5 Best Orijen Dog Food Reviews [Updated] 2019

In case you’re not familiar with the brand, here’s some background info about Orijen. It’s a select brand of cat and dog food that’s manufactured by Champion Petfoods in both Kentucky and Alberta, Canada. Champion was founded by Reinhard Muhlenfeld in 1985 and Orijen is currently sold worldwide in 70 countries. Orijen offers seven premium dog food varieties:

  • Puppy
  • Puppy- Large
  • Adult Dog (aka Original)
  • 6 Fish- Dog
  • Regional Red- Dog
  • Tundra
  • Senior Dog

In addition, the company makes three Freeze-Dried Food varieties and 13 Freeze-Dried treat varieties. Five of them are made for cats and eight for dogs.

Where does the Orijen Name Come From?

The Orijen name comes from the Latin word “origin”, which means beginning or source. The company’s custom-built kitchens’ (Dogstar Kitchens) unmatched and exceptionally fresh locally sourced ingredients and unique pet foods are its trademarks. All of those features have gained a global reputation for Orijen in the area of innovation. And, they’ve also earned the company a number of prestigious awards in the pet food industry. In fact, Orijen has garnered more major awards than any pet food manufacturer worldwide.

What is Orijen’s Commitment?

Orijen’s Dog Star Kitchens are fully committed to producing the best dog foods in the world in the best kitchens in the world. In fact, Orijen is ensuring the rapid advancement of their award-winning dog foods. They’re doing that by adding more fresh meat than any other dog food anywhere in the world. The dog star is not just the brightest star in our night sky. It’s also the symbol of the “heavenly wolf” in ancient cultures. It represents an inspirational beacon and a steadfast purpose. It is a true reflection of Orijen’s commitment to dog-lovers everywhere. And, it’s that commitment that makes it so good for your dog.

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Why You Should Opt for the Best- Orijen Dog Food

All Orijen dog foods contain five principles that are Biologically Appropriate™ for dogs, which are:

1. A variety of fresh meats
2. Fresh fruits and vegetables
3. Wholeprey™ meat ratios
4. Always rich in meat protein
5. Unrivaled fresh meat inclusion


Orijen Dog Food gives dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes a biologically appropriate™ diet for better long-term health. All of their dog foods are made based on a special Orijen nutritional philosophy. The company firmly believes that dogs should be nourished in accordance with their evolutionary adaption. This means that they thrive on a healthy diet that contains only the freshest and most varied meat ingredients.

High-Quality Ingredients


That’s exactly why Orijen dog foods are jam-packed with premium sources of high-quality animal protein. Not only that but they also contain low-glycemic carbohydrates that are always kept to a bare minimum. In addition, they contain nutritionally-balanced fatty acids plus vitamins and minerals that are naturally sourced for your dog’s complete nourishment, After all, that’s what nature intended for your dog and that’s what you get from Orijen Dog Food. Orijen is a brand that knows how much you love your dog and want the best for him or her.

Top Orijen Dog Foods

1. Orijen Original (Formerly Adult) Dry Dog Food

Orijen Original Dry Dog Food is grain-free and made with single-source protein and limited ingredients. It’s a deliciously natural way of keeping your dog happy, strong, and healthy. Always free of any rendered- poultry meals, a third of the meats come from dehydrated turkey and chicken. They are air-dried at very low temperatures, creating a concentrated protein source that is highly nourishing.

Unrivaled by any other dog foods, the remaining 2/3 are 100 percent fresh and refrigerated with no preservatives. That 2/3 also includes raw protein sources that have been flash-frozen and also contain no preservatives. These include the top ten among high-quality premium meat ingredients. Like all of the other Orijen dog foods, this dry dog food is available in four convenient sizes. They include a 12-ounce size, as well as a 4.5 pound, 13-pound and 25-pound size.


  • No preservatives
  • Limited ingredients
  • Grain-free


  • No wet food available

Orijen Original Ingredients

Orijen Original (Formerly Adult) Dry Dog Food

Orijen Original contains 38 percent protein for enriched nourishment. It also contains 20 percent carbohydrates for nourishment during all stages of your dog’s life, as well as healthy fat. This dry dog food contains 85 percent poultry, fish, and eggs, as well as 15 percent fruits and vegetables. It does not contain any potatoes, grains, or plant proteins. All ingredients are sustainably farmed and fresh. In fact, they are rated for human consumption.

