Petchatz HD Play Pet Camera

Petchatz HD Play Pet Camera

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A Common Problem

Are you one of the many pet parents out there who spends a great deal of time worrying about your dog when you can’t be at home? Does your pup “act out” when he’s left home alone and resort to tearing, chewing, peeing, howling, or any one of the many ways to show that he’s displeased with you? Let’s face it, you can’t miss your sister’s birthday party, your cousin’s wedding, or your great-aunt Gertrude’s funeral just because your dog doesn’t want you to leave the house. Nor can you call in sick to work each time he makes you feel guilty about leaving. How many times have you wished for a simple method of checking on him or her without actually leaving work or a social event just to head home early?


The Petchatz HD Play Pet Camera is the perfect solution. Pet cameras are the optimum choice for dealing with your puppy’s separation anxiety because they can give him the opportunity to hear your voice and feel like you’re still there with him. And, with the PetChatz, he can see you too, which can help with soothing his feelings of uncertainty and loneliness.

Who This Product is Good For

An interactive doggy camera like Petchatz HD Play Pet Camera is a must-have for folks who have to go to work each day and don’t want to worry about leaving their dog home alone. It’s the perfect choice for those who want the ability to interact with their pet even when they’re not there.

Separation Anxiety

Some dogs may have separation anxiety and can be destructive when they’re all alone in the home. Some may even become sick whenever they are left alone. Sadly, some will even try escaping from their home and hurt themselves in the process. That’s why it’s so important to be proactive in finding a solution to the issue to avoid ending up with a big problem or even an injured dog. When this issue is left untreated, it could increase, leading to worsening behavioral problems.

Separation anxiety can strike anytime that your dog is separated from you. Anxious pets need to be handled more carefully than others who don’t have any problem with being home alone. That’s why the Petchatz Play Pet Camera is such a fantastic find for pet parents who want their pets feel like they’re right there with them. It’s best for those who need to keep an eye on their fearful dog who suffers from separation anxiety. This is one amazing product for making both you and your dog feel a lot better.

Why We Chose the Petchatz HD


Extensive research has shown that mental stimulation for dogs via a number of different methods can help you to avoid mental issues caused by separation anxiety in dogs. Those studies also showed that even a small amount of mental stimulation from toys can help your dog to become a lot less anxious, stressed, and fearful. A superior interactive dog toy such as the Petchatz HD Play Pet Camera can provide that mental stimulation.

It’s true that the very best mental exercise for your dog occurs when you interact with him. Unfortunately, that’s just not possible 100 percent of the time. The very best interactive dog toys are designed to provide good mental exercise for your beloved pup. And, although this interactive pet camera isn’t a toy per se, it fits the bill when it comes to keeping your dog engaged, entertained, and happy.

Available Features

Compatible with Multiple Devices

This interactive pet camera is compatible with devices using iOS or Android systems. You can also connect to it via your web browser, smartphone, or tablet. And, it can also be used from basically any computer that has internet access, which is quite a bonus if you don’t have a smartphone.

Interactive Technology

It is integrated with interactive technology. It also features a speaker system that is not only HD but full-frequency. Additionally, it is low-light camera enabled, so you can view your pet even in a dark room. As a bonus, it’s compatible with the amazing PetChatz HD PawCall® accessory, which means that your dog can actually call you when he gets lonely.

Additional Accessories



The Petchatz HD PawCall is the perfect accessory for your Petchatz HD Camera because it lets your dog call you. And, you can also check out the available PetChatz Digital Daycare. It offers a whole day of entertainment and interaction for your dog when he’s left home alone. It’s a totally interactive experience for your pet, complete with treat dispensing, two-way video chats, doggy-brain-games, pet-to-parent messaging using Petchatz HD PawCall, and calming aromatherapy. It even offers streaming DOGTV for the ultimate in pet entertainment.

Your dog can have all of this in the safety of your very own home. And for yourself, you can simply turn on the motion triggered sound and Pet Watch video recording feature for capturing your dog’s activities and antics when you can’t be at home with him.

Item Construction

Designed by pet-loving people in the USA, PetChatz® pet cameras are the result of the input and in-depth research conducted by hundreds of pet parents. That’s how they learned precisely what PetChatz products should be. Through research and testing, this product became a super-fun and safe experience for your dog. It gives you complete peace of mind because you know that you’re capable of being “present” from virtually anywhere.

Specially Designed

The Petchatz HD Play Pet Camera has an outer surface that is both sleek and chew resistant. If you worry that your dog could just get so excited to see you that he might scratch or paw at the device, well, don’t break a sweat. This pet camera was designed and manufactured with dogs like that in mind. That’s why it has no sharp corners, only rounded edges, and the cord has been hidden behind it to eliminate any risk of your dog chewing on it.

What People Are Saying

One consumer said that his Petchatz HD Play Pet Camera is worth every single penny that he paid. Another said that this pet camera has made a major difference to her dogs. She also said that she loves that she can also see them and it’s really great to be able to record her dogs’ reactions. One other consumer said that she’s a nurse who works very long hours and her Petchatz has been a lifesaver for both her dogs and herself. Her coworkers at the hospital got a real kick out of it too. She further stated that her dogs are her whole life and this device has been bridging the gap caused by those extended work hours when she had to be away from her best friends.

A Personal Story

I worried constantly about our Dobie, Thor, when we had to be away from home for any period of time. I’m not even talking about eight hours, just maybe an hour or so. I work from home as a freelance writer but do have to leave home every so often to run errands, etc. And, no matter how short the amount of time is, I always find him staring out the window and just waiting. It was so sad. But, not nearly as sad as the looks he would give me whenever I’m about to head out the door. Heartbreaking. He would pout and whine so much, sometimes I’d end up just staying at home.

