material keeps them warm and comfortable, even during colder weather months. Four arm-holes easily allow you to put the costume on, and take it off after use, without hurting your dog. Clean up is simplified as well, as you can simply toss the cotton, button-down sweater, in the washer after use.

Large Dog Pirate Costume

For the costume that will surely stand out, you can’t go wrong with a pirate themed outfit. And, it is the perfect choice for the matching pet/owner competition you plan on entering with your four-legged friend this Halloween.

Rubie's Pet Costume, Large, Pirate Boy
  • Pirate jacket for dog and hat with attached striped bandana
  • Search for Rubie's coordinating people costumes, in women's, men's, children and infant sizes for all your group costume needs


With up to XXXL sizing, this costume fits dogs with a chest of up to 28” in size, the pirate jacket has a front, snap button closure for easy put on, removal after use access. It also comes with the matching pirate hat, and built in bandana, so your dog is truly going to look the part wearing this limited edition costume this year. The pirate jacket also has an ornate, flowing design towards the tail-end, which really gives the costume a distinct look you won’t find elsewhere.

Large Dog Reindeer Costume

If you like funny, unique, and something that will stand apart at any Halloween costume party, a reindeer costume is the ideal choice for your dog this year. Especially for a very-large breed, anyone is going to spot them from a mile away with the antlers and the red nose (if you go with Rudolph of course).
Rubie's Reindeer Hoodie, Large, Multicolor
  • Pet hoodie sweater features reindeer antlers and Rudolph face
  • IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ recent reviews and Q&A's before purchase to determine the best size for your pet; NOT ALL COSTUMES WILL FIT ALL PETS or breeds without adjustment


This hoodie style reindeer costume is going to keep your furry friend warm, and is also going to let them perfectly fit the part with the hooded top. The hood features the antlers, while the hoodie has a reindeer body design to match. This dog reindeer costume large easily fits over their body, and will only cover up to their chest, giving your dog freedom of mobility with their legs and paws. It is also a soft cotton fabric, so it is not going to brush, or irritate their skin. The soft antlers are also bendable, so your dog can easily move his or her head around without stress.


The following chart will help you size your dogs costume:
Rubie's Reindeer Hoodie, Large, Multicolor
  • Pet hoodie sweater features reindeer antlers and Rudolph face
  • IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ recent reviews and Q&A's before purchase to determine the best size for your pet; NOT ALL COSTUMES WILL FIT ALL PETS or breeds without adjustment

Large Dog Lion Costume

If you want your dog to be the king of the jungle, or king of the Halloween party this year, you’ve found the perfect fit for your large dog. This is perfect for a large dog, who has a lighter fur color, such as a Lab. With the large flowing mane, and the small ears popping out of the top, your dog is going to look ferocious, cute, a little silly, and will have a loud roar to back up that costume he or she is wearing this Halloween.


Made of faux fur and polyester, the mane is extremely easy to care for. You can simply spray it with a fabric softener after use, so it will not get smelly when you store it away. The soft wig features an adjustable size, so you can fit it for dogs up to 80 cm head/neck widths. Even very large dog breeds will feel comfortable when they have this flowing, soft, fur wig on, even if it is worn for several hours at a time during a Halloween or costume party you are going to attend. The classic design is custom made, so it mimics the flow and direction of a lion’s mane.
A true must have for lovers of the Lion King, animal lovers, or those who are simply looking for a classic dog costume that is never going to go out of style, something easy, and something which will be the talk of any party you attend.

Large Dog Pokemon Costume

Whether you loved the series, want to dress as a matching team, or simply want a funny costume for your dog, a large Pokemon costume for your dog is one which is going to stand out during the holiday festivities. Whether you plan on taking them to a local Halloween costume, you are the host to the party, or you are going to take your dog trick or treating with the kids, their costume is going to be the talk of the evening, no matter where you make your stops during the evening.
Rubie's Pikachu Pet Hoodie, X-Large
  • Pikachu pet costume
  • Review Rubie's pet size chart before making selection


The large Pikachu costume is a hooded sweatshirt design. Made of a soft fabric material, the yellow truly pops out. So, if you want to find a great Halloween costume for large black dogs, this is one which is highly visible. And, the black stripes throughout Pikachu’s body, will go well with your dog’s black fur.
It features a hoodie design. So, you can either go with the ears up, or you can leave the hoodie down, for a simple and classic look. The hood also features Pikachu’s face, so any fan of the show series, is instantly going to know who the character is. As a matter of fact, even those who never saw the show, are bound to know who your dog is dressed up as.
You can easily match your costume up and go as Ash, or any other of the series regulars. If you are looking for something fun, bold, and a costume that probably isn’t going to be seen at every Halloween party you go to this year, this is it. It is simple, classic, and a truly beloved character, by kids, and adults who were kids when the show originally came out. This costume is officially licensed by Amazon, so you know you are getting the real deal, and are not going to get some knock off character when you order through the site.