Those ingredients include free-run turkey and chicken, as well as wild-caught fish plus eggs that are only nest-laid. That means that none of the fish comes from fish-farms. Also, the eggs aren’t laid in inhumane battery cages like so many eggs are. They really are “À l’ancienne”, which means “old-fashioned style” in French. In English, it simply means that they’re nest-laid.

The fresh meat inclusions in all Orijen dog foods are very high and the carbs are not. The largest nutritional components of fresh meat happen to be protein and fat. So, using plenty of fresh meat in their foods means that Orijen has the ability to minimize how much added fat is on their ingredient list. Orijen Original breaks down like this:

Metabolizable energy =3940 kcal/kg (449 kcal per 8oz. cup)

2. Orijen Puppy Formula

This Orijen dry food is formulated especially for puppies. They need a diet that’s rich in fats and proteins that come from a wide range of fresh whole meats. That’s very important for your pup because it helps him grow by fully supporting his accelerated growth and proper development. It’s made of 38 percent nourishing protein and 16 percent carbohydrates. This is the optimum ratio for nourishing your small to medium breed pup according to his biological and evolutionary needs.

No Synthetic Sources

The fresh fish, meat, and poultry in this puppy food provide a natural and very rich source of glucosamine and chondroitin. Therefore, absolutely no synthetic sources have been added. Every puppy is a little four-legged individual whose feeding requirements will change according to his age, environment, and activity level. That’s why weight monitoring and portion adjustment is so important. And, feeding him Orijen Puppy Formula twice a day is the best practice as well.


  • Gives your puppy every nutrient he needs
  • Formulated especially for puppies
  • Loved even by fussy puppies


  • No wet food products available for puppies
  • Puppy farts

Orijen Puppy Formula Ingredients

Orijen Puppy Formula

One-third of the meats in this healthy puppy food consists of dehydrated forms of turkey and chicken. The remaining two-thirds are fresh or raw. They are both preservative-free. In addition, it contains fresh meat ratios that are called Nutrient-dense WholePrey™. This means that they contain fresh whole eggs and fish plus cartilage and organs. That’s what makes this food more like what your puppy’s ancestors ate in the wild way back when. Orijen Puppy Formula breaks down like this:

Metabolizable energy =3940 kcal/kg (449 kcal per 8oz. cup)

3. Orijen 6 Fish for Dogs

Fish is extremely rich in protein. Dog food that contains fish offers high levels of omega-3 fatty acids. That’s why many dog owners prefer food that contains fish. The nutrients in fish can be the key to your dog’s overall good health, especially the health of his skin.

Should you consider Fish?

There are numerous advantages to feeding a fish-based food like Orijen 6 Fish for Dogs to your dog. There are so many choices when it comes to what you feed your dog. They range from turkey and gravy to beef with barley and everything in-between. Could a dog food that is fish-based be the optimum choice for your four-legged best friend? Possibly.

In addition to protein and omega-3 fatty acids, fish provides a high amount of amino acids for long healthy lives. Dogs who don’t get enough amino acids in their diets often end up having a wide range of health problems. Those can include issues with their skin and coats, as well as impaired immune systems.


  • No preservatives
  • Limited ingredients
  • Grain-free


  • No wet food available
  • Smells a bit fishy

Orijen 6 Fish for Dogs Ingredients

Orijen 6 Fish for Dogs

This dry dog food offers a diverse combination of fresh wild-caught (never farmed) fish for your dog’s health. They come from the cold Atlantic waters of New England and include flounder, herring, mackerel, monkfish, and silver hake. Together, all of the six fish ingredients deliver a healthy 20 percent carb content and 38 percent rich protein. Orijen 6 Fish breaks down like this:

Metabolizable energy =3940 kcal/kg (449 kcal per 8oz. cup)

4. Orijen Senior Dry Dog Food

Senior dogs need a diet that promotes lean muscle mass. This means that their food should be rich in protein for optimum health. Orijen senior-specific food contains a full 38 percent nourishing protein. This satisfies both your dog’s biological and evolutionary needs. To Orijen, that mean no rendered poultry meals, only meats like dehydrated turkey and chicken that have been air-dried at low temperatures. This provides a highly concentrated protein source that gives your senior dog plenty of nourishing protein.


