The French Bulldog Dog Breed

french bulldogs

The French Bulldog is a descendant of the dogs of an old Greek tribe that was bred into the Mastiff and then eventually bred into a Bullenbeisser. Bullenbeissers were originally bred for bull baiting. Bull baiting was a horrendous blood sport in which bulls and dogs were thrown together in order to fight for English entertainment. Thankfully, England outlawed this act in 1835.

How Bulldogs Migrated Across the World

They continued to breed these dogs for companionship and to create a smaller dog they started breeding Bullenbeissers with Pugs and various terriers. Immigrants from England moved to France and brought along these small bulldogs. They became a cherished pet in homes across France and eventually were introduced into the United States.

Bulldog Temperament and Behavior

They are very loving dogs and wonderful with children. The females can be extremely protective of children in the home. They rarely bark, which is always a plus for any dog owner. This breed is known to have severe separation anxiety so they can’t be left alone for very long. They become destructive because of their anxiety and will chew up furniture and urinate in the home.

You don’t want to over-exercise this breed, a short daily walk suits them just fine.

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