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Central Asian Shepherd Looking

Central Asian Shepherd Dogs are very rare. They are excellent at guarding goat and sheep herds and being guard dogs in general. People also compete this shepherd dog breed in dog fighting. Some countries in the region observe this as a national tradition.

The Central Asian Shepherd Dog is confident and stoic. They area large dogs with down-turned eyebrows that make them stand out.

The Central Asian Shepherd Dog History

This is an ancient dog breed. Historians believe the Central Asian Shepherd Dogs likely originated naturally more more than 5000 years ago. They based this on historical artifacts from the time period. The Central Asian Shepherd is a name that covers all dogs from that region. There are many different types of the Central Asian Shepherd. They vary depending on the region they were adapted to.

Trade merchants used these dogs on the silk road to protect them and their possessions. Dogs in this region would bond closely to their owners and traveled with them. They were very territorial in that regard.

Russian Recording of the Central Asian Shepherd

After the communist party revolted in the 1800s, the government focused on working dog breeds for the Army. They started to document the different working dog breeds. The government imported many working dogs and the pure breed dogs were crossbred with many other breeds. The purebred population dwindled. The population only remained with farmers and breeders, and dog enthusiasts for a time.

The population started to recover over time. USSR standardized the breed in the 1920s. These dogs started emerging in Russia in the 1930s. Russia re-standardized them as the Central Asian Ovtcharka. They are a favorite in Russia. It was the most popular dog breed in Russia in the year 2000.

Where did the Central Asian Shepherd Dog Come From?

This dog originates from from the middle of asia like the name suggests. More specifically they are from the area in Asia between the Ural river, Caspian Sea, Asia Minor and Northwest border of China. People developed the breed along the silk road at the time.

What Were They Bred For?

Central Asian Shepherd Dog is an ancient livestock and possession guardian dog breed. Traditionally, owners used them for guarding sheep, goat herds. These dogs are very territorial and guard their owner and their possessions. Some of this breed are used for dog fighting, which is a national tradition in countries today.

Are They a Pure Breed?

Yes depending on the group.

Central Asian Shepherd Dogs at a Glance

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Tolerates Other Pets
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Health Score
Energy Level
Space Needs
Good for New Owners

Physical Traits

Central Asian Shepherd Laying

This dog is a large dog breed that is regal and muscular. The males in this category are somewhat larger than the females at the shoulders (withers) and a slightly larger chest. This dog is slightly longer than tall at the withers.

These dogs ears are cropped traditionally and their tails are docked except in areas where it’s not allowed.

These dogs vary in colors greatly. They can be any colors from light brown, white, tan, black, blue or many colors in between.

These dogs have a look on their face of almost constant stoic concern!

Breed Standard

Central Asian Shepherd Dog Size

  • 25.5 – 27.5 inches

Height measurements are always from the ground to the highest point of a dog’s shoulder blades. The highest point on a dogs shoulder-blades are known as the withers.


  • 88 – 110 pounds


The Central Asian Shepherd Dog is fairly easy to groom. They have a short coat. Occassional brushing will keep these dogs looking good. During shedding season they need more brushing. Especially with this dog they shed once during the year especially when transitioning to warm weather. Also brush or bath when dirty. Giving them an occassional bath will keep them clean.

Check their nails to make sure they are not split or cracked and trim as needed.

Check their ears to make sure they are not full of debris or wax and clean as needed.

Do They Drool?


Best Climate for the Central Asian Shepherd Dog

This dog can adapt to well to cold weather conditions better.

Central Asian Shepherd Dog Temperament

Central Asian Shepherd Posing

These Shepherd dogs are calm and fearless. This breed is self-assured, balanced, quiet, proud dog that makes for a great family guardian. They are very courageous and have a high working capacity, endurance and a natural instinct of territory. This dog is independent and hard to train, however they are extremely protective and devoted to their human families. They are also extremely affectionate towards children.

This shepherd dog breed is a very confident breed. This dog breed is courageous and calm. These dogs are proud and very protective of their owners and their owners possessions. It depends on the type of Central Asian Shepherd you are interested in. Some are bred to be great companions, these dogs can have a calm temperament and be great around children. Other variations of this dog that were bred for fighting can be too aggressive for children and even some adults.

How Easy are They to Train?

Central Asian Shepherd Dog are extremely independent and intelligent. They can be stubborn and therefore hard to train in some respects. They have a strong drive to protect and guard and training them to be less aggressive would be difficult.

Do They Tolerate Other Pets?

Central Asian Shepherds gets along well with it’s own breed. These dogs get along well with animals that they are raised with but it may be difficult introducing new dogs or animals into the house.

Are They Good for Families?

This breed is a good family dog for people looking for a protective guard dog. They form very strong bonds with their family and are VERY protective. These dogs have a good amount of energy and can fit very well into a family. They are also very friendly with children!

Do They Have a Strong Prey Drive?

This breed tends to get along fairly well with other cats and dogs in the household but they are guard dogs and tend to chase animals when given the chance if they are not welcome.

Are They Social With Other People?

This Asian Dog breed is very friendly and plays well with kids, especially those in their family. They love being around with their human family but, they are not friendly with strangers until the get to know them.

Is The Central Asian Shepherd Dog Good for New Owners?

These Asian Shepherd dogs are not for first-time dog owners. This breed is difficult to train for obedience and has aggressive personality.


Like all breeds their may be some health issues with this Asian Shepherd Dog. This breed has fewer inherited genetic diseases than a majority of the man-made breeds but still requires testing for hip dysplasia because these dogs are large.

When working with a responsible breeder utilize genetic testing of their breeding stock to reduce the likelihood of disease in their puppies.

The Central Asian Shepherd Dog Lifespan

  • 12 to 14 years

Health Issues

Central Asian Shepherd Dog is a large dog and they are prone to Elbow Dysplasia and Hip Dysplasia.


Central Asian Shepherd in Snow

Central Asian Shepherd dogs is an extremely large dog. They need a large yard and daily walks.

This breed may have a low endurance but they should have good endurance for walking and hiking. Some breeders encourage endurance tests.

Central Asian Shepherd Dog Rescues

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