  • No preservatives or grains
  • Limited ingredients for better health
  • Formulated especially for senior dogs


  • No wet food available and older dogs sometimes prefer wet food

Orijen Senior Dry Food Ingredients

Orijen Senior Dry Dog Food

This product is made from 85 percent premium nourishing meat ingredients that are Biologically Appropriate™ for senior dogs. And, this senior dog food is also moderate in animal fats. They’re essential for optimum health and Orijen Senior contains only naturally occurring fats that are never rendered. Instead, they come from fresh eggs, fish, and poultry. The fresh saltwater fish in Orijen Senior provides a natural source of the omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA. They are essential for supporting your dog’s nervous system and immune system. The fresh fish, poultry, and meats in Orijen Senior also provide a completely natural and very rich source of both glucosamine and chondroitin. No synthetic sources or supplements are ever added. Orijen Senior breaks down like this:

Metabolizable energy =3940 kcal/kg (449 kcal per 8oz. cup)

5. Orijen Fit & Trim Dry Dog Food

When your dog’s body is unable to absorb sugar from his blood and has low insulin levels, it can result in increased appetite. Senior dogs, as well as dogs with a body weight bordering on obesity, can be prone to developing diabetes. And, just like in humans, it can also be genetic in dogs. This and many other weight-related issues mean that it’s up to you to help your dog lose weight and get healthier.

This Food Works for Many Breeds

From Dachshunds to Beagles, Labrador Retrievers, and Saint Bernards, many breeds from small to giant have a propensity for weight gain. And, let’s face it, your dog can’t possibly go on a low-cal diet by himself. So, choosing a healthy dog food to help reduce his overall weight is key. A diet that is protein-rich supports lean muscle mass and helps inactive dogs to maintain a healthy weight. Just like us, our dogs can gain a little weight over time and it’s critical that we get it back into the healthy range.


  • No preservatives or grain
  • Limited ingredients
  • Lower calorie content


  • No wet food available

Orijen Fit and Trim Dry Food Ingredients

Orijen Fit and Trim Dry Dog Food

Contents include fresh meats, cartilage, and organs, as well as fresh whole eggs and fresh whole fish. All of these contents give your dog an all-natural source of every single nutrient that he or she really needs. Then the food is infused with tasty liver that has been gently freeze-dried for enhancing the flavor. This added palatability naturally makes Orijen Fit & Trim delicious as well as low in calories. In fact, it’s sure to please even your fussy dog. Orijen Fit & Trim breaks down like this:

Orijen Food Buyers Guide

Why Choose Orijen?

  1. The company takes product freshness very seriously. All of their pet foods are grain-free and meat-based using a myriad of named meats. Those meats make up Orijen dog foods’ main animal protein sources, which have earned them five stars.
  2. Orijen never sources any ingredients in their pet foods from foreign countries, like China. Actually, many other companies do and, in the past, that practice has cost many pets their lives.
  3. The company maintains operational control and ownership over every one of their manufacturing facilities.
  4. Orijen also touts their “whole prey” processing. This means a combination of nourishing meat, cartilage, bone marrow, and organs in authentic ratios. These ratios effectively imitate the natural diet of wild dogs.
  5. The words “biologically appropriate” can be seen on the Orijen packaging. What that means is that five key principles have been met, including:
  • Protein rich
  • Meat diversity
  • Freshness
  • Contains fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Glycemic load reduced

Award-Winning Brand

So, the logical conclusion has to be that Orijen dog food products are meat rich and low-carb. They’re also manufactured to extremely stringent quality and safety standards. Add to that the fact that they’re made with the freshest possible regional ingredients that are available and you get some pretty healthy food for your dog. And, the brand has won some pretty impressive awards, including:

  1. First place in Reviews.com’s “Top 10 Dog Food Brands” for everything from customer satisfaction to excellence of ingredients, sources, brand history, and guaranteed analysis.
  2. First place in the Top Dog awards at Spot Magazine
  3. 2017 “Top Dog Award” for the best food by popular vote
  4. For the years 2000-2009 “Pet Food of the Decade”
  5. Rate It All Consumer Reviews “Pet Food of the Decade” (Largest U.S. consumer review website)
  6. 2015-16 “Outstanding Excellence in Canine Pet Food” from Glycemic Research Institute, Pet Foods Division (USA, Canada, UK) (GRI)
  7. 2009-2012 “Pet Food of the Year” (GRI)

Orijen Dog Food Ingredients-Good or Bad?

