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Dog enthusiasts and hunters created many terriers for companionship in addition to hunting. But it’s difficult to find a terrier that is best for hunting dangerous prey!

If your terrier runs into a badger would they be able to fend themselves off? What about a bobcat!?

Breeders created the Jagdterrier with only hunting in mind. This is a fearsome hunting dog and a great companion that has few health problems!

These dogs have a great amount of determination when hunting. It’s confident around it’s prey and is known as a high energy sturdy dog!

The Jagdterrier History

The Jagdterrier, also known as the German Jagdterrier, and developed in Germany as a hunting and working breed. they are talented in hunting some of the most ferocious prey including bobcats, badgers, foxes, and even cougars. this type of breed also is known for their courage and adaptability. The breed is the result of many years of selective and intensive breeding and, in Germany, it is used almost exclusively for hunting though it is sometimes kept as a pet in the United States.

Some people also refer to the Jagdterrier German Jagdterrier. Farmers and hunters helped to develop the breed after World War I. Specifically a group of active hunters that were once part of the larger Fox-Terrier Club. This group had the goal of developing a breed strictly based on hunting performance. Hunters and cynologists Rudolf Frieß, Walter Zangenberg and Carl-Erich Grünewald select a breed that was suited to hunting underground. This dog also happened to be black and tan.

Lutz Heck presented Walter Zangenberg with four black and tan terriers that became the foundation stock. These dogs originally came from pure bred Fox-Terrier lines. Dr Herbert Lackner joined the founders and crossed the breed with Old English Wirehaired Terriers and the Welsh Terrier.

These breeders wanted to create a dog that was “multi-talented, easily-trainable, hard, tongue-giving and water-happy dog with an explicit hunting instinct”. Breeders eventually created the German Hunting Terrier Club (Deutscher Jagdterrier-Club e.V.) in 1926.

Where did the Jagdterrier Come From?


The Jagdterrier was originally developed in Germany. Breeders created this dog through selective breeding using the Old English Fox Terrier and the Black and Tan Hunting Terrier. The breeding program focused on defining the physical features whose maintaining the coloration of this dog which is black and tan. In the 1950s, some individuals made it to the United States and a population persists their today. In the UK, Jagdterriers are still rare.

What Were They Bred For?

Hunters and owners know this dog for it’s hunting skills. Breeders created these dogs to hunt some of the most deadly prey like bobcats, lynx, badgers, foxes and in some cases cougars! To hunt these dogs a dog must be courageous! It’s low profile allows this dog to quickly move through brush. It’s great smell helps this dog track scents!

Are They a Pure Breed?


Jagdterriers at a Glance

Good For Families
Tolerates Other Pets
Prey Drive
Health Score
Energy Level
Space Needs
Good for New Owners

Jagdterrier Physical Traits

Jagdterrier Closeup

The Jagdterrier is a combination of color black and tan. they are small in sizes and talented in hunting. their face is similar to that of the Jack Russell, although their muzzle retains some of the “boxy” appearance of a Fox Terrier. The body more closely resembles the Fox Terrier’s with a slightly sloped back from the front legs down to the hind-legs

This German Terrier is a shorter dog that is stout and quick. These dogs have longer snouts covered in fur that appears to have a wise old beard and thick bushy eyebrows.

These dogs have ears that stick up and fold over. Their coloration is black and tan throughout. They have a shorter tails.

Breed Standard

Jagdterrier Size

  • Male: 13–16 inches (33–40 cm)
  • Female: 13–16 inches (33–40 cm)

Height measurements are always from the ground to the highest point of a dog’s shoulder blades. The highest point on a dogs shoulder-blades are known as the withers.


Males weight about 10kg, while females are slightly lighter at between 7.5 and 8.5 kg.


Jagdterrier On a Leach

The Jagdterriers are fairly easy to groom. They have one coat. The occasional brushing will keep these dogs looking good. During shedding season they may need more brushing. Also brush or bath when dirty. Giving them an occasional bath will keep them clean.

Check their nails to make sure they are not split or cracked and trim as needed.

Check their ears to make sure they are not full of debris or wax and clean as needed.

Do They Drool?


Best Climate for the Jagdterrier

The Jagdterrier has a high tolerance in cold and heat. They prefer temperate climate and are not great in the extremes.

Jagdterrier Temperament

Jagdterriers are very confident pets and can be great for families. Larger dogs do not intimidate this German terrier! They can be quick when they want to be. This dog is very trainable and intelligent and can easily learn how to fit into a family dynamic. They can be stubborn at times though and sometimes training can be difficult.

How Easy are They to Train?

Jagdterrier are intelligent but this doesn’t make them easy to train. These dogs are stubborn and strong willed when they want to be. Training can be difficult but keeping them active and training often will help this.

Do They Tolerate Other Pets?

Jagdterrier are hunting dogs and they have a strong prey drive. They can be difficult when learning how to be around other animals. When introducing make sure they are not close enough to bite the other dogs or pets until they are comfortable around each other. These dogs prefer to be the only dog.

Are They Good for Families?

Jagdterrier Puppy

Jagdterriers are calm around the home and make good companions. They are able to get along with children and can be easily taught to be kind to humans. These dogs are very loyal to the family and it considers itself part of the pack!

Do They Have a Strong Prey Drive?

Jagdterriers has a strong prey drive. Keep on a leash or in a controled environment to keep them from chasing other anmials.

Are They Social With Other People?

These dogs can be social with other people but they are really bred to hunt. They are very loyal and attuned to owners and especially owners that hunt.

Is The Jagdterrier Good for New Owners?

Jagdterriers may not be suited to first time owners. They can be stubborn and hard to train. If you do not hunt there are other breeds that might suit you better. For hunters or people with space to run around this is a great dog!


The Jagdterrier Lifespan

13-15 years.

Health Issues

Jagdterrier is a hardy dog, and their are no records of health issues. They can be highly prone to field-related injuries such as cuts, scrapes, and bruises.


Jagdterrier Pointing

Jagdterrier have high energy levels for small dogs. They require at least an hour of good quality outdoor exercise a day.

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