The Great Danoodle Dog Breed

Man’s best friend is his dog. The naturally friendly and loyal nature of dogs makes them great companions. Among the need that pet dogs provide us with as humans are the chief one, security and companionship. We are what our friends are and the type of pet dog that you keep largely determines how people perceive you. Different dog breeds have unique qualities that make them preferable to others. Normally, people would like us to discuss the uniqueness of the dogs that we keep. The Great Danoodle has all of these qualities.

This article is to help you to acknowledge the uniqueness of the Great Danoodle, and why it is one of the most valuable pets in the market.

Origin and Pedigree

The Great Danoodle is not a thoroughbred species of canines. A global trend among dog owners indicates that a lot of value and insistence is placed on thoroughbred dogs over the normal interbreeding because of the trait inconsistencies that come with the variations. However, it is incorrect to argue that crossbreeds are never as valuable as thorough breeds. The Great Danoodle is a high-pedigree and impeccably balanced crossbreed between two giant hound species which are the Great Dane and the Standard Poodle.

Even though crossbreeding yields a wide array of dog qualities, some resultant breeds feature only the desirable traits of the two different species. The cross breeding is a complex process that yielded one of the biggest, sociable and handsome breeds yet. In fact, the Great Dane and the Standard Poodles are very large dogs which are very skilled hunters and exceptionally loyal.


This breed of dogs is a designer crossbreed which varies in physical and demeanor quality depending on the manipulation of various desirable and undesirable qualities. The well balanced and attractive species was designed to stability around the early 1900s.

It is a big dog and, therefore, needs to eat heavily for it to grow and remain healthy. Because this breed is sensitive and expensive compared to other canine pets, it should be fed with clean and healthy food. The dogs from this pedigree should have about two or three meals every day, and the meals should be well-timed to fit a specifically designed schedule that fits owner operations. Be sure not to overfeed your friendly guard dog into an overweight condition.

The best food for this special breed of family companion and security dog is to purchase plenty of dry dog foods for it.

Are you looking for a dog food to keep your pure bred healthy? If you want your dog to live a longer more enjoyable life read about “Best Dog Food Brands“. This article talks about the best brands for your dog and highlights some of the qualities that makes these better for your dog.


great danoodle face with snow

It is difficult to identify a breed of huge guard dogs that are as friendly and loyal as the Great Danoodle. This breed is so friendly that you will always notice how torn it gets when you separate from it by leaving. This is not the breed of dogs that you can just choose to keep if you are the type to briskly leave pets lonely and isolated. It does not like to be left alone without any companions. The dog also likes to play and move around, and they would never do well with owners who do not secure enough space for them to roam.

Some people feel tensed or uncomfortable when animals, especially guard dogs, lick and climb on them. The Great Danoodle does not do that, especially for the strangers. It only manages to be so friendly that and polite that it makes your friends and company to feel at ease. Their cute nature makes its friendly nature even more appealing. This breed of dogs is also very loyal, and by keeping one, you are guaranteed of unquestionable love. That is the major reason why familys get this breed of dog. They are very sociable, especially with children; they can protect them with sheer aggression, loyalty and selflessness. These dogs do not bark annoyingly and when they do, they will definitely frighten any intruders who may be trying to claim free things from your possession for themselves.

great danoodle snow

Life Expectancy

The Great Danoodle does not live as long as most other dogs. While some dogs age up to 22 years, this whole species features a much shorter lifespan which averages around 8-13 years.

Working Out

Just like the way that a normal human being requires to work out for a general health welfare, the Great Danoodle dog needs that too. The canine primate is a big-sized dog which weighs about 80-100 pounds. The averagely bigger ones can grow to about 27 inches in height. It owes its robust size to its two genetic sources, the Great Dane and the Standard Poodle. It does not require the exercise intensity levels that the Poodle requires. By taking walks and jogs daily and around backyards and parks, the great Danoodle manages to retain and enhance its already powerful muscle tone.

Raggedly Handsome Adult

The Great Danoodle is widely affected by the science of inheritance and variation. It is not a recognized American Kennel Club qualifier, but it is appreciated as a designer breed. The Poodle genetics in this designer breed of dogs enable it to feature a curly coat.


Genetical breeding could result in some dogs featuring Great Dane coat traits which manifest in short and wiry coats. No matter how the genetical mix up works, these dogs look extremely cute with their different colors of coats. The coat can either have solid colors or multiple colors of coats. The coat can either have solid colors or multiple colors. The color combinations often include black, cream, red, beige, fawn, white, apricot and blue. While the fur coat is adequately manageable, it may periodically grow too long to comb and maintain. It does not happen for Great Danoodles, but it does happen. When it does, just trim it.

Other handsome features of the Great Danoodle

  1. Deep-set eyes which make it look very alert and smart.
  2. Prominent and rectangular head for a formidable look and utility.
  3. Small floppy ears that make it look very cute

Full Grown Size of the Great Danoodle

These dogs can be large thanks to it’s Great Dane genetics!

HeightFemale: 28–32 inches (71–81 cm), Male: 30–34 inches (76–86 cm)
WeightFemale: 99–130 lbs (45–59 kg), Male: 120–200 lbs (54–90 kg)

Puppies, Training and Love

great danoodle puppy

Get a well-done breed if you ever decide to get yourself a Great Danoodle. While puppies are generally very small and with short hair, it is possible to tell what quality it is. Some may grow to be small and be featuring undesirable qualities such as fur quality and color. To get the best quality, determine what kind of far, size and color of dog you want, and look for the traits in the puppy’s parents.

Where should I buy a puppy

The best way to purchase or adopt this breed of dogs is via interaction with a well-reputed dog designer.
Even though this breed of dogs is impeccably intelligent, obedient and always eager to learn, they are best trained when puppies. Not only are they obedient and always playful, they learn faster than adults. While some owners train their dogs to run errands for them and still complete some household chores, the dogs do not often see that as servitude. For them, it is all about the attention and playing.

There are puppies available online for anyone interested in purchasing one!

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