Orijen’s parent company, Champion Petfoods, takes pride in the fact that they use only the freshest ingredients. In addition, they have the toughest quality and safety standards for their pet food manufacturing process. Every single ingredient is previously tested before being used in the food. And, the company’s quality assurance systems extend all the way to their suppliers. Orijen always sources all ingredients locally and regionally. Their fresh meats are also making the transition from farm-to-kitchen in only three days. After that, Orijen turns those ingredients into their award-winning pet food in only two days.

Where is this Food Made?

The packaging of Orijen pet food all says either ‘’Made in our Kentucky kitchens’’ or “Made in our Canadian kitchens’’. This means that you know exactly where your pet’s food came from. Overall, Orijen has an all-inclusive definition of what fresh really is. Their description of freshness means never frozen and no preservatives. This is a significant point since the preservatives in some pet food have been known for messing up digestive systems. And, that goes for both dogs and humans as well.

Fresh Ingredients Include All Ingredients

In addition, their description of fresh isn’t applied just to the meat ingredients. It also refers to the wide range of fresh botanicals, fruits, and vegetables that are used in their pet food. And, their fish, eggs, red meat, and poultry are also of exceptional quality. In fact, that ingredient quality level is so high that they have received a special honor. Orijen pet foods are labeled as fit for human consumption by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. You can’t get much better than that!

What People are Saying

In business, you’re really only as good as your customers say you are. So, what are people saying about Orijen Dog Food?

One consumer said that she been looking for a natural, grain-free dog food with limited ingredients. She said that she had read many weeks worth of reviews and had found that the same name would keep popping up in the top three. It was Orijen. So, she bought a bag for trying it out on her pets. Both of her dogs ate it immediately and one is normally a picky eater. After a month, her dogs were still loving their Orijen Dog Food and she finally has a great balanced food for them. She now says that it’s the only food she’ll ever buy.

Same Price, Free Delivery

Another consumer said that her dog absolutely loves Orijen Dog Food. She also said that it’s the same price as what she used to get from her local upscale pet store only with free delivery. And, she raved about how her dog gets so excited about his food just like it was a giant pile of bacon. She called it a win-win because she’s so happy with the food’s high-quality ingredients.

One consumer stated that she found that Orijen Dog Food was highly recommended by professionals and she’s confident that she’s giving her dog healthy food. Yet another said that his dog was healthy as a horse after eating Orijen. And, the one thing that all pet parents have been saying is “Thanks Orijen!”

Where to Buy Orijen Dog Food

You can find every one of the abovementioned dog foods at Amazon.com plus several more varieties. And, if you join Amazon.prime, you get free shipping. too. Whether your dog is a puppy, an adult, or a senior, Orijen Dog Food could be the key to better canine health. If your dog is overweight or just a lover of anything fishy, try giving him this award-winning brand of dog food. It could make all the difference in how he looks and feels and improve his quality of life. Dogs are just like people in that they really are what they eat. Making sure that your dog has the healthy nutrition that he needs is only a mouse-click away at Amazon.com. And, you and your dog will be saying “Thanks Orijen!” like everybody else.

Are you Looking for Other Great High Quality Dog Food Brands?

There are many different choices out there of high quality dog food brands. These brands offer high protein and fat content as well as limited ingredients and grain free products. Check out our article on the best dog food brands to see what other great brands there are to choose from. Choosing a dog food can be a daunting task. Let us help!PGRpdiBpZD0ibWVkaWF2aW5lLXNldHRpbmdzIiBkYXRhLWJsYWNrbGlzdC1hbGw9IjEiPjwvZGl2Pg==

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