The Kromfohrländer Dog Breed

kromfohrländer in tall grass

As the tanks rolled along, this scruffy terrier was allowed to ride on top. Troops walked along side the tanks as they all moved along the terrain. On the side of one of these tanks rode this loved Mascot. Soldiers pet, fed, and loved this dog as they walked along. This dog gave soldiers a moral boost badly needed during such a difficult time. ‘Original Peter’ was the loved Mascot of this army platoon. Nothing but love and attention for this Terrier!

That’s where this dog breed’s story begins! Now owners think this is a great family or companion dog that can be trained to do amazing things!

The Kromfohrländer History

This breed descended from a military mascot dog and first appeared towards the end of the World War II. Troops at the time would adopt animals and their mascot through the war and US Army troops adopted a scruffy terrier as their mascot. Troops eventually lost the dog, which was found again by Ilse Schleifenbaum. Ilse Schleifenbaum accidentally bred this scruffy dog with a Fox Terrier. The puppies produced all looked exactly like their father. This was to be the start of this breed. Ilse Schleifenbaum decided to name it ‘crooked furrows’ (krumme furche).

The Federation Cynologique Internationale recognized this dog breed on August 1955 after a decade of breeding.

Where did the kromfohrländer Come From?


Ilse Schleifenbaum developed the breed in Germany after finding the stray scruffy terrier. US Army troops brought the father of the breed from northern France after adopting it as their mascot! They later last track of the dog in Germany at the wars end.

What Were They Bred For?

Breeders created the kromfohrländer to be a companion. They have a slight hunting instinct but in general this has been bred out of them. Owners believe this dog to be friendly, loyal, and low energy to be a great family companion.

Are They a Pure Breed?


kromfohrländers at a Glance

Good For Families
Tolerates Other Pets
Prey Drive
Health Score
Energy Level
Space Needs
Good for New Owners

Physical Traits

kromfohrländer in the Snow

Kromfohrländer is a small to medium sized breed. There are two varieties of Kromfohrländer distinguished by a type of coat:

  • Rough coat – Has a beard and slightly longer, harsher top coat
  • Smooth coat – Shorter coat

The difference in these two varieties is that rough Kromfohrländer has a beard and the coat is slightly long while smooth Kromfohrlander has a wizened look. The body is slightly greater than the height at the withers. The eyes are oval with slight slant and dark brown with medium brown permitted.

The ears are triangular and folded. Their ears are set high on his head.

What Color are they?

Kromfohrländer are mainly white with light brown, tan to dark brown markings and large patches. It has a brown undercoat with black tips at times.

Breed Standardänder/

Kromfohrländer Size

15 – 18 inches

Height measurements are always from the ground to the highest point of a dog’s shoulder blades. The highest point on a dogs shoulder-blades are known as the withers.


20 – 35 pounds


kromfohrländer laying in grass

The Kromfohrländer will need regular grooming. They have a double coat. Regular weekly brushing will keep these dogs looking good. During shedding season they need more brushing (Spring and Fall). Brush or bath when dirty. Giving them an occasional bath will keep them clean. These dogs are naturally clean however due to their coat and don’t require as much bathing.


Owners should check their nails to make sure they are not split or cracked and trim as needed.


Check their ears to make sure they are not full of debris or wax and clean as needed.

Do They Drool?


Best Climate for the kromfohrländer

kromfohrländer can adapt both warm and cold weather. They are not the best dog for extreme weather.


kromfohrländer standing side

Kromfohrländer are adaptable, wonderful companion dogs, especially to families with children. These dogs have little hunting instinct. They are docile and low energy. These dogs are smart and bond to it’s owner or family.

These dogs don’t like to be left alone and can bark or be obnoxious when not kept stimulated or busy. They do well with complex agility training or competitions.

How Easy are They to Train?

Kromfohrländer is quite easy to train. Start to train your Kromi in any activities while they are young so they will more become independent. Kromi can be sensitive so avoid harsh words and physical punishment. Patience is a must. Stick with it and you can teach these dogs amazing tricks!

Do Kromfohrländer Tolerate Other Pets?

They love to socialized with other dogs but are less friendly with cats.

Are Kromfohrländer Good for Families?

Kromfohrländer are wonderful companion dogs, especially for families and children. They love to play with children at all ages and will even play fetch with itself. This breed can easily form a bond with family. This dog is a good companion for elderly people.

Do They Have a Strong Prey Drive?

Kromfohrländer has a lowest prey drive and have no interest in chasing smaller animals.

Are They Social With Other People?

kromfohrländer Laying

Kromfohrländer loves to socialized with humans and other animals. They always desire to be with their human family or someone around. They can’t stand being left alone.

Is The Kromfohrländer Good for New Owners?

Kromfohrländer is affectionate dog and easy to train. They have no problem for a novice owner.


The Kromfohrländer is an extremely rare breed with a very small gene pool but they are healthy and can live a decent life.

How Long does the Kromfohrländer Live?

13 to 15 years

Health Issues

kromfohrländer laying front view

The Kromfohrländer is fairly healthy but have a few breed specific items to test for:


Kromfohrlanders need regular exercise. A daily walk will satisfy the Kromis. Some other activities that this breed will also enjoy are fetching a ball or other dog toy. These dogs can learn to play frisbee as well!

Kromfohrländer Rescues

These dogs are very rare and difficult to get. You will likely not find these at shelters. Most dogs are pure bred registered dog breeds and don’t normally end up at shelters or rescues. In fact, none have been known to end up at a rescue.

Kromfohrländer Puppies and Breeders

There are not many Kromis in the USA. Breeders of these dogs are more common in Europe. All known Kromis in the USA amounted to about 107 in 2020. All Kromfohrländers are known in the USA.

How Much do These Dogs Cost?

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