5 of the World’s Smallest Dog Breeds

Any dog enthusiast knows all about the rich history they have with us humans. Dogs have been living side by side with human beings for ages as companions. Aristocracy in Japan and England bred them to be hunting buddies, and the protectors of the farms their masters owned.  Smallest Dog Breeds fit the bill for companionship!

Breeders paired together healthy dogs with desirable qualities in hopes of producing puppies with desirable characteristics. We don’t just mean for hunting and protection. Dog enthusiasts developed dogs as “lap dogs” for their masters. Small dog breeds fit in the lap of a human being as the name suggests, and are the cutest things you’ll ever see! 

Let’s take a look at some of the cutest, smallest dog breeds in the world! 


If you ever wanted a dog known for its cheery personality and mischievous side, this one’s for you. Furry Friends Gear writes about this dog, warning new dog owners that they’re not for everyone. This is because their mischievous and fun loving side makes them a handful, and any dog parent will need to take time out to raise and train them properly. 

Affenpinscher waking on leash in the grass

These dogs were originally bred to hunt and kill rats and pets in German stables, but are now one of the most lovable small dogs around. 

Brussels Griffon 

Brussels Griffon for a walk in the park

If you want a small dog that gets along with your kids or other pets, you’ll have luck with this bearded dog. Like many small breeds, the Brussels Griffon is friendly and energetic, and easy to train. 

Dogs that look like the Griffon were seen in paintings from the 1400s, but they became known as they are now in the 1800s in the city of Brussels, Belgium’s capital. When the Queen of the Belgians, Henrietta Maria took a liking for these dogs, they flourished. With time, they became popular with the court and with dog breeders all around. 

Today, many families with children and pets chose the energetic, loyal, and playful dog because of it’s cute looks. 


browm chihuahua sitting on floor. small dog in asian house.

These dogs come with more than their fair share of personality, but have a soft spot for their owners. This is a small dog that acts like it’s not that small, but you need to be careful to keep them from playing rough with any kids or other dogs. Many experts say that even the smallest chihuahuas need training. 

If you’re looking for a pet to live with you in your apartment or a cozy room, chihuahuas might be perfect. They don’t do very well in the cold at first, but given the proper care and enough time with their owner, they adapt pretty easily. 

chihuahua dog happy

The only trouble you’ll have with them is if you don’t train them properly. Otherwise it would be hard to tell who the owner is! 


2 Havanese

The Havanese dog is Cuba’s national dog – and the only one who comes from there. This cheery little fellow has a silky coat of fur and a spring in their step. Training a Havanese isn;t really hard, but they’re sensitive and you need to be careful not to be harsh with them. 

Like most lap dogs, these small pups were popular among aristocracy in Cuba. Owning them was often what set the nobles apart from common folk. 

Norfolk Terrier

Norfolk terrier dogs in Grass

Small dogs aren’t just good for cuddling and companionship – sometimes they can guard your belongings too! If you’re looking for a reliable pet that will stay by your side and look after your belongings, the Norfolk Terrier is a good fit. 

They were originally bred to hunt in packs, but they still take joy today in hunting down critters and rats in your home.

Want to Know More About the Smallest Dog Breeds?

There are many different small dog breeds. Some breeds are known as Toy Dog Breeds.

Dogs that are under 12 inches (30 cm) tall at the shoulders are referred to as Toy Dog Breeds

There are also many small dog breeds that aren’t quite as small as Toy breeds but are still pretty small. Read about those here.

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