Petcube Pet Interactive Camera Review

Petcube Pet Interactive Camera

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A Serious Problem

Two words: Separation anxiety. It’s a real problem for many pets and their owners. It can be both serious and emotionally draining for everyone involved. In fact, studies have shown that in this country, between 20 and 40 percent of behavioral problems that occur when dogs are left alone at home can be attributed to separation anxiety. Additionally, it’s just as hard on you as it is on your dog. The sight of that sad face can haunt you all day at work and make you feel guilty about having to leave your best friend home all alone.

What To Do?

So, what can you do about it? Well, you could hire a pet-sitter, but that’s pretty pricey. Another dog to keep your pup company is an option, but then you could just end up with twice the problem. You could send him to doggy-daycare, but that’s also expensive. Maybe you’ve thought of staying at home with him 24/7 but then you’d go broke, as well as batty. Luckily, there’s one cost-effective method for keeping your pup company when you’re not there and that’s a Petcube Pet Interactive Camera.

Who This Product is Good For

We know how difficult it can be to manage separation anxiety, especially since most of your dog’s anxiety symptoms are happening when you’re not even there. That’s why you need a product that helps you withmanaging your pup’s stress when you have to leave him home alone. The Petcube Pet Interactive Camera could be a real lifesaver for any caring pet parent who hates feeling guilty about having to leave their best friend alone and lonely. And, you’re undoubtedly just as anxious as your dog is because of the situation. Not only are you feeling sad and a little bit guilty but you’re also probably scared of what you might find when you get home.

So, the Petcube Pet Interactive Camera is perfect both for you, your best friend, and your home and belongings as well. If you don’t want to see any more chewed-up shoes, destroyed carpets, or doors with no paint left on them, then you need one of these. Read on to see what this product can do and how it can help you and your dog.

A Personal Story

It was always the most difficult thing in the world having to leave Princess at home all by herself when I went to work. That sad abandoned look she always gave me just broke my heart. How many mornings had I wished for a live-in dog sitter for her to keep her from feeling all alone. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t affordable at the time.

Friendly Suggestion

I was telling one of my neighbors about my plight when she suggested that I try a Petcube camera from a co-worker. She had gotten one to help her dog and now she said that he was really happy again. It really sounded like a good idea so I started reading some Petcube reviews to see if others recommended these pet cameras as well. From what I read in all of the reviews, everybody on two-legs, or four, loved it. So, I decided to buy a Petcube and see for myself.

I scanned the web for Petcube deals and determined that an online Petcube purchase would be my best bet, both for the amazing Petcube price and fast shipping. When it arrived, I eagerly opened the box, hoping against hope that this was going to be the answer to my prayers to keep my sweet Princess happy, healthy, and stress-free.

Amazing Discovery

I found the Petcube setup to be really easy and, to be honest with you, I tend to be a bit technologically challenged. I followed the set-up steps, and voila! It was ready and both Princess and I absolutely love it! She no longer feels all alone when I’m at work and I feel much more comfortable knowing that I can keep an eye on her all day. Discovering this amazing Petcube interactive wi-fi pet camera has turned out to be a huge win-win for everybody.

Why We Chose the Petcube Pet Interactive Camera

This product is one of the best options for helping your dog to feel a lot more comfortable and safe when he’s left at home alone. It can also give you your own much-needed peace of mind. Not only will you be capable of monitoring your dog using the Petcube app, but you can also communicate with him throughout the day.

The amazing Petcube interactive camera also offers motion detectors for alerting you if your pooch starts to make a mess, has an anxiety attack, or a medical emergency. This can be an exceptionally helpful feature since, in many cases, there’s no way for you to catch and see his destructive behavior if you’re not there.


With the Petcube Pet Interactive Camera, you can utilize its two-way-audio-function for putting an end to his unwanted behavior by just using a verbal command. It’s also an excellent way for soothing your dog’s sensitive psyche since he’ll believe that you’re actually nearby when he hears your voice. Not only can it soothe him but it can also be instrumental in preventing any destructive behavior prior to it happening.

