How to Teach Your Dog to Play Frisbee

Playing with your dog is fun, right? Playing is also a part of exercising them as it keeps them fit, muscular and lean. One of the many fun games is throwing and fetching. If you have a high energy dog, it’s time you introduced them to dog Frisbee. Frisbee for dogs is made in such a way that is suitable for their canines; won’t damage them. The best dog Frisbee must be able to fly up, float in water and light for the smaller dogs. Well, this game may be easy to some and hard for others.

Not all dogs can catch a frisbee. Some dogs are naturals while others require some intense training. The best breeds of Frisbee dogs include Labrador Retrievers, German Short-haired Pointers, The Australian Shepherd, Border Collies, and Golden Retrievers.

Steps to catch a Frisbee

If you want to play Frisbee with a dog, you must first train your dog how to do it. This may take a short time or longer; depending on the dog breed. As long as you know how to throw the Frisbee in the right way and your dog can catch and retrieve, you can help it acquire this new skill. The following steps will help you see your dog catching Frisbees as well as retrieving them for you:

1. Purchasing a Frisbee

You can purchase the disc from a pet store near you. Frisbeesfor dogs are made differently; big or small and different fabrics. The point is to make sure you buy one that will not get damaged quickly (durable) but also not damage their canine teeth (soft). The best dog Frisbees are light enough to fly up and at long distances. They should also be able to float to enable your dog to swim and retrieve them from water, say in a park or at the beach. Buy a couple to alternate during play.

Here are some good top Rate Frisbees:

2. Introduce the Frisbee to the dog.

After buying them, introduce the flying discs to your dog. This helps the dog form some kind of familiarity or attachment to the Frisbee. You can do this by waving it to your dog. While some dogs will get interested easily, you might need to entice some. Consider smearing peanut butter on the edges, rubbing hotdog or even using it as a food bowl for the dog. Your dog will smell it and touch it.

3. Incorporate gentle games.

Dog Catching a Short Frisbee Throw

ChuckIt! Paraflight Flyer Dog Toy, Large (Orange/Blue) 

Once the dog gets attached, try gentle games to teach it how to catch and give the disc back to you. You can do this by playing tug-of-war with it where you allow it to hold it by the teeth. You will notice it trying to reach for it when you move it further or high up. However, you must do this gently to avoid it from getting injured and also to allow your dog to win. Always make sure you praise it or reward this behavior. To make it learn to give, introduce a second disc in order to drop that one and get this new one. You can also hold a treat and reward it for giving you the disc.

4. Roll the disc on the ground.

Dog Chasing Rolling Frisbee

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Running after a rolling disc will make your dog learn to catch and retrieve a Frisbee. Always reward your dog for going after it, picking it up, bringing it back and giving it to you.

5. Throwing the Frisbee in air.

Once they learn to go after a moving disc, this is the next step. Begin by short throws within the dog’s height. Avoid hitting the dog and see how it retrieves it. After doing this for a while, your dog will move from patiently letting the Frisbee hit the ground to impatiently going for it in the air. After this, ask it to bring it back and give it to you. Praise himevery time it follows your command. After perfecting this, gradually increase the distance of your tosses and since he now knows he has to go get it, he’ll go for it. Also, increase the height of your toses. This depends on your dog’s energy and leg muscles. Make sure you don’t throw high up in a way that can strain their ankles.
Once you see your dog catching Frisbee in the air, bringing it back and giving it to you, your training is successful. You now have a Frisbee dog. However, all dogs learn differently. All they require is obedience in following commands, being sociable to go out with them and intelligence. With these steps, you can easily learn how to teach your dog to play Frisbee. Have fun!

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