The American English Coonhound Dog Breed

It’s dawn, and the American English Coonhound trots through the underbrush with it’s head low trying to pick up a scent. It’s quite except for the occasional crack of sticks or chirp from a bird.

This dogs interest peaks as it puts its head into a nearby bush, then with utter excitement it takes off running hot on the trail of a racoon! It’s owner bounds close behind making sure not to miss the prey they are tracking!

The American English Coonhound History

This dogs history starts in the early 1600s when immigrants brought over English Fox Hounds to the United States from England. Fox hunting was a favorite pastime until the American Revolution. During the Revolution English Foxhounds were not brought to the united states and the gene pool dwindled for the ancestors of the American English Coonhound. In the early 1800s moor hounds were imported into the United States and the gene pool was refreshed.

Backwoods Breeders created dogs that could hunt foxes by day and raccoons by night. Over time the breed was refined. Other names for this breed at the time were Redtick Coonhound and the English Coonhound.

Where did the American English Coonhound Come From?

The American English Coonhound Originated at United States by European settlers during the 17th and 18th centuries. This breed was first called as Virginia Hound named by by Robert Brooke, Thomas Walker and George Washington.

What Were They Bred For?

Backwoods Breeders created dogs that could hunt foxes by day and raccoons by night. Over time the breed was refined to hunt raccoons. These type of dogs were used to hunt raccoons and the American Red Fox. It also used to hunt opossums, cougars, deer, boars, bobcats and bears during the old times. Today the American English Coonhound continues to hunt, often in very large packs and typically after fresh trails.

Are They a Pure Breed?


American English Coonhounds at a Glance

Good For Families
Tolerates Other Pets
Prey Drive
Health Score
Energy Level
Space Needs
Good for New Owners

Physical Traits

American English Coonhound Tracking

The American English Coonhound has a muscular body and a broad chest. They have a long snout and long droopy ears. These dogs have a great sense of smell. It has a broad head with a domed skull.

They are a medium sized dog. They have a short coat and slender legs. Their coat colors can vary greatly as Bluetick, Red and White, Redtick, Lemond and White, Ticked with tricolor, and Black and white

Breed Standard

American English Coonhound Size

Male: 22–27 inches (56–69 cm), Female: 21–25 inches (53–64 cm)

Height measurements are always from the ground to the highest point of a dog’s shoulder blades. The highest point on a dogs shoulder-blades are known as the withers.


They usually weight 18kg to 35k.


The American English Coonhound is fairly easy to groom. They have a short tight coat which resists dirt. Occassional brushing will keep these dogs looking good. During shedding season they may need more brushing. Also brush or bath when dirty. Giving them an occassional bath will keep them clean.

Check their nails to make sure they are not split or cracked and trim as needed.

Check their ears to make sure they are not full of debris or wax and clean as needed.

Do They Drool?


Best Climate for the American English Coonhound

This type of dog can tolerate heat and cold but mostly they love in cold places.


American English Coonhound Head Side

The American English Coonhound is primarily a working dog and has been bred for its hunting abilities above all else They have an exceptionally high prey drive. they are known for having a one-track mind, pursuing their prey doggedly and ignoring everything else around them, including their master. Despite of those facts they also have a chance to adapt as a family pet and can be a good companion of children.

How Easy are They to Train?

The American English Coonhound can have a tendency towards being dominant, both among other dogs and among people. They should be taught their position in the family from an early age and should receive consistent signals from all family members.

Do They Tolerate Other Pets?

3-This breed has a high prey drive and they have their chances to pursuing their prey doggedly and ignoring everything else around the.

Are They Good for Families?

The American English Coonhound can adapt a life of having a human families. They are sociable with both people and other dogs and bond strongly with their family, devoting themselves to those they love.

Do They Have a Strong Prey Drive?

The American Coon Hound has a fairly strong prey drive. It’s best to keep them on a leash when in public places. They will give chase to small animals.

Are They Social With Other People?

These dogs are social with other people. They enjoy action and crowds.

Is The American English Coonhound Good for New Owners?

This breed can be stubborn when it chooses. Firm training is essential to ensure that they follow all commands given to them and not just the ones that they like doing. so average new owner might not be good for them


The are generally a healthy dog. Keep them healthy by keeping them very active and feeding them high quality dog food.

The American English Coonhound Lifespan

  • 12 to 14 years.

Health Issues

This dog might experience some health issues like overheating, Lysosomal storage diseases, bloat, Hip and Elbow dysplasia and ear infection. Responsible Breeders will take care to make sure this dog is checked for the following issues:

  • hip and elbow dysplasia
  • progressive retinal atrophy
  • cataracts


American English Coonhound Dogs

These dogs are very active and were bred to chase. They need a very active lifestyle and are better used as hunting dogs to get the exercise they need. These dogs would also be good for hiking, running, or other vigorous exercise.

American English Coonhound Rescues

Here is a pretty good resource for finding rescues in the USA.

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