Remember, your dog’s anxious behavior is simply that, behavior. It may sound and even look pitiful but it certainly won’t last forever. Separation anxiety is highly-treatable by using the correct method. A device that makes him think you’re there with him and helps you to keep a close eye on him when you can’t be there might just be the ticket to a happier dog and a happier home.

Item Construction


The Petcube’s square shape blends with most interior styles. Customizable skins are also available for that special look to match your pet’s character or your personal preference. Petcube measures 4 x 4 x 4 inches. It has an extruded aluminum casing with front glass. Inside are two servo motors, a circuit board, a wide angle camera, microphone, speakers, a mini-USB port, a low-intensity laser, and an LED notification. The rear panel hooks offer an additional wall-mounting option and its durable aluminum casing gives Petcube superior damage protection, as well as a sleek look. The device uses a mini-USB power adapter for plugging into your wall outlet and also connects to the Wifi in your home.

Available Features


Petcube brings you closer to your best friend when you can’t be there with her or him yourself. As long as you have bars on your smartphone you have the ability to check on your pet from anywhere in the world. Via the built-in wide-angle camera lens, seeing your pet at any time is quite simple. In fact, you can even carry on a conversation with him thru the use of the built-in microphone and speakers.

Petcube goes even further than that to make your dog a happy camper. You also get a controlled laser pointer designed specifically for bringing a new level of fun to your beloved pet’s life. It can also help him to stay fit for those times when you can’t fit long walks and exercise into your busy schedule.

The Petcube experience goes above and beyond the cube itself. The mobile application is responsible for running the entire interaction process. It’s sleek design and simple user interface give you the very best tools possible to manage your Petcube device. Best of all, setup is super easy. Just unpack your Petcube, plug it in, sign in with the mobile app, and connect it to your wifi.

What People are Saying


One Petcube purchaser said, “Love it! It’s so small and sleek. The wide angle lens has great coverage! A beautiful image even in the dark. Easy setup and fantastic companion app, too. And, with the available Petcube tripod, this interactive camera is truly amazing. It sees the whole room and the night vision helps it to work even in total darkness. Best of all, it gives me wonderful peace of mind.”

Another consumer stated, “PetCube is a well-designed product and good build quality. The video quality is great and the night version is above average, though not great. The laser pointer and voice/speaker are nice touches. Purchase comes with 10 days of Petcube Care which adds additional features.

Lastly, another said, “Improvements with this version are definitely worth the upgrade. The set-up on this version of the Petcube is easier than ever. The app gives a short walk through, and then with 2 clicks, you’re connected to your home Wi-Fi network. The HD video is quite apparent. The quality of the image and video is much improved!”


Pro IconPros

  • Easy set-up
  • 1080p HD video gives a clear picture
  • Good sound on the audio

Con IconCons

  • Without the purchase of Petcube Care, the Awake/Activity Capture is limited to ten second recording time.
  • The app has been known to stop working after an automatic update.
  • Disconnects and goes offline often.
  • Fails to load the video stream at times.

Using the Petcube Pet Interactive Camera

How to set up the Petcube

1. Registration
To download the Petcube app, you’ll need an Android 4.0 device or greater. Download the Petcube app from Google Play. You can also find the app in iTunes for iOS devices.

2. Connect
Connect the Petcube Camera to your power source with the Petcube power cord. Open the Petcube app, then log in, or just sign up via your Facebook account or email.

3. Click on Logo
Going to the Home Menu, click on the Petcube logo, which you’ll find in the upper lefthand corner, select the ‘Petcube Camera’ page on the left side menu. Tap “ConnectPetcube Camera”, following the on-screen instructions. Following successful registration, your Petcube camera status in your Home menu will have changed to  “online”.