Large Dog Panda Costume

Who doesn’t like pandas? It is a cute animal, it is one which is easy to spot, and it is a costume that your large dog is truly going to fit the part wearing, if you are looking for something that is distinct, and won’t be seen throughout local neighborhoods, when you go out trick or treating with your dog and kids this year.
Zunea Padded Large Dog Winter Coat Waterproof,Medium Dog Jacket with Hood Warm Windproof Dog Panda Costume Halloween Dog Parka Dog Trench Dog Windbreaker Clothes Apparel 5XL
  • Size 5XL: Neck Girth:16.5-19inch; Chest Girth:28-30.5inch; Back Length:22.5-25inch; for weight 44-60.5 pounds
  • Available for Medium or Large Dogs 4 sizes optional


This great sweatshirt design is perfect for even the largest of breeds, as it features sizing from small, all the way through 5-XL. So, even your Rottweiler or XXL pooch is going to comfortably fit into the hoodie, whether it is zipped up, or open on the chest area when being worn.
The hoodie opens and closes on the chest, with a button-down design. There is no risk of irritating, or zipping up your dogs fur. It is soft, and a very comfortable feel for even the largest of dogs. The hood features the classic panda face, the black ears, and the black head design. A panda face, with black eyes and ears is cute, and will look great with the hood worn over your dog’s head.
A full white body will cascade over your dog’s back when the hoodie is worn. So, they are going to look like an actual panda bear walking from behind. The perfect look for Halloween. Whether you are going for fun, quirky, cute, or simply wish to find the costume which will not be duplicated, and is not going to be seen on similar large dog breeds like your furry friend, you have found the perfect option when dressing up your dog this year.

Large Dog Lobster Costume

This hooded design sweatshirt features cute lobster paws which will dangle out in front of your dog’s body when the sweater is worn. It has a hoodie design, and the lobster antennae are atop the hood, when it is worn over your dog’s head. The body features a front closure at the chest, so it will not pull or snag at your dog’s fur, and it is not going to irritate their body, as the costume is made of a soft cotton fabric material base.
Casual Canine Lobster Paws Dog Costume, Large (fits lengths up to 20"), Red-Orange
  • Dressing the dog for photo opportunities and parties in this hilarious and charming lobster paws dog costume
  • Costume is made of soft, durable, high-quality fabrics with closures for easy fastening and a secure fit


Atop the hood there is also a set of eyes, which give the costume a unique look, and appear as if your dog is looking over others when walking around the Halloween party you attend. With a size of up to XXL, which fits bodies up to 30” in length, even extremely large dog breeds can easily fit into this costume. And, if you happen to have a smaller breed at home, you can set them up in matching costumes, as this lobster themed costume, also comes in smaller sizes for poodles and other small breeds of dogs.
The bright red color is one which will stand out from a distance. Not only is your dog bound to have the most distinct and unique costume, they are also going to look extremely cute. And, the costume is great for large black dogs, yellow dogs, or any other color fur your dog has, it will stand out in a bold manner when worn at any costume.

Caring For Costumes

These costumes are not only unique in their own right, but are also easy to care for after use. Most costumes are made of fabric and polyester blend. You can easily wash them with a mild soap solution, or simply spray a fabric softener (or something like Febreze Air Freshener, Extra Strength Fabric Refresher Air Freshener, 16.9-Ounce ) after use, to eliminate odors prior to storing it away for future uses.


Apart from the lion mane, the remainder costumes are made of a soft, cotton, fabric based material. Not only are these extremely easy to clean in the washer, they are going to be very comfortable for your dog to wear for extended periods of time. You can toss the sweaters in the machine after use, with the rest of your dog’s toys, clothing, and accessories. Washing with a mild soap will ensure the costumes come out looking great, and smelling fresh, allowing you to easily store them away for future parties or festivities you plan on taking your dog to this year, or in coming years.
As a pet owner, Halloween is one of the times that you have a good excuse to dress up your dog. If you are attending a Halloween costume, and want to go as a matching set, any of these costumes will allow you to do so, as a pet and owner team. Or, if you simply want a costume that will stand apart, and won’t be duplicated when you take your dog out trick or treating this year, any of these costumes are a great way to dress them up, and have them looking their best walking down your neighborhood’s streets.

Looking For Other Ideas?

There are many different dog Halloween costume ideas on the market. It’s amazing how many creative choices are available for your dog. If you are having trouble finding a good dog costume for this upcoming Halloween try reading this post “Dog Halloween Costume Ideas” This post will help inspire you to find the best costume for your dog this Halloween!

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