Ignored Treats

Once, I felt really bad, so I gave him a couple of treats on my way out the door. I put them on the arm of the couch where he was lounging at the time so he could reach them easily and maybe he’d feel better. But, when I got home, those treats (his favorite!) were still right there where I had left them. He was so sad that he didn’t even bother to eat the treats right in front of his nose!

I often wondered if he was just sitting there all day long. Did he worry that I might not come home to him? What an awful feeling that must be. That’s when I realized that I had to do something to make him feel less alone when I absolutely had to leave.

Fun with Petchatz HD

I did some research and came upon a Petchatz review that made me feel like there was hope for Thor and for me. I ordered it right away and when it arrived, the set-up was so simple. It put my mind at rest the very first time I used it. I could see Thor as he slept, ate, paced around, and even played with his toys. He was obviously having more fun while I was away! I was no longer worried about his well-being and I was able to enjoy myself more when I was out.

Petchatz HD Camera Pros and Cons

Pro IconPros

  • Easy set-up
  • Easy operation
  • No sharp corners
  • Designed by pet lovers
  • Various Petchatz accessories are available

Con IconCons

  • Treat dispenser only fits Petchatz treats, not other brands
  • Doesn’t always stay online
  • Constantly tries connecting to the PetChatz network
  • On the phone,  the app has a variety of errors.  

Using the Petchatz HD

1. The installation tools required include the following:

  • pencil
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • stud finder (optional)
  • drill and drill-bits (optional)

2. The wireless requirements include:

  • High-speed broadband Internet (Connection speeds vary and can affect the quality of the video quality.)
  • Upload speeds of at least 2 Mbps are recommended.
  • Connects quickly and easily to home wireless networks
  • Contact your ISP If you experience any video quality issues.

3. Verify the contents of your package against the included list.

4. Mount the wall bracket according to instructions in the manual.

5. Plug your Petchatz device into the electrical outlet and then your USB power adapter cord into the Petchatz back.

6. Attach your Petchatz device to the mounting bracket using your Phillips screwdriver.

7. Turn on your Petchatz unit by using the power switch at the bottom-right-front.

8. The Petchatz logo should be briefly displayed on your screen.

9. The unit’s lights should come on, one green and one amber.

10. Now you’re ready to start having fun with your dog and your Petchatz Play Pet Camera by simply following the additional steps in the user manual.

Resources for the Petchatz HD Play Pet Camera

Here are some resources to help you with your Petchatz HD Play Pet Camera. After all, a product isn’t much good if you don’t have all of the necessary instructions on setup and use.

  • Click here or here for your Petchatz HD Play Pet Camera instruction manual.

And, because a video is worth a thousand words, you can check out the following videos for educational and entertainment purposes.

Top 2 Competitors

1. Furbo Automatic Treat Dispensing Dog Camera



This pet camera is easy to navigate. The Furbo camera will automatically take a picture of your dog when he looks at it and it also alerts you if it should detect a person in view. (It could alert you if a dognapper broke into your home). It could be good for any pet parent wanting to check in on their dog-walker or pet-sitter.

The Furbo camera has been recently upgraded and it now has a 1080p HD camera that’s complete with night vision and a 4x zoom, as well as a pretty amazing 160-degree wide-angle lens. In fact, the manufacturer actually calls it the very first AI-powered dog camera. The Furbo camera feed is not perfect, but it is better than other lower-priced cameras. There are a few cons, including the fact that the bark alert can send you an alert way too often, as in every 30-seconds, which is annoying. In addition, it won’t shut off even if you’re at home without unplugging the Furbo device. It’s also a bit more pricey than most other pet cameras.


2. Petcube Pet Treat Camera and Bites



This camera has a lot of intriguing features. The major benefits of this particular interactive pet camera from Petcube include: easy set-up via Bluetooth and WiFi, and the ability to actually see just how excited your dog can be when you virtually drop by and say “hello” to him. In addition, you can feed him treats, if you so desire. It has dedicated iOS and Android apps for controlling the device. The app also allows you to share the camera’s content (such as those adorable candid photographs) on social media with your friends and family.

The Petcube App also allows you to toss treats at your chosen distance. You can even schedule automatic treat dispensing. It also offers free cloud-based video storage and it’s compatible with a variety of dry dog treats (and you’ll even get some for free).


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the app allow you to take photos of your dog or only videos?

A: Currently, you can only record videos. The snapshot feature is in development. However, if you’re using a tablet or a smartphone, you should be able to take screenshots with your device.

Q: Do you only use Petchatz brand food?

A: Yes, this device only uses PetChatz food, however, the treats are grain free and very high-quality. They’re available in chicken or salmon flavor.

Q: Can more than one person check on my dog from two different locations?

A: Yes, you can download the app on more than one device via the same login credentials. Family members and friends can have access to check in on your pets, just not all at the same time.


Why You Should Trust Us

Like most pet parents, you probably wonder why you should trust us to tell you what’s good or not good when itcomes to your beloved dog. As a responsible dog owner, you’re very particular about what you buy for your best friend and that’s just how it should be. We are confident in providing review articles such as this because we:

  • Always research every model that we recommend.
  • Compare all current models from competing manufacturers.
  • Check and evaluate every feature and their functionality.
  • Perform an in-depth product analysis.
  • Analyze the online reviews and consumer comments to determine which are the best products for recommending to dog-owners everywhere.
  • Only review products we would buy ourselves.
  • Recommend pet products that are reviewed by real people and actual users.
  • Are pet lovers, too. We dearly love our pets and enjoy helping other pet parents to enhance their relationships with their pets by using advanced technology.

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