Top 2 Competitors

Item 1: PetChatz HD and PawCall: Digital Daycare


This digital dog camera offers two-way premium audio/HD video pet treat camera with DOGTV, sound/motion triggered video recording and calming aromatherapy. It was featured recently on The Today Show. It offers a chew resistant outer surface and integrated interactive technology. The Petchatz HD also has an HD speaker system that is full-frequency and it’s low-light camera enabled. In addition, it’s compatible with PetChatz PawCall® , which is an accessory that lets your dog call you if he gets lonely. It is touted to offer easy set-up and operation, rounded corners, and a number of available Petchatz accessories for more features. The drawbacks with this competitor appears to be that its treat dispenser will only work with Petchatz brand treats, it doesn’t always stay online, and it gets errors on the phone app. You can read more about the Petchatz here.

Item 2: Tooge Pet Camera


This is a low-cost dog camera FHD, pet monitor, and indoor pet camera with night vision, two-way audio, and motion detection. It offers a quick 2.4G Wifi connection, fast WiFi setup via the mobile App on iPhone/Android smartphone/tablets/Windows PC, but not Mac. The Tooge Pet camera supports remote access via the Tooge mobile app virtually anywhere and at anytime while also supporting video recording. It also has good day and night vision plus clear two-way talking and woofing. The intelligent IR-Cut switch helps as well by ensuring high-quality images up to 16 feet even when it’s dark. Hi-Fi intercom has no noise, souffle or echo, The Tooge Pet Camera also offers motion detection, pan/tilt/zoom functions, and P2P Tech with Safe Data. All of that in such a low-cost package is a pretty good deal but the drawbacks seem to be connection problems, spyware on the app, and dependability issues.

Other Petcube Products


Petcube has amassed more than 100,000 satisfied pet owners. Their interactive pet cameras have been specially designed for helping folks like you with caring for your dog when you have to be away from home. Petcube pet monitoring systems can help you, too, with remedying your dog’s separation anxiety while also giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your best friend is safe and sound at home.

And, Petcube isn’t just a doggy camera, they are excellent home security solutions as well. They not only amuse your dog and help you to keep an eye on him but you can also use them for keeping tabs on the security of your home, too.

The Petcube Pet Interactive Camera comes with an interactive laser for playing with your pet when you can’t be at home. The Petcube Pet Treat Camera comes with a treat dispenser for rewarding your pet for being a good furbaby.

Resources for the Petcube Pet Interactive Camera

Online resources

  • Get the manual for the Petcube Pet Interactive Camera through this link.
  • Download the Android Petcube app here.
  • Check out videos of the Petcube Play in this playlist.


(1.)  OMNIHIL Wall and Car Charger

(2.)  OMNIHIL 2-Port USB Charger+(30FT) Micro-USB

3.  Petcube Play Adjustable Mount

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Petcube?

A: It’s a global leader in a niche market called ‘Connected Pet’, which is a combination of pet care and connected home technology. The company was founded in 2012 and maintains its headquarters in San Francisco. Everyone there shares a dedication to connecting pets and people via technology. Their very first product was the Petcube Camera, which is an interactive camera designed for allowing pet owners to see what their pets are doing when they’re away from home as well as talk to them and play with them remotely using just a smartphone. More info about the company and products available at


Q: Can I buy multiple cameras for viewing multiple rooms using just one cell phone?

A: Yes, the app has just been updated and you can use multiple cubes.


Q: Will the Petcube interactive camera work with my iPhone?

A: Yes, it will work with your iPhone.

Why You Should Trust Us

First off, you can trust what we say about any product because we research and review every one of them personally. That’s instrumental in helping us to decide which products go to the top of the list of best-in-class. We also compare each model to the other competitors’ models on the market today, comparing every one of its special features. Then, we analyze the numerous comments to be found online along with all of the relevant reviews. That’s the way that we go about uncovering the best pet products prior to recommending them to consumers. Those inferior products that don’t perform well are systematically dropped from our recommended list. We only provide recommendations for the best products that we’d gladly purchase for our own pets.

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