All About the Toy Australian Shepherd Dog Breed [2020]

Toy Australian Shepherd Head Tilted

Toy Australian Shepherds are dogs that are not only adorably cute, but they are also energetic and intelligent dog breeds that still have many of the great qualities of there ancestor the Australian Shepherd in a smaller package.

This dog breed is also known as the following:

  • Toy American Shepherd
  • Toy Aussie


Toy Australian Shepherd Head Posing

The Toy Aussie is a very new dog breed. The breed was created by breeding Aussies with smaller dogs. For instance breeding creates a Toy Aussie by crossing a Standard or Mini Australian Shepherd with a Pomeranian, Sheltie, or Corgi for instance. The Breeders should be able to provide this information. We have no doubt this breed will become more popular over time!


It is not known where the first breed appeared as this dogs History is still unfolding! The Toy Australian Shepherd originates from Mini and Standard Australian Shepherds and is bred in the United States. Reportedly, the breed had no uniformity in appearance until 30 years ago.

What Were They Bred For

These dogs were bred to maintain their small size but keep the best traits of herding, intelligence, and enthusiasm exhibited by the Australian Shepherd. Like their larger ancestor, these dogs still exhibit a strong herding instinct and can still herd smaller animals like ducks and geese!

Are Toy Aussie Dogs Pure Bred

The Toy Australian Shepherd is not currently recognized yet by the larger breed registries. There are however some breed registries here.

Toy Aussies at a Glance

Good For Families
Tolerates Other Pets
Prey Drive
Health Score
Energy Level
Space Needs
Good for New Owners

Physical Traits

A Toy Australian Shepherd looks similar to a mini or standard Australian Shepherd. However, the toy sized breed stands at a foot or less at the shoulder. Australian Shepherd breeders state that twelve inches is the ideal height for a toy breed. Toy Aussies are small but sturdy.


The coat of these miniature Australian Shepherds can be wavy or straight, medium length, and weather-resistant. Colors vary from red merle and red, black, or blue merle. Some have white markings and tan points. Their tails are either a natural bobtail or docked. Additionally, some Toy Aussies have blue eyes.

Full Breed Standard or any other large institutions have not officially recognized the Toy Australian Shepherd yet. This breed would qualify as a designer breed. Breeders currently document the Breed Standard for this dog.

The breed information varies slightly among breeders but can be found at some of the following locations:

Toy Aussie Size

Toy Australian Shepherds are any Australian Shepherd Bred Dogs that are shorter than 14 in (36 cm) at the shoulder. They typically range from 10-14 in tall.


The Toy Australian Shepherd weighs between 12-17 pounds.


Brush occasionally with a firm bristled brush and bathe only when needed. When they shed, they need a thorough combing. Little grooming is necessary.

How Much do They Shed?

Toy Australian Shepherds shed moderately. Spring and fall require extra brushing.

Do They Drool?

All dogs drool some when they are hot or hungry but these dogs do not drool very much.

Best Climate

This breed can tolerate cool or warm outdoor temperatures but because of their size a moderate temperature is recommended. Because of their need for constant socialization, they must be allowed indoors. These dogs will shed more in warmer weather.


This loving breed often behaves like puppies. They are lively, confident, kindhearted and affectionate.

A Toy Australian Shepherd can be an excellent companion for other pets and children. However, they can be territorial by nature. They love constant stimulation and can be trained to do just about anything.

These dogs are bored by a sedentary lifestyle. This is not the breed of dog for someone who wants to plop on the couch with a remote in hand after working all day. A Toy Australian Shepherd would not be happy in a kennel.

Herding Dog Temperament

In addition to being good-natured and happy, the temperament and character of the Toy Australian Shepherd are that of a herding dog. They retain the instinct to herd, even if they have not come in contact with livestock. Some will even herd their owners.

Do They Tolerate Other Pets?

These dogs can be great companions for other pets. They tend to bond best with animals it grew up with from young. Larger dogs can injure Toy Aussies because of their size.

Good For Families?

oy Australian Shepherd

This dog is eager to learn and intelligent. Devoted, loyal, and relaxed, these dogs bond closely with families. On the downside, some develop separation anxiety due to their relentless devotion. This dog loves being part of family activities and loves constant stimulation.

The dogs want to be your ‘partner.’ They make ideal house dogs if provided with appropriate exercise and social interaction with their owners. Many live on ranches or farms where they thrive on the physical and mental stimulation of helping with chores.

Do They Have a Strong Prey Drive?

These dogs can tend to have a moderate to high Prey drive. It’s best to keep these dogs on a leash when outdoors.

Are They Social With Other People?

These dogs are sometimes shy around strangers. Socializing them as puppies can help lessen this behavior. In general they bond very closely with other people.

Are they doog for New Owners?

People that have never owned a dog should not get a Toy American Shepherd. Toy American Shepherds require a lot of attention and energy. Although we do recommend this dog for families that have never owned a dog because of the added stimulation.


In general Toy Aussies can live a long healthy life! They are moderately healthy but this depends greatly on the breeder. Unfortunately, some underlying health deficiencies to be aware of. Health Issues can be avioded with Genetic Testing. With a lifespan on the longer end , these dogs can be great companions.


12-13 years

Health Issues

Common health issues include:

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Cataracts
  • Some may be born deaf.


These dogs are very intelligent and require a lot of stimulation. Some good news for these dogs is they are fairly small and taking them on a good long walk gives them plenty of exercise!

Toy, Mini, and Standard Aussie Differences

The differences between a Toy, Miniature, and Standard Aussie is all based on their size. The Mini and Standard Australian Shepherd are recognize as a breed by The differences of the breeds are listed below:

  • The Toy Australian Shepherd is between 10 and 14 inches Tall
  • The Miniature Australian Shepherd is between 14 and 18 inches Tall
  • The Standard Australian Shepherd is greater 18 inches Tall

Check out this youtube video explains the differences between the Toy, Mini, and regular Australian Shepherd.

Toy Australian Shepherd Rescue

Because the Toy American Shepherd is relatively new, there are not many rescues that exist for these dogs yet. However luckily since rescues have big hearts, Mini Australian Shepherd Rescues will ussually take these. For some great places to start try the following:

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